How Tall Is a Fitbit Floor? (Data Inside)

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Fitbit Floor Data

Fitbit activity trackers and smartwatches can calculate how many floors you have climbed in a day. In addition, these stats help your Fitbit understand how many calories you have burned daily.

However, all floors are different sizes, so how tall is a Fitbit floor?

Fitbit trackers register 10 feet climb as one floor. Therefore, it will count as one floor if you climb ten feet at a time in elevation, even if you are not climbing stairs and only walking on an elevated terrain; your Fitbit will register one floor if you go up 10 feet.

Fitbit trackers come with an altimeter sensor that records when you are going down or up in elevation. So, climbing about ten feet at once will register one floor.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are climbing up the stairs. Even if you are walking on elevated terrain or a bumpy road, it will register one floor when you go 10 feet higher.

Read on to find out how many stairs a floor on Fitbit and which Fitbit device comes with floor count sensors.

How Many Stairs Is a Floor on Fitbit?

Your Fitbit devices will count one floor when you climb 3 meters or 10 feet. A standard stair step’s height is 0.2 meters or 0.6 feet, and you must climb approximately 17 stair steps for your Fitbit tracker to register a floor.

Most Fitbit devices and activity trackers have altimeter sensors registering elevation change. They will record the floors you have climbed in a day by detecting when you go up in an elevated area.

If you climb 3 meters or 10 feet in elevation, your Fitbit will register one floor. And since a stair step is usually 0.6 feet tall, you will have to climb 16-17 stair steps in total for your Fitbit to record one flight of stairs. 

Your tracker uses the rise in elevation, changes in the barometric pressure, and the steps you take to calculate how many floors you have combined in a day. However, your device will not count floors when you use stationary fitness equipment, such as a treadmill or StairMaster, or when you go down the stairs.

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Which Fitbit Has Floors?

The Fitbit Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense, Sense 2, and Ionic can record climbed floors as they come with a built-in altimeter sensor. However, the Fitbit Charge 5 and the Fitbit Luxe do not come with an altimeter sensor, so they won’t detect the floors you have combined.

Fitbit devices and fitness trackers come with various sensors, including a gyroscope, electrical sensors, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a light sensor, a vibration motor, and an altimeter.

However, not all Fitbit models come with all these built-in sensors. For instance, the altimeter, which records the change in your elevation and shows the floors climbed, only comes in the Fitbit Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense, Sense 2, and Ionic.

All the other models of Fitbit devices do not have an altimeter. So you won’t be able to see how many floors you have climbed in a day on these models.

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