Can You Have Fitbit App On Two Devices? (Is one the limit?)

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Fitbits are useful devices that help you maintain your health. . Just strap one on your wrist, set your desired fitness goals, synchronize it with your mobile phone, and voila!

But what if you use more than one mobile device? Will you be able to monitor your health metrics on both? Or is it necessary to create separate accounts for both electronics?

You can have the Fitbit app on two devices or more, as long as they are supported by Fitbit. Just make sure you are logged into each device with the same account

You can see the official list of Fitbit supported devices here, as a general rule they have to meet the following requirements

  • Apple iOS 14 and higher
  • Android 10 or higher

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As you can see, it is possible to log into two Fitbit apps installed over two different devices using the same account. This way, when the fitness tracker syncs with either of the devices and transports your fitness data, you will be able to view it on both devices.

The situation becomes tricky when you want to receive notifications from both

It is not possible to receive notifications from both at the same time. Your Fitbit can only pair with one electronic at a time, so it will only receive notifications from its paired device.

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