Are Apple Replacement Phones New? (The Complete Guide)

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Suppose your iPhone is covered under AppleCare+ service. In that case, you can quickly get Express Replacement Service which is an AppleCare+ exclusive benefit for iOS users that sends a replacement iPhone even before you have returned the damaged iPhone for your iPhone if it is damaged.

But is this Apple replacement phone new or refurbished? Let’s find out.

If you take a damaged iPhone to an Apple store within 14 days of purchase, Apple will give you a brand new phone. If your iPhone is older and you have AppleCare+, your device will be replaced from an apple store called a “service replacement device,” which is refurbished but good as new.

Most of the time, these replacement devices will not be new but refurbished, but if you are lucky and Apple has run out of refurbished models, you can get your hands on a brand new iPhone too. Keep reading to know how long Apple takes to send a replacement and why Apple will replace your iPhone.

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How Long Does It Take For Apple To Send A Replacement iPhone?

You will get an iPhone replacement the same day you bring your damaged iPhone to an Apple Store for inspection. However, by using Apple Express Service, you can get a replacement within 3-5 days.

How Apple Express Replacement Service Works

  1. You contact Apple to request Express Replacement Service. 
  2. Apple would send you the replacement iPhone within 3-5 days with instructions and packaging to send back your damaged iPhone.
  3. After you have received the replacement, you can then send your damaged phone to Apple within the next ten business days.

The replacement phone comes with factory settings in a plain white box without any labels or graphics. Inside, you will find the replacement phone with a unique model number starting with an N. There won’t be any accessories in the box. 

The replacement phone will most likely be new if your iPhone model is the latest. However, if you have an older model, you will most likely get a refurbished replacement. In any case, you cannot specify whether it is a new phone or a refurbished one. 

But even if you do get a refurbished model, don’t forget that Apple has refurbished them. So it is far better than any refurbished models found at third-party repair shops. That is because Apple turns your old device into a new one by replacing the battery, screen, and even the case (in some instances), with newer ones. So you can rest assured that even a refurbished device by Apple is as good as new.

It is important to note that Express delivery has no charges whatsoever. And even if you have to pay any fees, that will be for the phone replacement. But if your products fall under Apple Limited WarrantyAppleCare+, or consumer law, there won’t be any fees at all for the replacement either. 

However, if your phone is damaged and falls under the “accidental damage” category, then you will have to pay $99. This applies to people covered under AppleCare+ insurance for ALL eligible iPhones models. To see if the Apple warranty covers water damage, check our article.

What Reasons Will Apple Replace iPhone?

If faulty of the iPhone was not due to your negligence but rather damage occurring due to Apple’s own hardware or software, Apple will replace the iPhone. All damage outside of Apple’s control, such as water damage or accidental fall damage, is outside Apple’s warranty.

When Apple products have a problem faced by multiple users, Apple issues a free replacement program where you’d get all new iPhones in exchange for your damaged iPhone just like they did with iPhone 5, whose power button was prone to failure. 

But even if that fault in your iPhone is not common, you can still take it to an Apple Store to get it checked. If it was not caused due to your negligence, you could get a replacement as Apple takes its product’s failure very seriously.

Problems with the camera, swollen battery, Wi-Fi, power failures, and any internal failures are all reasons for you to ask for a replacement phone. You have to demonstrate the issue and be convincing enough to make the Apple technician realize that the problem is, in fact, with the product and not due to your negligence. 

You can fall back on your consumer rights, AppleCare+, or the one-year warranty. Once you have proved the problem is the device itself rather than developing over months of use, you will most likely get a replacement phone.

So be confident and do not tell lies or make excuses. Apple employees are very good at catching your lies. Truthfully share your problem, and if they cannot repair the issue, you will get your hands on a replacement phone.

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