Can You Fix a Chipped MacBook?

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If you are a clumsy person like me, you may have hit your MacBook several times and got its sides chipped. I feel your pain! Getting your MacBook chipped feels like getting slapped by Will Smith. So if you’ve got a chipped MacBook, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

You can fix your chipped MacBook by either taking it to an Apple Store where they will replace the case, or you can try fixing it yourself, by using a sanding sponge and scrubbing it on the edges of the chipped plastic and the laptop’s edges, now coat the edges of the broken Mac with a strong adhesive and put it into its place.

Read on to find out if you can fix a chipped MacBook, how much it costs to fix a chipped MacBook, and how you can repair a scuff on your MacBook.

If you have a chipped MacBook, you can check with Apple to see if they would fix your MacBook. If your issue is covered under the AppleCare+ warranty, they will replace your MacBook for no fee.

But if your problem is not covered under AppleCare+, you will have to pay Apple for repairing or replacing your chipped MacBook.

If you don’t have AppleCare+ and cannot afford to get your chipped MacBook repaired by Apple, you can just put a case on your MacBook so that the chipped part is not visible. However, read my article to know if placing a case on your MacBook is good for the computer.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Chipped MacBook?

Fixing a chipped MacBook can be anywhere between $40 to $300. It depends on many factors, such as whether you have AppleCare, how big the chip is, how serious the damage is, whether or not the surroundings of the chipped part are damaged, and if the chassis of your MacBook is weak. 

The cost of getting your chipped MacBook fixed depends on many factors. When you take a chipped MacBook to an Apple Store, they will first inspect the damage and its depth. After thoroughly studying the damage, they may give you a repair cost anywhere between $40 to $300. So even the simplest MacBook repairs can cost about $300, not having AppleCare+ makes it worse for you as you have to pay all of these repair costs in cash.

It greatly depends on whether or not you have AppleCare+. Apple does not fix chipped MacBooks. Instead, they would replace your chipped MacBook with another MacBook. 

For a complete guide on Apple Care and if it can help you, you can read my helpful guide.

How Do You Fix a Scuff on a MacBook?

To remove a scruff from your MacBook you need tooth paste, a soft toothbrush and a micro fibre cloth. Wet the cloth, apply a small amount of toothpaste directly onto the Macbook and slowly rub in circular motions until the scratch is gone.

Before you try to use tooth brush to remove a scruff, know that this method will only work with slight scratches on the surface of the aluminium, any serious dents will have to be repaired by Apple.

The first step is lightly wetting a micro fibre cloth with water, then apply a small amount of toothpaste directly onto the Macbook, then rub the tooth paste around in circles, you will see the scratches will either have disappeared or are more difficult to see.

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