How Long Do MacBook Keyboards Last? (It Depends On The Mac)

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Many MacBook users have encountered problems with their keyboards, especially with the butterfly keyboards that came with the 2015-2019 MacBooks.

Naturally, Mac’s history with bad keyboards makes you question how long should a MacBook keyboard last. So I went ahead and did the research for you to make an informed decision about buying a MacBook, especially if you are concerned with the keyboard’s lifespan.

MacBook keyboards can last up to 8 years if there is no liquid or other damage. No matter whether you have a butterfly keyboard or a scissor-switch keyboard, if you use your MacBook keyboard with care, it can last up to 8 years. 

The reason why you are probably here is that you are planning to buy a MacBook. Now I know you might be skeptical about your decision as there are many bad reviews about MacBook keyboards on the internet. And I get it. All of your doubts are justified. 

A small percentage of MacBook users HAVE reported their keys succumbing to dust or simply not working soon after a few years of use. But keep reading to find out how you can keep your keyboards safe from wear and tear and whether you can get them fixed for free.

Which MacBooks Have The Worst Keyboards? 

First, let’s talk about the models that you should NOT buy. MacBooks that came out between 2015-2019 came with the infamous butterfly keys. These keys have been known to stop working after a few years. Even though only a small percentage of people have reported problems with it, it is worth mentioning for people who are planning to get a new MacBook. 

So what is the deal with butterfly keys after all? Well, the butterfly keyboards come with a mechanism that works like a butterfly’s wings. When you press a key on these keyboards, the two wing-shaped components of the switch that are attached to a hinge in the middle are pressed down to form a V shape. 

This allows for a lot of dust and debris to collect in the mechanism and prevent it from working smoothly in a few years. It results in your keys getting stuck or stopping to work altogether. Also unlike traditional mechanical keyboards

So if you are planning to buy a MacBook, you should avoid getting the 2015-2019 models that come with butterfly keys. However, if you already own a MacBook with a faulty keyboard, you can get it repaired for free from an Apple store

Curious if MacBooks are difficult to use? Secret they are really easy to pick up and use even as a beginner learn why the operating system is so intuitive in my article.

Which MacBooks Have The Best Keyboards?

Apple discontinued MacBooks with butterfly switch mechanisms in 2019 due to faulty keyboards. The new MacBooks now come with scissor-switch mechanisms and are tried and tested to be foolproof and durable. So if you are planning to buy a new MacBook with a high-performance keyboard, you should purchase the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro, the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro, the 2020 13-inch MacBook Air, and the later models. 

These machines use a redesigned Magic Keyboard with a scissor switch mechanism, offering you the best and most responsive typing experience ever. 

Butterfly keys are very expensive to replace costing around $700 to replace to see if it’s worth replacing a broken MacBook screen check out my article.

How To Keep Your MacBook In Good Condition

If you are looking for ways to prolong your MacBook’s life, you need to keep it in a really good condition. Cleaning your MacBook, having its keyboard covered, keeping it cool, avoiding liquid spills and carrying it in a case are some tips to keep your MacBook in a brand-new condition. 

I get it. MacBooks are very premium-looking machines and you would never want them to be in bad shape, especially if they cost you a fortune. Well, turns out, you can actually keep them as good as new by protecting them from wear and tear and taking care of them like little babies! 

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your MacBook in a great condition:

  • Clean the exterior regularly with a VERY slightly damp microfiber cloth. But avoid touching the openings and trackpad edges with the damp cloth. Use a dry cloth for the display and make sure you never touch it with any liquid cleaner, water, or spray. Use a makeup brush to brush off the dust from hard-to-reach places such as the hinge areas, keyboard, and any closings.
  • Use a keyboard cover to prevent your keyboard from any dust or debris. The new MacBook keyboards from 2019 onwards are very durable but you should still keep them safe from dust and debris by using a MacBook keyboard cover from Amazon.
  • Do not place your MacBook on mattresses or any soft surfaces as they block the airflow. Remember to use a laptop cooling pad or a laptop raiser when you are using your MacBook on your bed. Ensuring steady airflow is the key to keeping your MacBook from overheating. 
  • Carry your MacBook in a case designed especially for your laptop to avoid any damage when you are moving. This way, you can also keep it from collecting any dust while on-the-go.
  • Do not exert force or press the display of your MacBook in order to prevent screen damage. 
  • And last but not the least, do not bend your charger cable too much as it might break the wire from inside. 

That’s all folks! If you own a MacBook or are planning to buy one, following these tips would hopefully prolong your MacBook’s life. While you are at it, check my post here to find out whether you can connect a non-Apple monitor with your Mac.

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