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How Do I Fix My Fitbit Screen Dim? (How to Brighten It)

Have you ever looked at your Fitbit in broad daylight and found the screen’s display too dim?

Many users keep the brightness levels of their Fitbit screens low indoors to save battery and get relief for their vision. 

But when they look at their Fitbit in daylight, they find it hard to read anything due to dim brightness. So how do you fix your Fitbit screen dimness and brighten it?

On your Fitbit, swipe left to open the control center, tap on the brightness icon, and tap on the “+” icon to increase its brightness. You can also go to the Settings app on your Fitbit device and change the brightness level to “Max” in “Screen Brightness.” 

Read on to find out what the dim screen means on Fitbit, how to fix the dim on Fitbit Charge 3, and how to make your Fitbit screen light up.

What Does Dim Screen Mean on Fitbit?

The Dim Screen on your Fitbit Settings controls the display brightness of your device. You can use this option to reduce or increase the brightness of your Fitbit’s display as needed. For example, keep the display dim indoors to preserve the battery and protect your vision.

When you go to the Settings on your Fitbit and scroll down, you will come across an option called “dim screen.” You may be wondering what this option does. Turning this option off will improve the brightness of your Fitbit’s display.

The Dim Screen option is designed to offer your vision some relief and also to preserve your Fitbit’s battery. You can turn the option off if you use your Fitbit in daylight and the brightness is too low to view.

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How Do I Fix the Dim on My Fitbit Charge 3? 

Follow the steps below to fix the dim on your Fitbit Charge 3:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to Brightness.
  3. Select the brightness level. 

Many users complain that their Fitbit Charge 3’s screen is too dim despite being fully charged. If you are one of them, you may want to adjust its brightness level, so it’s readable.

If your Charge 3’s display is too dim to read anything, you may want to adjust its brightness level from Settings. To do so, go to Settings > Brightness and select the preferred brightness level.

If this does not work, you may want to restart your device. To restart your Fitbit Charge 3, press and hold the button on the device for eight seconds and then release it. The tracker will display a smile icon and vibrate when it restarts.

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How Do I Make My Fitbit Screen Light Up?

You can improve the visibility of your Fitbit’s screen by increasing its brightness:

  1. Go to Settings on your Fitbit device.
  2. Go to Screen Brightness and increase the brightness to Max or Normal. Or, turn off the Dim Screen option.

If you have already increased the display brightness of your Fitbit and the screen is still too dim to read anything, make sure the Sleep Mode is off. To do so, go to Quick Settings and tap on the moon icon to turn it off, or go to Settings > Quiet Modes and turn off the Sleep Mode.

The Sleep mode in Fitbits does not turn off automatically if you have set a schedule. However, you can set it to turn off automatically by tapping on Sleep Interval and putting the schedule for the sleep mode.

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