Using Your MacBook Closed The Complete Guide

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Closing your MacBook is a convenient way to put your MacBook to sleep, ready to resume whenever you open the MacBook again.

I will answer all questions you might have about using a closed MacBook, such as if it will update while closed & if you can use a MacBook Pro with the lid closed.

Will MacBook Update if Closed?

MacBooks will download updates while closed, which do not require a restart. Closing a MacBook puts the MacBook to sleep where it can update and run background tasks and scripts, index files, and clean up Mac OS during sleep mode, fixing minor errors. 

If you ever thought a MacBook wouldn’t update while closed, don’t worry because it does! Closing a MacBook will automatically put it to sleep mode, where the MacBook will do crucial tasks. You don’t have to leave the MacBook open to allow it to update.

It’s better to close the MacBook while updating. Typically, they take 10 to 20 minutes; if you leave your MacBook unattended, a child or pet could accidentally cause the MacBook to get damaged. So better close the shell just in case.

Want to keep your MacBooks battery healthy? See the complete guide to MacBook charging here.

Can My Mac Update While Closed?

A MacBook will download updates that do not require a restart if automatic updates are set up. MacBook Pros and MacBook Air need to have the power adapter plugged in to download updates automatically.

Closing a MacBook puts it into sleep mode; this hibernation allows the MacBook to perform crucial background tasks & index files, and clean Up Mac OS. In addition, while asleep, the MacBook can perform software updates without issue.

Here’s how to set up your MacBook for automatic software updates.

How to Set Up Your Mac to Check for Software Updates Automatically
  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Software Update.
  2. To automatically install macOS updates, select “Automatically keep my Mac up-to-date.”
  3. Click OK.

Can You Use a MacBook Pro With the Lid Closed?

A MacBook Pro can be used with the lid closed using Clamshell mode, where the laptop lid is closed, but the machine must be connected to an external monitor and connected with a keyboard, and mouse which turns your MacBook into a desktop.

Apple silicon MacBooks are extremely powerful computers easily used as a desktop. Keep reading to know how to use your MacBook Pro with the lid closed.

Remember to use your MacBook while closed. It would be best to have an external display and a mouse and keyboard since you cannot access your MacBooks trackpad or keyboard with the lid closed.

You can use a wired keyboard or mouse if you have a USB dongle, but I recommend Bluetooth. It’s a LOT more convenient for connection than fiddling around with wires.

Requirements For Using MacBook Pro With Closed Lid

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How To Use A MacBook Pro With The Lid Closed

  1. Plug USB C HDMI adapter into MacBook.
  2. Connect an HDMI cable to the USB C HDMI adapter and an external monitor.
  3. Connect the power adapter to MacBook.
  4. Close MacBook.

When the MacBook is closed, your display should transfer to your external monitor. Next, go to Bluetooth to double-check if your mouse & keyboard are working fine together.

Ever wanted a MacBook skin to transform how your computer looks? To know if skin could damage your MacBook, you can check out my guide.

If you’re wondering whether the clamshell mode is safe for your MacBook, I got that converted next.

Is It Safe to Use MacBook Pro in Clamshell Mode?

Is it safe to use a MacBook Pro in clamshell mode? Of course, but it reduces the laptop’s built-in cooling system’s ability to remove heat, stay cool and avoid performance throttling. So if you find your MacBook is too warm, provide added cooling to it or remove it from clamshell mode to cool.

A MacBook is designed to be used whole open naturally using it closed in clamshell mode provides less space for the heat to escape to heating up the MacBook.

In most cases, it is completely fine to use your MacBook in clamshell mode. However, if you are worried about the MacBooks battery overcharging, you shouldn’t. It’s because a MacBooks battery stops charging when full preventing it from soaking to cause overheating issues while connected to a power adapter.

I wouldn’t recommend using clamshell mode if you live in a hot, humid country in a room without ventilation. Doing this will heat your MacBook a lot, especially during intensive tasks like video editing or gaming. If you 100% want to, I recommend investing in a cooling pad like this slim havit cooling pad from Amazon.

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Don’t worry if you think clamshell mode can damage the screen. Many business people use their MacBook during conferences. MacBooks are designed with the clamshell mode in mind.

How Do I Keep Spotify Playing When I Close My MacBook?

To keep your Spotify playing when you close your MacBook Air, you should use a music player like Launch iTunes. Just click the play button before you close the lid and enjoy your favorite music. Your laptop will continue to play songs while keeping from sleep mode as long as you connect the external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and AC adapter.

While your Mac is closed, it stays active by serving as a jukebox and desktop. You don’t need to open your laptop but make sure that it’s connected to an external monitor to continue playing like your Mac Mini. You may also connect it to an external speaker to keep Spotify playing while your Mac is closed.

Here are the steps to keep the music playing even when you close your laptop:

  1. Go to settings on your MacBook then click hardware and sound
  2. Tap power options and go to ‘what closing the lid does’ at the left corner
  3. Click ‘do nothing

1. From the Control Panel, click on the Hardware and Sound.

2. Ta the Power Options and then go to Choose What Closing the Lid Does tab at the left corner.

3. Choose “Do Nothing”.

If you want to stop your Spotify app from playing automatically during startup, open the app and the tap the Edit button. Click the Preferences in Mac OS or Preferences on Windows, then scroll down to find the Show Advanced Settings. Scroll down again and tap the Startup and Window Behavior and choose “No” for Open Spotify Automatically After You Log Into the Computer.

Now, do you keep your MacBook Air plugged in all the time to continue playing music? This is a common issue for Mac users with weak battery charges while they want to continue using Spotify. I understand how convenient it is to connect your laptop to a power source but I’m also afraid there might be some issues learn more about these potential problems here

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