Can Cases Damage A MacBook Pro?

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When I got my first MacBook, the only thing I wanted to do was to protect it from scratches, falls, and dirt (considering how clumsy I am). And that’s not just because MacBooks cost more than a thousand bucks. No! It’s because MacBooks are beautiful, and if something were to happen to these pretty computers, you would feel hurt. I know I would!

So I decided to buy a case to protect my MacBook Pro. But upon researching which case to buy, I found people saying that covers can damage your MacBook. Is it true? I decided to find the truth and share it with you all.

Can Cases Damage A MacBook Pro?

Yes. MacBook cases can damage your MacBook Pro. In addition to damaging the screen of your MacBooks, some cases can damage your MacBook’s chassis due to repetitive use. Moreover, they can also overheat your MacBook and block its ports.

Buying iPhone cases is quite common. However, not many people buy MacBook cases unless they are clumsy or use their MacBooks very roughly. Not many people use cases with their MacBooks because they have more downfalls than benefits.

Although not every MacBook case will damage your MacBooks, most of the options available in the market do.

For starters, most of the cases available in the market today will damage your MacBook screens. Newer models of MacBooks have very sensitive Retina displays. Instead of protecting your screens from damages, some cases can end up damaging your screen. 

Moreover, if you repetitively remove your case and put it back, it can result in scratches and dents on your MacBook’s chassis. Removing them and putting them back on, again and again, would scratch its surface.

Some MacBook cases can also make your MacBooks overheat. MacBooks are designed to vent on their own to prevent overheating. When you have your cover on, it will seal off the vents and result in your MacBook overheating, especially if you use it in bed.

You never want your MacBook to overheat because it can damage its internal components. If the case you are buying does not have inlets for the vents, you should refrain from using them. The case is no good if it prevents ventilation.

Another reason why MacBook cases are inconvenient is that they block your ports. Most of the covers do not properly align with the ports on your Mac, which makes it impossible to plug in any cables, drives, or chargers.

It would require you to remove your case every time you want to plug your MacBook in, which is not just inconvenient but can also result in scratches.

So while not all MacBook cases are harmful, a majority of them can damage your MacBooks. Here are some of the best MacBook cases that you can buy that won’t damage your MacBook Pro.

Should You Put A Case On MacBook Pro?

Generally, yes. It’s best to put a case on your MacBook Pro to protect it from falls and scratches and extend its lifespan. Putting your MacBook on various surfaces can cause it to get scratched over time. You should use a case with your MacBook Pro to keep it looking brand new.

If you are someone who is always dropping things, or if you use your electronics roughly, be it your phone or your laptop, you should put on a case on your MacBook Pro. MacBooks are very sleek and slippery. If you use them on your lap, they can quite easily slide off and fall, resulting in a broken screen.

Some MacBook cases do damage your MacBook Pro over time. But if you buy the right MacBook case, such as the Incase cases sold by Apple, and remove it every one week or ten days to clean out the trapped dirt and debris, your MacBook will not get damaged.

It’s all about being careful, not just when you buy the case but also when you are using it. It will protect your MacBook from scratches, dents and also protect your screen from falls.

Just make sure you use it carefully and remove it after every ten days to clean out the dirt, wipe off the moisture from condensation (if there is any),  and let your MacBook breathe. 

Do you leave your MacBook plugged in overnight? Read my article to find out if leaving your MacBooks plugged in overnight is safe.

Is A Hard Case Or Rubber Case Better For MacBook?

Rubber cases are better for your MacBook as they keep it clean, protect it from scratches, and also come with a keyboard protector. However, if you use your laptops very roughly, you should buy a hard case for your MacBook. 

Here’s what you should look out for when buying a cover for your MacBook:

  • It offers full ventilation.
  • All the ports are easily accessible.
  • It provides long-lasting protection and is sturdy.
  • It is easy to put on and remove whenever needed.

The type of case you get for your MacBook depends on how roughly you use your MacBook. If you use your MacBook with care, a rubber case will work better for you as it offers more grip and is also easy to clean, put on, and remove. It is also very lightweight and would not add much weight to your MacBooks.

However, if you use your MacBook roughly, put it on various surfaces, travel with it a lot, or have kids at your home using it, a hard case would be an ideal choice for your MacBook.

A hard case offers more protection than a rubber case. If you want your MacBook always to look new, you should go for a case. For instance, the Incase Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro is an ideal option. It is a very safe and sturdy case that does not damage your MacBook.

After a couple of days, you will need to remove the underlying dust, wipe your MacBook with a microfiber cloth, and put the case back on. Your MacBook will always look new. Just make sure you remove the case carefully not to scratch your MacBook.

If you are planning on buying a screen protector for your MacBook, read my article to find out if MacBooks need screen protectors.

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