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MacBook Pros are the gold standard of notebooks as powerful as they are stylish. No one wants the beautiful unibody aluminum body of MacBooks to be scratched especially if their MacBook is brand new.

Are MacBooks scratch-resistant how well does the body hold up to general wear and tear? In this article you will find out.

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Is the MacBook Pro Screen Scratch-Resistant?

As a general rule, MacBook Pro’s glass screen is scratch-resistant. However, proper care is necessary to protect the screen. The space between the screen and the keyboard is very little when the MacBook is closed, so if something is trapped in between, it can cause scratches and damage the screen.

For instance, if something like a coin is trapped between your keyboard and the screen, you will be in trouble if you close your MacBook.

And this is not because I’m telling you. In fact, in the article, it is highlighted that to have the thin design of Mac notebook computers, the clearance between the display (screen) and the top case is engineered to tight tolerances

So if we use a camera cover, palm rest cover, with a MacBook you should remove them before closing the display or you risk damage to the laptop. See a photo of my closed M1 MacBook above it shows how little space the screen has over the keyboard.

I wrote an article about MacBook keyboard covers and if they are bad. I encourage you to check it out to know for sure.

Thoughts of Users about whether or not MacBook Pro Screen is Scratch Resistant

Now, there’s no clear-cut description about the screen scratch resistance from Apple or some trusted source. So it is important to have a look at what other users have to say around the web.

So I checked every forum I possibly could where users talked about this issue, and here I’m sharing their inputs and whatever I came to know so far.

On, a user asked for the MacBook Pro 15″ Aluminum Unibody with Glass Screen. Since it has glass, so it is as scratch-resistant as the glass.

Now answering the questions, here’s what some of the users shared their thoughts.

One user suggested that it would be most likely made of the same used in the iPhone. So yes, it should be scratch-resistant.

Another user says they have the first generation of the unibody MBPs, but its screen is still flawless.

Some say that it is as scratch-resistant as ordinary window glass. In contrast, the user declares that the glass screen is usually scratch-resistant. However, they recommend taking proper care to protect the screen.

The user highlights that if anything (even something as little as sand granular) gets in between the screen and the keyboard, and if the MacBook is closed, in that case, it scratches or might even chip the glass

So it is recommended by the user to keep the screen and keyboard clean and consider keeping a protective cloth between the keyboard and the screen when it is closed.

Another user says that they have MPBs in their lab at work, and they have a scratch or two on the glass. The user also says that the user’s kids have put a scratch on the iMac screen.

On, one user highlights that it does get scratched if it is hard and deep enough. The user suggests that we can use a screen protector for our top LED screen in terms of protection.

Another user says that the screen wouldn’t scratch as long as we don’t work in a woodshop or similar.

As per the other user, the screen doesn’t touch the keyboard. The glass surface is concave towards the edges. So as per that user, only those areas are supposed to come in contact unless there is pressure on the back of the LCD lid.

Another user says that they have had the anti-glare model for a year and a half but no scratches.

On Quora, as per one user who has a 2020 MacBook Pro 13″, it gets scratched even with fingernails. The user says that the marks aren’t that large, but they are conspicuous in sunlight.

Another user says that they process a lot of MacBooks yearly, almost nearly thousands. And as per the user, half of them have some scratches, and nearly fifteen percent have a screen scratch.

While another user says that they have been using the MacBook Pros for the last five years but still haven’t noticed any scratch, the user suggests that if we talk about everyday use, the answer is no. 

However, if we ask that question in the context of dragging a sharp object across the screen, the answer will be likely yes as per that user.

Another Quora user suggests that the answer would be no, not very easily. However, if you use some sharp object and poke with it, they might. The user says that it is glass so that it wouldn’t scratch easily. But the user also says that it is not built to be scratch resistant as much as an iPhone.

On the other hand, another user says that in all the years they have supported Macs, they haven’t noticed anything where the MacBook Pro Retina Display has some scratch. So the user declares that we have to be abusive to scrape it.

So these were some of the users’ thoughts about whether or not the MacBook Pro screen is scratch-resistant I agree on a lot with what they said.

If your using a MacBook such as taking it to school in a backpack you won’t damage the screen unless you do something stupid like leaving a coin in the keyboard. I work and travel a lot with my MacBook in a backpack I don’t treat it well and the screen reen has no scratches the aluminum body does, however.

To stop your MacBook case from scratching it needs to be protected by a laptop sleeve Initially in my travels I used a sleeve but left it behind as it was too bulky, take a look at protective sleeves for your laptop on Amazon.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth replacing a damaged MacBook screen please read my detailed guide on whether or not it is worth it to replace a MacBook Pro screen for more info.

How Durable Is MacBook Pro Screen?

A MacBook Pro Screen is as durable as a glass screen if you take proper care of the screen you won’t have any issues. Don’t drop the MacBook keep pressure on the screen or keep anything in between the keyboard & display when closed.

As per, few users reported issues where Apple’s M1 MacBook Air and the M1 MacBook Pro were easily cracked or damaged.

The authorized Apple repair facility specialists explained that the damage described as “contact point crack” will not be covered because it doesn’t fall under the company’s standard warranty, confused about apple warranties? Check my detailed guide for more info.

Some users who also experienced similar issues had taken their units into the Apple Store, where there were explained that the damage was the “point of crack,” suggesting that a piece of debris might have come between the display and the top case.

One user also explained that the pressure crack was caused by mishandling, which resulted in a fracture in the glass.

When Apple designed the MacBook Pro with retina display, they removed the protective layer of glass from the screen, increasing the risk of any damage. 

Also, considering MacBook Air, the top panel of the air is so thin that you can even shine a light and see it on a darkened screen. Even a small fall can damage your screen although I’ve traveled with my M1 MacBook Air without screen cracks or damage only very slight marks)

The screen is fused with the MacBook making it difficult to remove or repair. So in case of screen damage, you might have to let Apple service your whole computer to see if you can turn up to an Apple store to get a repair read my article to know for sure.

If you are wondering whether or not a screen protector is worth it to prevent damage to your MacBook I highly recommend you check out my detailed guide on whether your MacBook needs a screen protector.

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