Should You Put A Case On Your M1 MacBook Air?

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My MacBook M1 Air is my favorite device ever, arguably. It is the best value computer of all time. Although you might think putting a case on your M1 MacBook Air is a good idea, it keeps it protected from scratches or dents. Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you it’s a bad idea.

It is a bad idea to use a case for a MacBook M1 Air. Apple does not recommend it as it will cause your MacBook to overheat, eventually causing internal damage.

The MacBook’s entire case is a cooling block. If a case covers this, the M1 Air cannot cool itself properly, causing it to damage the internal components.

Trust me. Your M1 Air should only get warm, not hot, during intensive processes like gaming or 4K video editing. However, if you put a case, it will get hot during light tasks like surfing the internet or watching YouTube videos.

What you can do is invest in a sleeve. I recommend this one on Amazon to keep your MacBook protected when you travel with it. Then, remove the sleeve when you use your MacBook.

Please keep reading, so I convince you that putting a case on your M1 MacBook is a bad idea.

Why You Shouldn’t Put A Case On Your M1 MacBook Air

Although not every MacBook case will damage your MacBooks, most of the options available in the market do. In the above video, most cases don’t fit the M1 MacBook well. They don’t allow the MacBook to cool itself.

If you repetitively remove your case and put it back, it can result in scratches and dents on your MacBook’s chassis. Likewise, removing them and putting them back on, again and again, would scratch its surface.

I do not treat my MacBook very well. I’m currently in South America, and all I do is leave my MacBook unprotected in my backpack’s laptop sleeve. In my article, you can read more about if it’s safe to travel with your MacBook in a pack.

MacBooks are made of 100% recycled aluminum. They are NOT easy to break or scratch. The above photo only has one small scratch, and the cases top is scratch-free.

You have to ask yourself if a MacBook does not need to be protected. A case can only damage your expensive computer via overheating.

Some MacBook cases o make your MacBooks overheat. MacBooks are designed to vent on their own to prevent overheating. When you have your cover on, it will seal off the vents and result in your MacBook overheating, especially if you use it in bed.

I discuss in my article how to use your MacBook safely in bed to prevent overheating that you can learn about here. However, using a case is NOT a way to avoid overheating.

You never want your MacBook to overheat because it can damage its internal components. If you have a case that does not have inlets for the vents, you should refrain from using them. The case is no good if it prevents ventilation. Unlike MacBook Pros who have a vent, the entire case of the M1 Air regulates heat no matter what. The case will negatively affect cooling.

MacBook cases also block ports. Most of the covers do not properly align with the ports on your Mac, as shown in the above video, which makes it impossible to plug in any cables, drives, or chargers.

It would require you to remove your case every time you want to plug your MacBook in, which is not just inconvenient but can also result in scratches.

If you use your MacBook normally and don’t travel with it for long periods in a backpack sleeve, your MacBook will look good as new.

Make sure you don’t open any liquids near the screen and use a microfiber cloth that you can get for a great price on Amazon to wipe down any dust keeping your MacBook look good as new.

If you decide you 100% want a case for your MacBook (I don’t recommend it), please check out my post that explains in more detail which is the best case to go for.

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