Do Macs Get Screen Burn-In? (4 Easy Fixing Tips)

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Have you experienced turning on your MacBook, but it won’t turn on?

This happened to me, I took my MacBook to the nearest computer repair shop, and he told me that the screen had burned out and would need replacing, I only later that it wasn’t the case, and I’ll let you know why.

According to Apple, MacBooks are made of glass LCD screens, and the liquid crystals in the LCDs don’t burn. So a burn-in only happens to devices with Plasma, CRT, OLED, or LED displays. But MacBook screen burns may still occur rarely in some cases.

Replacing a defective LCD screen can be expensive, especially in the case of MacBook owners. Next, I’ll share how MacBook screens can get burned, how to fix them, and how to get rid of Mac screen burn, so keep reading to learn some helpful tips.

Can MacBook Burn Screens?

There are rare MacBook burned screens as LCD screens don’t generally burn compared to OLEDs. Instead, the burn-in issue can be due to stuck pixels, which can be resolved by “unsticking” the pixels with a dedicated program or screen-saving app that displays random patterns.

Severe burn-in problems in MacBooks are usually found by an unusable screen with discoloration and overlapping prompt boxes. You can run a screen-saving program to deal with this. However, the screen may remain unusable, it can happen even to new MacBooks, so o it’s important to understand how to handle the issue.

If you’ve tried the white screensaver hack, as mentioned in some online tips, which may even worsen the white color, consider it a hardware problem. The best thing to do is to take your MacBook to your local Apple Store to determine the main cause of the screen malfunctioning.

In most cases, problematic LCD screens will need a replacement, which could be expensive. However, you can take advantage of the warranty if it’s still within the warranty period. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot to salvage your MacBook Pro. Overcharging, high screen brightness, and heavy use should be avoided to keep your notebook in good condition.

Curious if it’s worth replacing your MacBooks screen? For detailed information, and a price guide look no further than my helpful post.

Can Screen Burn Be Fixed?

Screen-burn is permanent and will remain, no matter if you scroll to a different menu or turn off your device. If your screen is struggling with image retention, the discoloration is temporary and will eventually disappear once you switch to a different image or power off.

The burn-ins or stuck pixels often happen where static images like the Menu Bar and the Dock are usually displayed. It can be fixed by using an application that runs in your web browser and displays the pattern on your screen for a few minutes. Below are simple steps to fix MacBook burn-in:

  1. Turn off the display for several hours or up to 48 hours. It allows the screen to rest and perhaps restore to its original state.
  2. Set a white screensaver and leave it on for several hours. It may not resolve the burn-in, but it will help stamp down the erroneous display.
  3. Use a burn-in fixing app like JScreenFix to resolve the issue. Some users have tried this application and found it effective. It’s designed to restore stuck pixels and clear up screen-related other problems.

However, I want to clarify that screen burn-ins are different from image retention. Screen burn-in is the degradation of the screen or display, while image retention is a form of burn-in which is generally fixable. So, if you’re not sure what’s happening with your MacBook screen, consult an expert to fix the issue.

I’ve been using my MacBook for about a year now, last month I noticed my screen and mail were both showing discolored images, I tried setting my screensaver to a white background to see the etching, while the brightness was only 50%. I found out it was a temporary image retention issue using a white screensaver fixed the issue.

How Do I Get Rid of Mac Screen Burn? 4 Simple Tips

Apple says that setting the Energy Saver Preferences to turn off the display when not in use is the best way to get rid of screen burn. Otherwise, an image that is burnt into the screen can permanently be displayed or etched in the LCD.

If you’re trying to remove image retention, you can create a slideshow screensaver using a white image until the retention is resolved. Unfortunately, the LCD burn-in effect or the ghost image on your Mac screen leads to polarized liquid crystals in the TFT LCD panel, resulting in permanent damage.

Technically, fixing Mac screen burns is difficult to do. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to get rid of ghost images on your LCD. The following are some helpful tips to remove screen burns or image retention on your MacBook to avoid permanent effects:

  • Turn on the Pixel Shifting mode on display. It’s to activate the pixels and allow them to move regularly. Enabling the Pixel Shifting helps improve image retention issues.
  • Reduce the contrast and brightness of the screen. Lowering contrast helps to spread even lighting across the screen while reducing strain on specific areas of the LCD. It’s also helpful to watch different content to eliminate image retention problems.
  • Set a screensaver with black and white images to alleviate ghost images. This color background can reset the screen burn and improve image retention. You can also use a white static photo to get rid of the ghost image. The white display will overwrite image retention and restore it to its original appearance.
  • Play a colorful video and set it to full screen. Do this for up to an hour to reduce the retention and reset the display. You can also restart the MacBook several times to remove the ghost images.

Remember that severe screen burns may not be fixed or restored to a relaxed state once the static image is burnt into the LCD screen for a longer period. Therefore, if you suspect a screen burn on your Mac screen, do the tips mentioned above to prevent permanent damage.

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