X Reasons You MUST Buy An iPad Even If You Have A Macbook

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1.It is more beautiful to use

2.Its smal

  • Link to portable articles

3.It’s more inutitibe

  • Your a touch RIGHT there to set up Bluetooth

4.I find bluetooth works better with mac (compare M1

5.I RARELY use my Mac anymore!

-Mention how often you use it

6.You don’t need a stand

-many magic keyboard articles

7.M1 Ipad is fucking FIRE!

  • Compare 12.9 inch
  • Render speeds with M1 Air
  • Can open a billion tabs (show tabs

8.The magic keyboard is 10/10

  • Link to MANY magic keyboard review! (GO HAM PUT IT ON HOMPAGE YOU LOVE IT BROTHER!
  • AMAZING typing e

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