About dillonstechguide

My name is Dillon ever since I remember I have been in love with Tech, I think back to getting my first blackberry when I was 13 in school and loving my time with it I thought it was SO cool!

Why did I make this website? Simple… I want to help you.

If you are completely new to the Tech Tech that you bought, whether it’s an iPhone, MacBook, or smartwatch I want you to set up on the right path, so you can use your new device correctly straight out of the box to improve your life.

Even if you think you know how to use it, I want to inform you of little tips & tricks to make your device even better,

On this site, you will feel various aspects of Tech

  • How to’s about various tech products
  • Tech reviews
  • PDFs on the best tips & tricks for your Tech products
  • Complete guides on various Tech subjects
  • & much more

It’s my mission to make this website the BEST Tech resource it can be, I’m constantly learning new things about Tech and regularly buy new Tech products so I can pass the knowledge to you my audience.

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tech video4