Why Is My MacBook Vibrating? (How To Fix It)

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MacBooks are loved the world over for their sleek design in a powerful sexy package, yet if your MacBook is vibrating this is a sign something is wrong, either with your MacBook charger or outlet or the grounding of your MacBook.

If your notice a buzzing sensation when you touch the metallic parts of your MacBook then something may be wrong with your charger or outlet. If you’re using a nonofficial charger, try to use an official charger which should solve your problem.

If the problem persists, take it to an Apple store. They will be able to troubleshoot it and fix the problem for you. Depending on what the problem is, they may need to replace some parts or even your laptop if they deem it necessary. To see the prices of repairing your MacBook and the different pricing tiers Apple chare check out my article.

Keep reading to know how to stop your MacBook from vibrating and what is electrical grounding and how to stop your MacBook from shocking you.

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How To Stop Your Macbook Vibrating

Usually, this problem is caused by a damaged charger or battery. First, check if the charger is causing the problem. If it’s not, you may need to purchase a new charger as Apple can’t guarantee your old charger is still working.

Third party chargers are known to cause issues for macBooks users, but I’ve been using one I bought from eBay for years and haven’t had any issues, either way get an official Apple charger from Amazon here

You should also try using your charger on a different outlet and see if this solves the issue. If it doesn’t, you will have to take your MacBook to an Apple store where they will inspect it and tell you what the problem is and how to fix it.

Ground your laptop using a grounded wire connected to the outlet which is plugged into your machine. Make sure that you purchase a new charger as the problem might be with it, not the outlet.

If you ever struggled to login to your MacBook Pro check out my article here to solve all login issues.

Why Do I Feel Vibrations When I Touch My MacBook While Charging

If your MacBook is not grounded correctly, then that can cause problems with the power supply. Make sure that the power source you’re using can handle the power your MacBook needs. A power adapter or USB-C cable that is not grounded correctly can cause problems with your computer.

These Micro-Vibrations are caused by the current that is flowing through the power source. If there is a problem with the power source, that can be caused by the charger or the cable being used.

Some people on the Apple forum find this issue terrifying due to the feeling of the electrical current being transmitted from their MacBooks and can affect their usage, especially if they are gaming on their MacBooks.

The battery itself can also cause this if it’s faulty. You need to check if the cable and charger are in good shape and make sure they are not damaged in any way. Check for frayed wiring or loose connectors, and make sure all of your other parts are working correctly.

If you’re using a third-party charger, you might want to consider using an Apple-certified power adapter instead. The same goes for your USB-C cable; make sure it is certified for use with your MacBook and that it is not damaged in any way either.

When your MacBook battery is drained, the electrical current will flow through your body from the ground prong to your laptop’s metal parts. This will cause a shock as the electricity courses through your body.

So I’ve been talking about electrical grounding a lot in this article, but what is it?

What is Electrical Grounding

An electrical system must be grounded to limit voltage to safe levels. This is because current will flow through the body, causing potentially lethal side effects. Grounding limits the amount of voltage that could reach a person, preventing them from experiencing a shock or electrocution.

Your body acts as an antenna, receiving electrical signals which are converted into electrical messages. An electric current can reach your heart and cause arrhythmia, which is life-threatening. Your nervous system is also affected by electricity, and it can cause nerve damage or even death in severe cases.

Why is My MacBook Pro Giving Me Shocks?

A MacBook pro gives you shocks because it is not as grounded as likely you are using a third-party charger. An electrical system like a Mac must be grounded to limit voltage to safe levels, otherwise the current will flow through the body giving shocks. A genuine Apple charger will never shock you.

Please read Using Apple power adapters, cables, and duckheads with Apple products – Apple Support. If you suspect your power adapter (Mac or iPhone) is damaged or counterfeit, do not use it. Bring it as well as the Apple devices they use to an Apple Store for evaluation.

Always use the original charger that came with your MacBook when charging. Do not use another brand as they may not supply enough voltage to charge your laptop properly and are also dangerous to use since they are not made for Apple products. If you plug your MacBook into a wall socket, always use the extension cord that came with your laptop.

Always use the Apple cable to charge your Mac. It’s more expensive but safer and guaranteed to charge your laptop properly. Using an unauthorized cable can shock you but if you buy a third-party cable from a reputable place like eBay or Amazon I’m sure you will be fine, but you are running a risk compared to buying from Apple. Sometimes my mouse disappeared when using a cable I bought from eBay.

How To Properly Ground A Laptop

The best way for proper electrical grounding is to use an electrical ground, which can be achieved through any outlet. However, this will not work if you have a USB port and not an outlet. Another option is to use a ground wire that is connected to the metal parts of your laptop and plugged into the outlet.

It’s very important to ground your MacBook, especially when you’re using it from a wall outlet. If you’re using your laptop on your lap or bed, place it on a table as this will prevent your body from grounding it.

Does My MacBook Warranty Cover Vibrations?

If you’re experiencing these kinds of problems, then it is very likely that your MacBook has a hardware issue. Your MacBook warranty will cover the costs of getting Apple to repair the problem or replace your device.

However, this is usually caused by a problem with the power source. Make sure that you’re using a certified charger, and if not, purchase an Apple-approved one. You should also check the wires in your house to see if they are damaged or have any exposed wires.

If you bought your MacBook from a third party, check with them to see if they offer any kind of warranty on non-Apple products. If not, you will have to pay for repairs yourself or take it to an Apple Store to fix it for free if it is under warranty.

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