Can iPhone Charging Ports Be Repaired?

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A damaged iPhone charging port is quite common, it mostly happens if your unnecessarily rough with your port, but what happens if your iPhone’s charging port is damaged? Can you get it repaired?

Apple can repair an iPhone charging port. However, not possible to restore the charging ports of some iPhones if they are damaged beyond repair. The cheapest option if your tech savvy is replacing it yourself which costs between $5-$100.

Repairing an iPhone charging port is not easy if your not comfortable with opening up your iPhone, getting a profesional to do the job is the better choice.

It’s possible your charging point is just dirty, you can clean the dirt inside the charging ports using a paper clip or any thin wire.

If cleaning does not work, do not try to force it as there are loudspeakers and important connections right next to the charging port, which could get damaged in the process.

Read on to find out if iPhone charging ports can be repaired, whether Apple repairs charging ports, how much it costs to fix the iPhone charger port, and if Verizon can fix an iPhone charging dock for you.

Does Apple Repair a Charging Port?

Apple will try to repair a charging port, if it cannot be repaired most likely they will replace the port as a discounted price, if your device is out of warranty without Apple Care you are likely going to have to pay for the replacement.

The Genius Bar at Apple stores can carry out any repairs on your iPhone. While it is not guaranteed if the repair will resolve the issue, it is worth trying. Since iPhone is a delicate device, I highly recommend going to an Apple store to get the repairs done since those people know what they’re doing.

If you go to a random Tech shop in your neighbourhood, you have no way of knowing they know what they’re doing. To replace a charging point they need to open up the iPhone, you could try a certified third party vender by why take the risk when Apple offers repairs at a good

Breaking your iPhones screen is something most people are guilty of me included, to see if its worth replacing the screen or your better off buying a new iPhone please read my helpful article.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the iPhone Charger Port?

Apple charges between $149- $599 to repair an iPhones charging port, if the iPhone is out of warranty and doesn’t have Apple Care+. If you have Apple Care+ it costs $99. However Mail-in repair services like iFixYouri and iFixScreens typically charge between $100 and $120 for charging port repair.

You can see Apples official repair cost for ‘other damage’ for the iPhone 13 below.

iPhone 13Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 13 Pro Max$ 599
iPhone 13 Pro$ 549
iPhone 13$ 449
iPhone 13 mini$ 399

The replacement cost for iPhone charging ports varies from model to model. Apple charges about $599 for newer iPhone models (iPhone XS and above) and around $399 for iPhone 8 Plus and less for previous models. 

If a warranty doesn’t cover your iPhone, a hefty amount is required to fix the charging port. But users can also try third-party vendors to get their iPhones serviced for less. In addition, you can consult any iPhone technician to get a quote on how much it will cost them to fix or replace your iPhone’s charging port.

If you live in the states I would recommend going with a mail-in repair service like fixScreens, or choose from the list of Apple authorised service providers and pick the shop that gives you the best price on the repair.

Can I Fix the iPhone Charging Port at Home?

You can purchase iPhone charging port replacements online from iFixit for between $29.99-$99 to replace your charging ports at home, but make sure you are confident that you can dismantle your device correctly.

If you decide to repair the charging port of your iPhone all by yourself, watch the video tutorial above to guide you, take a look at the iFixit prices here, the newer the iPhone the more expensive the kit will be.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend it, I remember trying to fix my iPhone 4S and destroying it in the process but that’s me!

Taking your iPhone apart to replace the charging port is risky business, in the process you can can damage the mobile’s screen and other vital components. Also you void all Apple warranties by disassembling your iPhone on your own.

So before making any decisions, weigh out all the options available you have.

Apple Warranty is pricey, but is there a way to apply for the insurance after the damage to your iPhones port is already done? After all how would they know, learn if it’s possible in my Apple Care guide.

Can I Go to Verizon to Fix My iPhone?

Verizon doesn’t generally cover physical damage to iPhones in their extended warranty, and they cannot fix your iPhone. Nevertheless, you can try reaching out to the person at the front desk to hear about all your available options. 

The professionals at Verizon recommend its users to get the repairs from Apple’s official outlets. So if you have damaged your iPhone, you can get it fixed at an Apple Store. Get started by making an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar.

To learn more about Verizon and iPhones, check out my complete guide on Verizon iPhones.

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