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About dillonstechguide

My name is Dillon ever since I remember I have been in love with Tech, I think back to getting my first blackberry when I was 13 in school and loving my time with it, and getting my first console a Nintendo Gamecube when I was 10. I thought they were SO cool!

Why did I make this website? Simple… I want to help you get the most out of your Tech.

If you are completely new to the device you bought whether it’s a phone, or computer, tablet, or whatever else, I want to set you on the right path, to use your device correctly.

I want to inform you of little tips & tricks to make your device even better and help with buying decisions so you get the BEST value for your money.

On this site, you will learn different things about Tech.

  • How to’s about various tech products
  • Tech reviews
  • PDFs on the best tips & tricks for your Tech products to get the most out of them
  • Complete guides on various Tech subjects
  • & much more

I also have a Tech YouTube channel, where I post videos about various aspects of Tech, to provide better value for you to understand your Tech better.

It’s my mission to make this website the BEST Tech resource it can be, I’m constantly learning new things about Tech and regularly buy and test new Tech products to pass the knowledge to you my audience.

 If you have a specific question that I haven’t answered in one of my articles, please contact me and I will either answer you directly or write an article about your topic, or you can contact me on my LinkedIn page