Are Macbook Keyboard Covers Bad? (Why I Protect My Mac)

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One of the ways to prolong your MacBook’s life is to get a keyboard cover that blocks all the dust and debris from going beneath the keys. But many people wonder whether using a keyboard cover would block the airflow and heat up your MacBook. Let’s find out whether that’s just a rumor or using a keyboard cover is really bad for your MacBook.

MacBook Keyboard covers are excellent to keep any dirt or food residue from getting inside the keys. They are perfect to keep your keyboards safe and do not block the airflow at all. So using a keyboard cover is perfectly safe for your MacBooks

Many people use silicone keyboard covers for their MacBooks. After years of use, silicone covers can react with the plastic underneath to form oil-like puddles over the keys. Moreover, according to Apple, silicone covers add a layer of thickness between the keys and screen display when your laptop is closed, resulting in smudges on your screen. But I’ve used a keyboard cover with my M1 MacBook and noticed no screen smudging so far.

Keep reading to find out if keyboard covers are really worth it. I have also added a list of the best keyboard covers for you to make an informed purchase decision

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Are MacBook Keyboard Covers Worth It?

Considering all the protection they offer, MacBook KeyBoards covers are definitely worth it. Since some of the MacBook keyboards have been known to stop working after a few years, using a keyboard cover is your best bet to stay away from the costly keyboard repairs. They prolong your keyboard’s life. 

MacBooks that were released between 2015-2019 were equipped with a butterfly keyboard mechanism. Many users who had these MacBooks reported keyboard failures, resulting in a huge keyboard repair program by Apple for free. 

The reason? Turns out, the butterfly mechanism of these keyboards allowed for dirt and debris to accumulate beneath the keys, which made the keys stuck and they eventually stopped working altogether. Now the people who used keyboard covers for their MacBook keyboards did not face this issue as the covers stopped any residue or dirt from going inside the keys. 

So if you are wondering whether a keyboard cover is worth it, I’ll give you honest advice. A keyboard cover would only cost a few bucks and will definitely save your hundreds of dollars in the longer run. 

Here’s why you need to have a keyboard cover for your MacBook:

  • Protects your keyboard from any dirt, liquid spills, and food residue especially if you are a person who eats and drinks with their laptop nearby.
  • If you carry your MacBook everywhere, a keyboard cover would protect your keys from wear and tear and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Protects your keys from smudges due to sweaty hands. 
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars as keyboards without covers are prone to dysfunction.

Instead of using a silicone keyboard cover, experts recommend using a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) keyboard cover. TPU covers are ultra thin so they do not damage or leave smudges on your retina display when the laptop is closed. They perfectly fit on your keyboards, do not interfere with the airflow and keep your keyboards safe. 

You can purchase a TPU keyboard cover for your MacBook from Amazon. 

With so many benefits and safety, having your MacBook keyboards covered with a TPU cover is the best option to keep it safe and prolong its life. I have created a list of the ten best MacBook keyboard covers for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

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The Best 10 Macbook Keyboard Covers

  • Uppercase GhostCover Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Protector
  • CaseBuy Ultra Thin Transparent Keyboard Cover Skin
  • JRC Keyboard Skin
  • MOSISO Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector
  • TOP CASE Transparent TPU Keyboard Cover
  • Kuzy Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover TPU
  • Procase MacBook Pro 13 Case 2019
  • MOSISO Premium Ultra Thin TPU Keyboard Cover
  • iBenzer TPU Keyboard Cover
  • SKNLAP Pro Keyboard Cover

Keyboard covers that have a very thin layer and are made out of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), rather than silicone are the best for MacBooks. Here’s a list of the ten  best keyboard covers for MacBook:

  1. Uppercase GhostCover Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Protector – Uppercase produces one of the best and most durable keyboard covers. It is the thinnest keyboard cover that does not interfere with your MacBook’s display when the lid is closed.
  2. CaseBuy Ultra Thin Transparent Keyboard Cover Skin – CaseBuy’s keyboard covers are ultra-thin and transparent. They come in two variants; one for the Touch Bar MacBook models and one for the non-Touch Bar MacBook models. They are made out of TPU, the best material for keyboard covers. 
  3. JRC Keyboard Skin – The TPU keyboard covers from JRC will add a pop of color to your MacBooks. They come in vibrant colors of Tiffany blue, apricot, rose quartz, and clear.
  4. MOSISO Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector – Mosiso’s ultra-thin keyboard cover is for MacBooks with no Touch Bar. This protector is made out of TPU and is compatible with MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inches. 
  5. TOP CASE Transparent TPU Keyboard Cover – This transparent and ultra-thin keyboard cover is for wireless keyboards for Mac. It perfectly fits the keyboard and comes with a mouse pad too. 
  6. Kuzy Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover TPU – A colorful addition to your MacBook’s keyboard with high-quality TPU keyboard covers with colored outlines. You can buy it in mint green, pink, purple, or transparent colors.
  7. Procase MacBook Pro 13 Case 2019 – A complete package for your MacBook with a hardshell case and keyboard cover to keep both your laptop and keyboard safe. 
  8. MOSISO Premium Ultra Thin TPU Keyboard Cover – Mosiso’s ultra-thin keyboard cover is for MacBooks with Touch Bar. This protector is made out of TPU and is compatible with MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inches. It also has a blue color option for the cover.  
  9. iBenzer TPU Keyboard Cover – This keyboard cover by iBenzer is one of the best and thinnest with only 0.14 mm height. It is produced by a company that makes exceptionally safe covers and hard cases for MacBooks. 
  10. SKNLAP Pro Keyboard Cover – The silicone keyboard covers by SKNLAP come in a beautiful pink rose finish. You can buy them for both Touch Bar MacBooks and non-Touch Bar MacBooks.

So that’s all folks. Now that you know how to take care of your MacBooks, you can make them last longer and look brand new forever! To see how long a MacBook keyboard should last check out my article.

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