Do Cases Make MacBooks Overheat? The Complete Guide

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If you are clumsy like me, MacBook cases are a great way to protect your MacBook from accidental drops and falls, but does this extra protection come at the cost of making your MacBook overheat? In this article, you will find out.

Unless you use a casing covering the MacBook’s vents or heat outlets, the MacBook will not overheat. However, certain cases, especially rubber cases, can trap heat released by the MacBooks processor, and that heat can cause higher external temperature causing it to overheat.

Cases can cause your MacBook to overheat if they are poorly designed or made with material like rubber; in this article, I will explain how hot is too hot for a MacBook and what you can do to cool down your MacBook.

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Is It Bad To Put A Case On Your MacBook?

A MacBook case offers protection from falls and shields the computer from dust and scratches while giving your MacBook a stylish, unique look. But bad cases can damage the screen and overheat the MacBook by covering vents and ports, so only buy a reputable case with good reviews.

I only use a traveling case for my MacBook with a keyboard protector; however, you need to consider the benefits you get from it when looking at a case.

Why You Should Use A Case For Your MacBook

1.Protection From Liquids

As you already know, water and other liquids damage electronics by causing short circuits. When using the computer, you can accidentally spill a drink, and the fluid can damage it if you don’t have a laptop casing. Therefore, you should consider a waterproof cover for your MacBook.

I’m drinking green tea as I type these words, but I have the cup under my MacBook, never do I place the cup on the same table as the MacBook, as if you accidentally spill the cup, it’s game over.  

Shield From DustOvertime, your computer will collect dust inside the internal components; this can damage and cause certain computer parts to not work correctly over time; using a case stops this build-up of dust.

I know firsthand the amount of dirt and grime that builds upon the MacBook if you eat while using it, that’s why investing in a keyboard cover should be your first purchase when buying a MacBook. To know what keyboard covers you should buy, see our article.

2.Easy To Hold

Since most Macs are sleek, they may slip from your fingers or on the table; this is more likely if you have nerve problems in your hands as I do.

If they a padded MacBook case, this increases the surface area on your MacBook, making the Mac easier to hold and accidental slippage less likely. You can buy a Mac cover with straps where you can conveniently grasp and carry it around.

3.Prevent Laptops From Scratches

If you keep touching your Mac, you may scratch it. The worst case is touching the notebook with wet hands, damaging the computer keys, or erasing the computer’s labels. But with a proper Mac casing will prevent you from having direct contact with the notebook.

If you have sweaty hands like me and always leave fingers prints on mental, then getting a case stops this smudging from happening.

4.It Makes The Laptop Stylish

In most cases, people use a cover with a creative piece of artwork for their laptops. Hence, choose a Mac casing that allows you to put stickers and some decorations. Moreover, the case should come with an elegant finish and polish that makes your computer attractive.

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How Hot Is Too Hot For a MacBook?

An optimum temperature for a MacBook is around 122.0F °-140.0 °F (50-60°C). If the temperature goes over 194.0 °F(90 °C), your computer will become hot enough to become damaged.

There are several third-party apps where you can check the temperature of your MacBook these are Fanny app, IStat Menus, and many others. If you want to monitor the temperature of your MacBooks processor, you can see this guide.

Do you buy your MacBooks from or at the Apple store? Find out if there is a difference between one or the other in our article.

How Do You Cool Down A MacBook?

  • Change Your MacBooks Sitting Position for improved airflow
  • Test Your Fans
  • Troubleshoot your fan with third-party apps
  • Check Your CPU For Intensive Programs
  • Use External Coolers 

1.Change Your Sitting Position

Your Mac might be overheating because you are placing it on your lap or the bed; this may cover the vent or heat outlets. Therefore, put the Mac on the desk or any wooden place that provides space for the computer to cool correctly.

Also, it would help if you used a laptop riser for improved airflow and greater freedom of where your MacBook can be positioned. I never use my Mac without one.

2.Test Your Fans

As we have said, fans are the components that cool a computer. If the device is overheating, there is probably a hardware or software problem with your Mac’s fan. You can only know that when you run a diagnostic on them. Therefore, the following is the process of checking them:

First, shut down your computer and use a charging cable to connect it.

  • Restart the computer by pressing the power button
  • Press the D button on the keyboard and long-hold it.
  • After that, wait for apple’s troubleshooting progress to end.
  • Check the results. If the fan is not functioning, the system will tell you.

For more information on troubleshooting a Mac, check here.

3.Troubleshoot Fan With Third-party Apps

If running a diagnostic on your Mac does not solve the fan problem, you can use third-party programs to override it. These programs can speed up the fun process, fix a fan software problem and address any unfixable issue. One of the best software to use is a Mac fan control. You can download it on MacOS to use it for free.

4.Check For The CPU Consuming Programs

Your laptop may overheat because some programs or tasks are overworking the processors. You can only control them if you check them on the MacOS activity monitor. To find this activity monitor, pull it from the utility folder located in Mac’s Application folder.

In the utility folder, check the apps, programs, or tasks that consume much laptop’s power and use a higher CPU percentage. Then, close such apps or programs and disable them. I know the Password manager Last Pass put a massive load on my CPU, causing my laptop’s battery to drain quickly.

If your Mac is starting to slow down, it could be due to various factors; learn what these factors are and how to make your Mac run quicker in our article.

5.Use External Coolers And Cleaners.

Suppose your internal fan is damaged beyond repair; what would you do? Replacing your Mac with a new one is not worth it, so you are left with the option of buying an external cooler. You may purchase an external laptop cooler; these coolers may work better than the internal computer fans. If you want to buy them, you can find them on Amazon

With that knowledge, it’s good to constantly monitor the fan of your Mac and perform multiple diagnostics on it. When it comes to computer casing, buy those cases that properly fit the laptop with spaces for fan or cooling outlets.

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