About Me

My name is Paul Stamp ever since I remember I have been in love with Tech!

Why did I make this website? Simple… I want to help you get the most out of your Tech.

If you are completely new to the device you bought whether it’s a phone, or computer, tablet, or whatever else, I want to set you on the right path, to use your device correctly.

I want to inform you of little tips & tricks to make your device even better and help with buying decisions so you get the BEST value for your money.

On this site, you will learn different things about Tech.

  • How to’s about various tech products
  • Tech reviews
  • PDFs on the best tips & tricks for your Tech products to get the most out of them
  • Complete guides on various Tech subjects

It’s my mission to make this website the BEST Tech resource it can be, I’m constantly learning new things about Tech and regularly buy and test new Tech products to pass the knowledge to you my audience.

If you have a specific question that I haven’t answered in one of my articles, please contact me and I will either answer you directly or write an article about your topic.

Latest posts

  • Why Isn’t My Fitbit And MyFitnessPal Syncing?

    MyFitnessPal is perhaps one of the most practical and accurate apps on Fitbit that lets you track your daily diet and activity. By syncing your MyFitnessPal account with Fitbit, you can make the most of both these tools and stick to a healthy lifestyle. However, some Fitbit users have complained about Fitbit and MyFitnessPal not…

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  • Why Is My Fitbit Not Working?

    According to Fitbit, one of the most common reasons a Fitbit tracker is not working is due to syncing issues. These fitness devices sync with Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth, a technology that is not always reliable. Also, the charging problem is another common issue for Fitbits not turning on. In addition to syncing…

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  • How Wide Are Fitbit Bands? 

    Fitbits are well-known for their accurate activity and sleep tracking ability. But one issue that many users face with these devices is the band’s short lifespan. When it unravels, you have to replace it in order to continue using the tracker. Fortunately, there are many aftermarket bands available for various Fitbits. But, in order to…

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