The Complete Guide to Fitbit Weight (EASY Guide)

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Can Fitbit Sense Your Weight?

Fitbits are some of the most effective fitness trackers that assist you in keeping a healthy lifestyle by tracking your movements and health stats. In addition, Fitbit monitors your weight and height, and much more.

But can your Fitbit sense your weight?

Your Fitbit cannot sense your weight. You can either enter your weight manually by going to your profile. Or, you can link different health apps, such as MyFitnessPal, to your Fitbit to determine your current weight. Other than that, there’s no way your Fitbit can automatically sense your weight.

While your Fitbit comes with various trackers, such as a heart rate tracker, an accelerometer, and an ECG tracker, it does not come with a scale that can automatically sense your weight. Instead, you need to manually enter your weight to fine-tune your Fitbit for your body and health goals.

After entering your weight, you have to measure it using a scale at home and then update your Fitbit profile with the latest weight reading every time it changes. This method is how your Fitbit knows your weight.

Read on to find out how your Fitbit tracks your weight, who can see your weight on Fitbit, how you can change your weight in Fitbit, whether your Fitbit can estimate weight loss, and how you can set your weight on Fitbit.

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How Does Fitbit Track Your Weight?

When users set up their Fitbit account for the first time, they are prompted to enter specific information about themselves, such as weight, height, age, gender, etc. This way, your Fitbit tracks your weight. You must manually update the new weight on your Fitbit profile every time your weight changes.

There are only two ways your Fitbit can track your weight:

  1. When a user enters their weight manually on their Fitbit profile.
  2. When they have synced other fitness apps or a scale with their Fitbit account.

When registering their tracker at, users are prompted to add their basic information, including their weight. You must complete this step as it helps your tracker track your weight and calculate the calories burned. This information is also used to calculate their BMR.

This weight can be entered manually using the Fitbit app or their website. It does not automatically change as Fitbits don’t come with a built-in scale. You must adjust the weight manually or connect another fitness app or scale to your Fitbit.

When you regularly log your weight on Fitbit, the device uses the amount of weight you have lost or gained from the last log and divides it by the number of days between the two weight logs to track your weight.

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Who Can See Your Weight on Fitbit?

You can either share your weight with your friends in public or keep it private. Fitbit lets you choose who you share your stats with. To check who can see your weight, go to your profile in the Fitbit app, scroll down to Social & Sharing > Privacy > and select who can see your weight. 

You can pick who you want to share your data with, such as weight, height, age, gender, and birthday. To do so, open the Fitbit app and follow these steps:

  • Tap on your account icon.
How Does Fitbit Track Your Weight?
  • Scroll down to “Social & Sharing” Settings.
  • Go to “Privacy.”
  • Select “Weight.”
  • Choose who can view your weight.

You can show your weight to your friends and the public or keep it to yourself. Similarly, you can choose who can view all of your other stats.

However, if you have earned any badges or trophies, such as the “10 lbs Lost” badge, it can also reveal your weight loss to your friends. But you can hide your badges and trophies from the public and friends by following the same steps mentioned above.

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How Do I Change My Weight on Fitbit?

You can change your weight on Fitbit by going to the dashboard, clicking on the Log tab > Weight, and then editing your weight log. You can also log your weight in the Fitbit app by clicking your Account icon > Personal > Weight. Once done, tap on “Save.”

Fitbit lets you log new weight or edit an existing weight log. You can edit a current weight log by using the Today dashboard on your Fitbit app or by going to

  • On the website, go to the “Log” tab.
  •  Select “Weight.”
  •  Edit any existing weight log.

To log new weight on your Fitbit, open the Fitbit app:

  • Tap on your Account icon at the top left.
  •  Scroll down to “Personal.”
  •  Go to “Weight” and log your current weight.
  •  Once done, tap on “Save” at the top right.

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Can Fitbit Estimate Weight Loss?

The only way your Fitbit can estimate weight loss is if you regularly add weight logs. You can add weight logs manually using the Fitbit app or the Fitbit website. When you log your weight regularly, your device will divide the weight you have lost by the number of days between the weight logs to estimate weight loss.

Fitbits don’t have a built-in scale, so you must manually log your weight using their website or the Fitbit app. You can also log your weight using your Fitbit device > Today > Weight.

When you log your weight regularly on your device, it can calculate the weight you have lost or gained. Your Fitbit divides the total weight you have lost or acquired by the number of days between different logs to track your weight.

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How Do I Set My Weight on My Fitbit?

To set your weight on your Fitbit:

  • Go to the Today dashboard.
How Do I Set My Weight On My Fitbit?
  • Scroll down and tap on the Weight tile.
  • Tap on the plus icon “+.”
  • Log your weight.
  • Tap Save.

This way, you can log in your daily, weekly, or monthly weight and be on top of your weight loss/maintain/gain journey.

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