How Do You Fix a Broken Fitbit Band? Two EASY Fixes

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Fitbits are the go-to smartwatches available at a good price. However, users often face problems with Fitbit bands. For example, Fitbit bands often break due to wear and tear, making it difficult to wear them to track your daily activities.

You can use super glue to fix your Fitbit band. If your broken Fitbit band is beyond repair, you can purchase off-market bands from sites like Amazon or claim a replacement from Fitbit if your smartwatch falls under their warranty.

Fixing your Fitbit band or claiming your warranty can be annoying, however, I have explained the two methods in detail below:

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2 Ways to Fix a Broken Fitbit Band

1. Claim Your Fitbit Warranty:

You can easily claim your Fitbit replacement if your Fitbit warranty is still active. You won’t have to pay anything to get your Fitbit replaced. To claim your Fitbit warranty:

  1. Go to Fitbit’s help website.
  2. Log in using your Fitbit account.
  3. Fill in the on-screen details and file for the claim. 

If you want to find out whether you are eligible for the replacement, use Fitbit’s handy list. If you don’t belong to the US, Europe, or the UK, contact Fitbit support to know whether you can file a claim.

2. Use Super Glue

Usually, most Fitbit bands are broken at the clasp. It’s due to wear and tear or stress from a heavy workout. Using superglue helps keep the band stay intact for longer. However, you’ll lose a lot of flexibility, which is the primary advantage of having a silicone band in the first place. 

If breathability is an integral factor for your purchase, we do not recommend using super glue. You should also make sure that the glue you use is safe for your skin type, you can buy glue safe for your skin on Amazon for a bargain.

Here’s how to use super glue to fix a broken Fitbit band:

  1. Apply a drop of super glue right at the clasp of the watch.
  2. Rub the super glue using a cotton bud/dry wipe, ensuring no excess glue.
  3. Carefully place the clips back together, ensuring contact between the adhesive and the rest of the band.
  4. Leave the bond to dry for a few hours.

And voila! Your broken Fitbit band will now be fixed.

Read on to find out whether a Fitbit band can be replaced and how you can replace your Fitbit band.

Can a Fitbit Band Be Replaced?

Yes. You can buy a Fitbit band replacement and replace it yourself. You can buy Fitbit band replacements from Fitbit its, Amazon, Walmart, or eBay and replace them yourself.

Since Fitbit’s are meant for individuals who lead a healthy lifestyle, they might often break when performing strenuous activities. So while you can claim your Fitbit warranty and get a replacement, it may probably break down after a while.

People who don’t have their Fitbit warranties anymore or their Fitbit bands break very often can get an inexpensive replacement band from various platforms. You can get your hands on a Fitbit replacement band on AmazonFitbitWalmart, or eBay, take a look at the best bands on Amazon for a great price here.

You can easily replace your Fitbit bands on your own by releasing the latch. Read on to find out how to replace your Fitbit band. 

How Do I Replace My Fitbit Band?

To replace a Fitbit band, turn the watch over and find the latches for the band. Slide the flat button towards the band to release the latch. Pull the band away from your watch, and it will release. Do this on the other side too. Press the new band on the end of the clock until it clicks.

That’s how you can replace your Fitbit bands. You can use any Fitbit Versa 3 band with Fitbit Sense and vice versa. It is really easy to replace your Fitbit bands. You can turn the watch over, release the latches, and pull the band to dismantle it.

To install the new Fitbit band, press it on the end of the watch, and you will hear it click. Then, it will lock into the place, and your new Fitbit band will be ready to use.

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