Does Fitbit Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? The Truth

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Fitbits conveniently helps you track your physical activity and meet your fitness goals, all your data is collected in the Fitbit app.

However, how does your Fitbit talk with other electronics, does it use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Fitbits use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to sync data with phones, tablets and certain computers. Fitbits don’t use Wi-fi, but the bluetooth connected device needs internet connection to save stats to the Fitbit servers. Fitbit Aria and Fitbit Aria 2 use Wifi to connect directly to routers.

Your Fitbit will continue to work even if you keep its Bluetooth off. It will keep count of your footsteps, track the number of calories burned, and measure distances covered when walking, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, and other activities, also it will keep tabs on your sleep and monitor your heart rate.

The only time it will need a Bluetooth connection is when you want to view the collected data. First, you need to sync the tracker with the Fitbit app over Bluetooth. Then, it can connect to smartphones and PCs to upload your day’s progress to your Fitbit account. Once the data is transferred, you can view it in detail.

The second instance where the Bluetooth connection becomes unavoidable is to track your location. Since most Fitbits don’t have built-in GPS, they use the location services using the connected GPS from your phone to display the map of your area.

So what about the internet connection? Does a Fitbit work on Wi-Fi or a cellular connection? Or can it operate without it? We address these queries below.

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Does Fitbit Work on Mobile Data?

Fitbits use a small amount of data during the sync process, when the Fitbit and bluetooth connected device need to communicate to synchronise the data between the two. Then the devices data connection is used to upload the data to the Fitbit server.

However, you do not need mobile data for the Fitbit to correctly record your workouts. All you need is the Fitbit connected to your skin during your workout, when you come home connect your Fitbit with another device to input the data to Fitbits servers.

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Fitbit fitness trackers work by keeping tabs on your physical activity and workout routine. It retains all the data it collects until midnight, after which it resets itself.

You need to synchronize that data with your Fitbit app to view it. For that purpose, the tracker needs a Bluetooth connection, not mobile data.

It connects with your Fitbit app over Bluetooth and transfers all the collected data. Once your progress is synced with the app, it needs an internet connection to upload the information to the Fitbit servers. While the Wi-Fi connection is certainly a priority for this task, if you have permitted it to do so, the app will use mobile data when a Wi-Fi connection is not available. 

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