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Are MacBooks Waterproof? The Complete Guide

If you are someone like me who sleeps, eats, and even drinks with their MacBooks on their laps, then this guide is for people like you. I know. All it takes is a single moment of clumsiness to spill that glass of water on your MacBook. But wait for a second, are MacBooks waterproof?

In total MacBooks are not waterproof, or water-resistant. Even a slight drop of water or another liquid can cause serious water damage to your MacBook. The Apple Watch and iPhone are very resistant but any splash of liquid can cause major issues to your MacBook.

The secret to never spill liquid on your MacBook is never put a cup or container of liquid on the safe surface of your MacBook. Keep reading to know what happens if a MacBook gets wet and how to fix a wet MacBook.

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What Happens If A MacBook Gets Wet

As a general rule if a MacBook gets wet water damage can permanently damage critical components of the MacBook such as the battery connector, circuit boards, and GPU.

Once the water enters your MacBook, it will flow down to the logic board and other parts of your MacBook. The liquid will instantly start to damage the metal, fiberglass, and silicone components. You won’t get to know about the damage right away because this damage takes time to become noticeable. 

Your MacBook will work fine for a few days but stop working afterward. That is because the metals would oxidize and corrode slowly. Moreover, even if your MacBook is off, the battery supplying power to the system would result in the electric current reacting with the liquid, which is why you MUST turn off your MacBook and disconnect all connections if you suspect water damage.

This would speed up the corrosion process and cause the metals and copper to disperse across the board. And if this continues, there is; unfortunately, no coming back for your MacBook. It’s a lost cause now. But if you act fast, you can stop that from happening or at least minimize the aftermath. 

Keep reading to find out how you can stop this from happening and whether you can fix the water damage or not.

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Can A MacBook Be Fixed If It Gets Wet?

In total If you have AppleCare+ for Mac, it will cover the water damage in your MacBook with a service fee of $299 plus tax. You can also take your MacBook to a third-party repair shop that specializes in fixing water damage. But this only applies if the water damage was not catastrophic. 

According to Apple, If you only have Apple’s One Year Limited Warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plan, it won’t cover water damage. But if you have got AppleCare+ for Mac, you are allowed up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, which includes water damage. However, it will cost you $299 for water damage, excluding the taxes.

But if you do not want to pay that much or are not covered under AppleCare+ and you know a third-party repair shop that can do the job for less, you can approach them. Just make sure that they know what they are doing. not all Apple-certified shops are legitimate.

Before you take your MacBook to a repair shop, take the following measures to ensure both your and your laptop’s safety.

How To Fix A Wet MacBook

  1. As soon as the water touches your MacBook, unplug it from the electric socket. It is essential to unplug your MacBook because you can end up starting a fire due to electric shock. 
  2. Now shut down your MacBook by using a pencil or wooden/plastic object to press down the power button. Do not use a metal object as you might get electrocuted. 
  3. Now flip the MacBook downwards in a tent-like position, this causes any water that’s still in the Mac to come out.  And do not, I repeat, DO NOT wipe your MacBook with a towel or cloth as wiping it can spread the water to other parts. 
  4. After the water has drained out, do not turn on the laptop because any remaining drops would damage the electric parts and even burn them out completely. So never turn on your MacBook unless it is completely dried out. And by that, I mean as dry as the Sahara desert! Please keep reading to find out how long it would take. 

After you have followed these steps, you should take it to Apple to evaluate the damage. Don’t try any of the hacks you find online such as drowning it in a pile of rice. Only a technician can tell you what to do.

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How Long Does It Take For A Mac To Dry Out?

As a general rule, If your MacBook is wet, flip it downwards and wait for it to dry out completely for at least 48 hours. Placing it upside down would let any of the remaining water out. Place it for 48 hours in an airy room or near a fan to blow air on your MacBook.

Whatever you do, never try to blow hot air on it. I know you would be tempted to use a hairdryer. But avoid heat at all costs because blowing hot air on MacBook can overheat the components inside and cause excessive damage. So only place it in a cool and airy room or front of a fan.

Alternatively, you can also use silica gel packets to absorb any dampness. However, steer clear of using rice to absorb the wetness. Rice particles can get stuck in your MacBook and cause more damage. Apart from water damage, cold temperatures can also damage your MacBook. Check our article to find out the safe operating temperatures for your MacBook.