Should You Throw Away Your Apple Boxes? (The Complete Guide)

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Steve Jobs’s commitment to perfect design is shown in everything Apple does, from the beautiful product right down to the inside of their electronics. But, perhaps the most important thing you see is the packaging of the products.

I will explain whether you should keep the Apple boxes and need the packaging for Apple’s warranty.

Is It Worth Keeping Apple Boxes?

It is worth keeping Apple Boxes. If you sell your Apple product on a website like eBay, you will make more money and look more trustworthy to a potential buyer by keeping the original Apple packaging. In addition, the box can provide useful information on things like the iPhone‘s serial number and IMEI for the iPhone.

If you throw away an Apple box, you are throwing 100s of dollars down the drain. I’ve made a lot of money selling my old electronics. Trust me; you will receive way less money if you sell an iPhone by itself.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What looks more trustworthy worthy? A seller selling an iPhone with the original packaging complete with the iPhone’s serial number and IMEI or just the iPhone itself? The latter could be stolen by a thief who likely wouldn’t have the unique box attached to the iPhone.

Look at the photo on the right. It makes a potential eBay listing look MUCH more professional.

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Is There Any Reason To Keep An iPhone Box?

Keeping the iPhone box increases your iPhone’s reselling value, and you don’t need to buy an additional shipping box. The iPhone box has the iPhones IMEI and serial number on the back. iPhone boxes are used for accessory storage or display spaces in the home.

The practical reason not to throw away your box is the increased reselling value the package provides for the iPhone. Selling the iPhone with a box looks better for a buyer. Would you open a used iPhone in its original packaging or a plain cardboard box?

 Greg Does Things on Twitter)

Keeping the box ensures you don’t accidentally throw away anything that came with the package, including cables or stickers. It provides a handy storage area for your iPhone accessories as well.

If you are the creative type transforming your beautiful iPhone box into a display space in the home is a good idea. Look at what the Twitter user ‘Greg Does Things’ did to his iPhone box. It’s beautiful!

Should I Throw Away My Apple Watch Box?

It would be best if you did not throw away your Apple Watch Box as it sharply reduces the sell-on value of your Apple Watch. However, if you don’t want to sell it, Apple products boxes should be recycled as they are made of cardboard that can be reused or pulped into paper. 

The practical reason not to throw away your watch’s box is the increased reselling value the box provides for the Apple Watch. Selling the watch with a box looks better for a buyer. Would you prefer an Apple Watch in its original packaging or a plain cardboard box?

Unlike iPhone boxes, Apple watch boxes are less practical for home storage as they are smaller; you can’t put things inside. No matter, I would never suggest throwing one away. When the new generation Apple watch comes, you will be glad you still have the older box to sell for more cash.

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Do You Need To Keep The Box For Warranty Apple?

You do not need Apple packaging to get an Apple warranty, but you need the packaging and accessories to get a refund from Apple even if you return the item within the 14-day window.

Apple produces a surplus of Apple products. For this reason, it’s normal for people to throw away retail boxes. It would be ridiculous if you needed a box.

However, if you bought from a third party like Amazon, you may need the original packaging to receive a warranty. So make sure you do your research before you throw away any boxes.

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