ProPoint Mouse Review Is It Worth The Money?

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Looking for a super comfortable mini mouse that can be used for presentations, travel as well as work on any electronic device with a Bluetooth connection? Look no further than the ProPoint mouse.

In this review I will discuss what this mouse does right and what it needs to improve on, and if it’s worth the hefty price tag for a mouse, read on to find out!

ProPoint Mouse is a small ergonomic mouse that weighs 0.85 ounces (24 grams).It works via bluetooth 4.0 with an 1800 dpi optical sensor and works with all devices that run PC,Mac & Linux. It does suffer from software updates and has issue with its USB dongle.

ProPoint Wireless Bluetooth Mouse
SensorOptical sensor – 1800 dpi,(Bluetooth 4.0)
Battery LifeUp to 2 weeks from a full 2 hour charge
Weight0.85 ounces (24.09 grams)
PlatformPC, Linux, Mac (Works with laptops, computers, tablets and mobiles)
Item Dimensions2.2 x 1.57 x 1.3 inches
Special FeaturesBoth a traditional mouse and presentation device
ProPoint™ Mouse & Presenter. PC/Mac/iPad, office or travel. by Grant Odgers  - Swiftpoint — Kickstarter

ProPoint Mouse The Good Things

ProPoint Mouse Is Super Comfortable

Do you find your hands start to hurt and cramp after hours of mouse work? ProPoint mouse aims to change that.

It is a SUPER comfortable ergonomic mouse and is shaped like a pen so it sets your hand and wrist in a more neutral position than a conventional mouse, giving you comfort and precision at your fingertips.

ProPoint pride themselves on innovation and this mouse actually won a CES tech award from the most ‘influential tech event in the World’ which says how groundbreaking this device is.

If you go from using the ProPoint to a traditional mouse, like an apple mouse in the words of a review from Amazon it will feel ‘like using a bar of soap’

If you suffer from hand/wrist pain at all when using a traditional mouse, the ergonomic nature of this mouse is a big reason to buy it. Why let your hands and wrist suffer in silence?

ProPoint Mouse Is A Fantastic Travel Mouse

Do you travel a lot for school or for business? Then the ProPoint could be perfect for you.

It’s super small weighing 0.85 ounces (24.09 grams) at roughly 1/4 the size of a traditional mouse which can be quite bulky, and awkward to travel with. It comes with a travel case that offers great protection when traveling, and also has a slot to hold the charger.

The battery life is a whopping 2 weeks with 2 hours charge so it won’t deplete on you if you using it whilst traveling for work. If you find yourself always in a rush the rapid charge features give 1 hour of battery life with only a minute of charge. Cool right?

If you struggle with productivity using the trackpad whilst commuting it could be a game-changer, as I have a Mac I’ve never had issues with my trackpad but other laptops would greatly benefit from a mouse-like the ProPoint

I remember at university(college) whenever a mouse clicked it was a SUPER distracting sound, with the ProPoint it works on nearly any surface and although you can hear it the click makes a way quieter than a traditional mouse.

Interested in the ProPoint?, get it for 15% off as a new customer straight from swift point here, use the code SWIFT15 at checkout!

ProPoint Mouse Has Tons Of Good Features

ProPoint Mouse Is A Presentation Device

Want a mouse and presentation device in one slick package. are you tired of bringing too many gadgets to work for presentations Luckily for you, the ProPoint solves these problems, as it has two modes; desktop and presentation.

With the ProPoint in the palm of your hand just flick a switch and you can navigate slides, and use the virtual laser point to lead your audience where you want them to see, and even draw on your screen to highlight points in your presentation.

If your someone who does a lot of presentations this saves you from packaging your bag full of different gadgets like a laser pointer, since the ProPoint is so mini it saves a lot of space.

However as you can see from the above video, the laser point feature of the ProPoint is not super accurate, you do get better precision using a normal laser pointer, but it’s still nice to have.

It’s useful if you do video conferencing whenever you work from home using applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, as you can use the Desktop presenter to highlight annotate and present with the laser pointer.

As professional presentation pointers like the Logitech R800 from Amazon can be quite expensive by themselves, the ProPoint being both a presentation and a comfortable ergonomic mouse really set it’s apart and makes it special and this is the value you’re paying for.

ProPoint Mouse Has Unique Gesture & 6 Buttons

Are you a designer or editor who wishes your mouse had more unique features? The ProPoint is the answer, it uses gesture technology 2.0 that allows for zooming, panning, and rotating even when the mouse is in your palm! Want to pan or zoom in whilst giving a presentation? Now you can.

The 6 distinct high precision buttons, with three mouse buttons, can all be assigned to unique functions gives you the freedom to use the mouse how you see fit.

ProPoint Works With Every Bluetooth Device!

Ever forget your laptop or tablet at home and need to do work? The ProPoint allows seamless Bluetooth 4.0 connection updated firmware for improved reliability.

If you work somewhere like the healthcare IT field you might never know when you need to remotely login to do work, with the ProPoint you have a great mouse to use on your iPad or even an android phone/iPhone in a pinch.

It connects easily and will transform your work iPad work productivity compared to using the touchscreen. I can’t imagine being productive using a tablet without a mouse, can you?

I recommend the ProPoint to anyone who travels a lot and wants a small compact mouth that can connect to almost any device, and fits in the palm of your hand whilst having excellent precision and the ability to be a presentation device.

ProPoint Mouse The Bad Things

Software Connection Issues

An issue with any electronic product especially a mouse like this, is it might suffer from software issues.

The firmware on the ProPoint falls asleep quite often, you might find yourself shaking to wake it up often as you type, this is not a nice user experience. The mouse might stop working randomly after heavy use and you need to wake it up again, this happens even when it’s charged.

You might have an issue with a Chomebook, the mouse will pair just fine but you might not be able to change any of the settings, including the important mouse button functions. Doesn’t sound great, does it?

These issues will reduce over time as the software and firmware improve like many other electronic devices but just be weary you might suffer these issues.

Dongle USB Issues

The software may have changed, but the control panel software does not work with some people using the included dongle. The control panels allow you to swap controls and configure the tilting mouse features you want.

Some people think the scroll up/down functions scroll way too fast but they have the control panel to change this which is why you pay for with a premium mouse; the software.

Without having access to the control panel, you cannot change how the scroll wheel scrolls, this dongle issue is the biggest problem with the mouse and if you have issues it removes much of the functionality in what makes the mouse a good mouse!

If your mouse falls asleep quickly in Bluetooth and you want to change your mouse settings, the settings only work via Bluetooth and operate on your computer, which is a big issue the ProPoint has.

ProPoint Mouse Conclusion Should You Buy It?

Overall the ProPoint mouse is a very well made bluetooth 4.0 ergonomic mouse that works on all manner of devices, whilst being super small and being a 2-1 presentation/mouse device hybrid.

If your a traveller or do ANY work commuting I highly reccomend this mouse for it’s impressive functionality packed in a small concise package, the software issues with the mouse will only be improved over time and only a small amount of people suffered these issues.

It’s a lot cheaper than when it came out at around $119 compared to $185!

Interested in the ProPoint?, get it for 15% off as a new customer straight from swift point here, use the code SWIFT15 at checkout!

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