Are iPhones Worth The Cost?(Why iPhones Are Number One)

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iPhones are are the best phones on the market, but that doesn’t mean iPhones are worth it for you. You could get by with a far cheaper android smartphone if all you need is a call and text.

But the iPhone App Store (iOS) has many exclusive apps, and the cameras are by far the best in the market which take photos similar to expensive cameras; iPhones do so much. We will go through why iPhones are so good, so you can judge for yourself if the features are worth it for you.

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9 Reasons Why The iPhone Is Worth Buying

1.iPhones Have The Best Apps On The Market

iPhones are the best phones on the market, so the iOS store targets a different demographic than Android; iPhone users have comparatively more spending power than Android users. Their willingness to purchase apps is higher, making it attractive for app developers to make apps for iOS rather than Android. That is why you will find that most of the new apps and games come to iOS first.

iOS apps are of superior quality. Let’s admit it. The quality, speed, performance, and user interface in iOS apps are much better than in Android, not just because iOS developers put their heart and soul into developing apps that will get them more money. But also because apps come out cleaner and better on iOS. For example, Snapchat on Android has the worst camera results but it works perfectly fine on iOS.

iOS has more productive apps for business people. The iOS store has business apps with a huge selection of apps designed especially for work, many of these apps are not on Android, to see a list of Apple-exclusive apps see PC mags guide.

The iOS store has pro-level apps for graphic designers & video editors like Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro to edit music and create videos just using their phone some apps are optimized for their iPads larger screen. Even the G-Suite apps offer more functionality on iOS. Google Chrome, for example, would display the different web pages on your iPhone in the form of cards, making it convenient for you to browse through them simultaneously. 

Moreover, the apps to be released on iPhones are always tested before being published, which ensures better quality. Whereas Play Store apps are tested AFTER being published, which is why you would find a lot of third-quality apps on Google Play Store.

iPhones various stock apps that every Apple user has like iMessage just work why switch to a third party alternative like WhatsApp if iMessage is perfect?

Ever looking at something on your phone and want to switch to your Mac? Copy and paste through safari and the link transfers. Apple works, and this synergy across software and hardware Android cannot compete with.

Curious if you should buy an Apple device online or at the Apple store? We found the answer for me which you can see in our article.

2.iPhones Have The Best Cameras

If you ever take photos or videos the iPhone cannot be matched. Many Android cameras offer more megapixels compared to iPhone, but when testing the cameras higher megapixels don’t equal better cameras. 

iPhones camera is just better it takes photos with higher micron pixels which produce crystal clear images (see video above).

iPhone 12 Pro Max, wide lens is the unsung hero it has a 47% larger sensor that amplifies all the light coming in the shot.iPhone 12 Pro Max also comes with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), a stabilizing technique that only used to come in professional cameras until Apple added it in iPhone 12, Pro Max. These technologies help you take highly detailed photos and videos, making it the perfect camera for content creators

Whether you’re a photographer, a vlogger, a graphic designer, or a visual artist, opting for an iPhone is the best option for you. Its camera app is super simple and user-friendly. So even if you are in the beginning stages of your content creation career, you can easily take photos and videos without any hassle.

If your iPhone gets damaged within 14 days of purchase Apple will lend you a replacement phone to use whilst they fix the broken phone, but are these phones new? Learn the facts in our article.

3.iPhones Has The Best Operating System

I still remember the first time I got my hands on an iPhone, it was the iPhone 6s, and I was BLOWN by how smoothly it functioned. I had been using Android until then, so I was accustomed to the occasional slowdowns and app crashes. 

When I got my hands on my first iPhone, it felt like a massive performance upgrade. Firstly, the transition to iOS was smooth. I didn’t have any difficulty in navigating or browsing, it’s so intuitive that even a kid can understand, or even a chimp!

Unlike an Android phone where a new user would have difficulty finding the “back” option, iPhones have a basic, clearly visible “back arrow” at the top left that anyone can find.

The speed of iOS is so fast that you would never feel any difference when transitioning between different apps,its mighty processor makes it impossible for your iPhone to freeze or slow down in the middle of operations. Both the software and hardware of iPhones are strongly integrated to perform smoothly and never lag.

4.iPhones Are Key In The Apple Ecosystem

Let’s face it the Apple’s ecosystem is incredible. If you have an iPhone and a MacBook, you have your hands on the world’s most powerful ecosystem. Android competitors like Google have tried to imitate the Apple ecosystem with Samsung being the most successful in releasing their own phones and tablets but none compare to Apple.

Having an iPhone and a MacBook lets you access features like AirDrop, iMessage, Facetime, auto-pairing, unlocking Macs with Apple Watches, and finding your AirPods. The two devices work best together to offer you that easy and hassle-free experience and iPhones are the key that keeps this ecosystem together.

Photos messages and browsing history are synced between all Apple devices, including the iPad with universal copy and paste! If you have a Mac and an Android phone, you’re missing out.

If you are considering getting Apple Care with your iPhone but not sure if it covers water damage please see our post.

5.iPhones Are More Secure Than Androids

If you care about your privacy stay away from Android as 99% of mobile malware targets the platform, Apple takes security seriously getting an iPhone ensures you stay protected. iPhone apps can only be installed from the official App store whilst Android allows users to install apps from an internet browser increasing the risk of malware.

It isn’t just from cyber attacks that Apple protects you, how about Apple denying an FBI demand to unlock two iPhones in 2016? I don’t know about you but a company that protects my civil liberty is a company I can get behind.

It doesn’t stop at the software as iPhones are USB restricted; after an hour of your iPhone or iPad sitting without being unlocked the operating system will cut off all connections aside from charging, which makes it harder for thieves to do anything with stolen Apple products.

iPhones have rock-solid security that turns the PHONE into a brick if you enter the wrong passcode several times, or your iPhone gets stolen and is locked thieves can neither sell it nor use it because there’s no way for them to get it unlocked, you can rest assured that your data would not fall into the wrong hands.

It has always been known that Apple operates a form of proximity software that disables a device if it is taken illegally from a store but only in 2020 in the riots from George Floyd’s death where a looter was greeted with the following message when they powered up a stolen iPhone from an Apple store in Philadelphia.

The fantastic protection iPhone gives you is one reason why you pay the Apple premium.

Androids Are Less Secure Than iPhones

Android and Apple are opposites of each other, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple believed keeping the iOs a closed system is more intuitive and softer for its users. Apple does not reveal its code to anyone (not even app developers, while Android is open source meaning its code is freely distributed, but its manufacturer will modify every OS in Android.

Look, Androids can be fantastic phones but hardware security varies widely across manufacturers with Chinese brands like Huawei and ZTA being accused of spying on their users!

6.iPhones Have Excellent Build Quality

iPhones are the most durable phones in the world, according to MacRumors, iPhones can theoretically last an entire decade but on average they last 3-5 years which is a LOT longer than most Android phones. I’ve owned a Samsung S7 and S7 Edge and only my S4 still works, iPhones hold a lot more value than Android phones whose prices plummet once they’re used.

See the prices of the iPhone 11 and the newer Galaxy S20 on eBay!

Today’s iPhones are water-resistant and dust-resistant, which protects them from environmental damages prolonging their life, if you have an iPhone for the last 3-5 years you can trade it in for a newer model at any Apple Store. Apple’s Trade-In policy makes it easier for you to upgrade your iPhones without having to spend more than $1000 on a new device. 

Apple’s attention to detail is INSANE from the outer glass body, cameras, OLED screen to internal elements like icon shapes and UI, Even the device’s insides look beautiful; Steve Jobs got this design choice from his adopted Carptener father who made even the inside wardrobe look appealing.

You only have to pick up and feel an iPhone in your hands to understand the price tag that’s why Apple Stores are designed so you can walk around the store and feel different products. Apple always offers a vast color selection allowing you to pick up a device that you connect with just look at the 2020 iMac release to see the crazy color options you can get.

But their attention to detail is not just limited to design and overall look iPhones have excellent ergonomics and their usability is unmatched, iPhones have a highly responsive screen and carefully designed volume and power buttons that offer a fantastic user experience.

If you have watched an apple event, you would know how proud Apple is of its A13 and A14 Bionic chips. These chips in iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are so powerful they overperformed Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 and many laptops available in the market including the intel chip MacBook 2019 Pro!

The latest chip, A14 in iPhone 12 has its own neural network hardware that allows a whopping 11 trillion operations per second, which means you can perform multiple operations at lightning-fast speed! 

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 3,687 mAh boosted by the powerful A14 Bionic chip, its battery life has extended even more because the A14 chip is very power-efficient, on 5G iPhone 12 Pro Max would last you almost 11 hours which is incredible battery life for 5G.

If you want to save up even more on your battery, the Smart Data mode in iPhone 12 would switch to 4G when you are not browsing, saving you hours of battery life. You can also switch to 4G manually to save some battery. 

If you are considering an iPhone investing in a MacBook is a great decision I purchased a 2015 MacBook 2 years ago and NEVER looked back to Windows. To see why MacBooks are better than Windows please check our article.

7.iPhones Have Excellent Support 

Across Apples ecosystem Apple consistently updates software with improved performance and security more reliably and consistently than Android, contrary to popular belief of planned obsolesce software updates improve older iPhone performance making iPhones last 4-5 years compared to 2.5 years that Android phones last; although Androids longevity vary I’ve had my One Plus 7 Pro for almost 2 years and it works good as new.

Apple has fantastic support you can call their customer support from any part of the world and they would promptly get back to your with a solution their online support is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So any time you have a problem with your iPhone, you can reach out.

Apple offers student discounts and iPhone trade-ins to let you upgrade to a newer model and save money. Moreover, their employees are told to never say “no” ” to the customers, always they give a personalized warm welcome to customers and go above and beyond for their customers.

8. Apple Has The Best Accessories

iPhones are objectively the best phones which bring prime accessories to the market, whether you like listening to music and want excellent sound with superb comfort the AirPods are here for you.

What about the best smartwatch on the market the Apple Watch? Track your workouts, answer calls, swim all whilst syncing to all your favorite music podcasts and audiobooks.

No matter what iPhone accessory you own, everything will work seamlessly across all Apple devices you can use AirPods on Android, but they will not work anywhere near as well as using an iPhone.

If accessories are important to you, using an iPhone opens up many doors that android has shut.

9.iPhones Set-Up Easy

I’ve set up many Androids and iPhones over the years and nothing is easier than the iPhone setup. Both Android and Apple allow you to transfer data and files from old devices only some Android devices will retain app placements and system settings (Samsung-Samsung)

If you had a Samsung and want a One Plus upgrade guess what, you WILL lose some data during the transfer unless you pack yhr fata a on a third-party app or a super-fast SSD like this one from SanDiskAmazon Link) that I love.

Apple walks you through the set up process step by step even your Grandma could do it!

iPhones are well worth the money and last nearly twice as long as Androids and retain their value when used, they have the most secure mobile operating system the best applications, best accessories and by far the best camera.

If you don’t see yourself using any of these features than consider buying a cheaper Android or invest in a older iPhone as everything mentioned in this article still applies to older models.

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