Does your MacBook NEED a Screen Protector? (Apple says)

I know how you are feeling you bought a beautiful MacBook and you wondering if your MacBook needs a screen protector to keep it safe from scratches and marks

Screen Protectors are usually made from glass containing adhesive that attaches and sticks to our MacBook Screen but do you really need one?

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Are screen protectors necessary for MacBooks?

Apple does not recommend screen protectors all MacBooks are covered with a sheet of glass that does not scratch easily. Screen protectors do protect your screen from dirt but they decrease the quality of the display and can easily damage the MacBook if you are not careful when applying/taking off the screen protector.

See these 1-star reviews from AmazonOpens in a new tab. on the most popular screen protector on Amazon likely the user didn’t make sure the screen protector perfectly aligned with the bottom of the screen, they didn’t wipe dust from the screen which prevents air bubbles.

Personally, I’ve NEVER used a screen protector for any of my MacBooks I don’t treat my Tech super carefully either If you don’t do anything stupid like putting your MacBook open in a backpack your screen likely will be fine. See a photo of my MacBook screen below, the screen is dirty but no damage yet.

Just because I don’t use screen protectors doesn’t seem you shouldn’t I will explain the benefits and drawbacks of screen protectors so you can yourself decide which option will be the best for you.

Benefits of Having Screen Protectors for MacBooks

1. It will protect the screen from any accidental damage.

Probably in most cases, you aren’t going to let your pricey MacBook fall.

But who knows if one day you might accidentally drop it or a sharp object could hit your MacBook screen by chance.

In that case, if you have any screen guard or protection on your MacBook screen, it helps reduce the damaging impact on the screen to some extend.

2. It will protect the screen from dirt and scratches.

This benefit is significant, probably because you might be attracted to buying a screen protector. And that is the fact that the screen protector protects the screen from scratches, dirt, and debris my screen has a few light scratches that wouldn’t be there if it was protected.

It acts as a protective layer between the inside MacBook’s screen and the outside environment preventing any dirt or debris from sticking to the MacBook screen preventing dmage

3. It can prevent fingerprint smudges on the screen.

If you are a MacBook user, you probably use it to do all major online writing tasks by typing on the keyboard.

Now, if your fingers are oily or smudgy, it can leave fingerprint marks on your keyboard keys.

And if you keep your MacBook in a tightly spaced place (like in a bag with many heavy books), then there are chances of the keyboard’s streaks, marks, or grease getting transferred on the MacBook screen.

However, if you have any screen guard or protective layer, then it can prevent this issue.

I have also written an article about whether or not the MacBook keyboard covers are badOpens in a new tab.. So I highly recommend you to check that out if you are interested secret there not! My screen is dirty but my keyboard is fresh.

4. It will maintain your screen’s quality.

The best reason you would like to use a screen protector is to keep your MacBook screen in the same condition as when you first bought it.

So if you plan to sell your MacBook later on then and if you used all those screen protectors and guards, it will be beneficial to keep it in the same condition just as when it was brand new assuming you apply the screen protector correctly.

Without using any screen protection or any guard will likely cause some wear and tear if you use your MacBook without proper care.

Now, if you want to use MacBook Case but are worried about whether or not it will cause heating issues, I encourage you to check out my article hereOpens in a new tab..

Drawbacks of Having Screen Protectors for MacBooks

1. The screen protector might not look great.

While screen protectors have many benefits, they also have some drawbacks. And one of them is the fact that many screen protectors might not fit well with your MacBook screens or with the complete look of the MacBook as a whole. As a result, they might look bulky or odd or make the high quality retina screen look worse.

2. You may not enjoy the display with a screen protector.

Macs usually have retina displays. 

As per in a new tab., the pixel density of a retina display is so high that we can’t detect the individual pixels from a normal viewing distance. And because of it, the content gets great details and significantly improves our viewing experience.

But the problem is if we use any screen protector or film over the screen (especially cheap and low-quality ones). Then, over time with usage, it might start looking hazy or dull.

Thus, we might not enjoy the full beauty of the display that we are supposed to have.

3. The screen protector can be difficult to apply accurately.

One of the major drawbacks of any screen protectors is applying them on a MacBook screen.

It requires steady hands to properly take the screen protector or the protective film and stick it on the screen of the MacBook.

Remember, mostly the screen protectors are likely to have some adhesives. So if you miss the first chance while applying them on the MacBook screen, taking it out and reapplying will make things worse especially if you don’t clean the dirt from the screen.

Apply the correct instructions to apply the screen the first go. And even if you are very experienced in this, the chances are that you will leave some air bubbles, which will ultimately not look that much appealing.

4. It might be hard to remove the screen protector.

Now, if you think that who cares, let’s first apply the screen protector, use it for a few days, and later decide whether or not to use it.

But the thing is, if the screen protector has very strong adhesive and has been fixed perfectly on your MacBook screen. Then while removing the screen protector, it can damage the screen as well.

Although generally, if the screen protector is carefully removed, then you need not worry about anything.

However, if your screen is already damaged and you’re removing the screen protector at that time. Then the screen protector can further cause damage if it is removed by pulling all the pieces of already-loose glass.

I also recommend you look at my detailed guide on whether replacing a MacBook Pro screenOpens in a new tab. is worth it.

How to Choose the MacBook Screen Protector?

  • Make sure that the MacBook protector you are to buy fits well with your specific Mac model or not.
  • Decide what type of screen protector you want based on your needs. If you like to have a clear display, you can choose that type of screen protector.
  • However, if you’re going to have a screen protector that is more obvious but protects the glare on your screen, make sure to choose that type of screen protector.
  • Finally, the most important point is to select a screen protector that is not so thick that you can’t shut your MacBook properly.

Is It Okay to Put a Screen Protector on a MacBook?

As a general rule, if the screen protector is of good quality, it is perfectly fine to have it fixed on a MacBook screen. Cheaper screen protectors might cause some damage and glaring issues. But a good quality screen protector will generally be okay to use.

Does Apple Recommend Screen Protectors?

Although Apple has no clear statement regarding the screen protectors, their stance is not so explicit and seems to be less supportive regarding screen protectors. As per one old article on MacWorld, Apple plans to remove the iPhone, iPod, and MacBook screen protectors from its online and retail stores.

As per the articleOpens in a new tab., which was nearly published in 2010 on MacWorld, this policy includes anti-glare films for Apple’s recent laptops, protection, and cushions for laptop palm areas. Also, any iPhone or iPod cases that have screen protection.

Although Apple hasn’t cleared it up, there are many speculations regarding the topic. As per one speculation, Apple is doing so because it wants to promote the idea that the screens of its products are so sturdy that they don’t need to be protected.

In general using screen protectors or the iPhone and iPad is a good idea MacBook screens are more sturdy.

Another speculation suggests that though the products are popular, they are usually hard to apply for and have higher return rates than others.

Moreover, one article on in a new tab. highlighted that if we use a camera cover, palm rest cover, or keyboard cover with our Mac notebook, we should remove the cover before closing the display to prevent damage to the display.

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