A Complete Guide to Removing Screws From MacBooks

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Whether you’re trying to replace RAM in your MacBook or looking to fix a stripped screw from your laptop, knowing what tools to use and how to do it properly can avoid further damage.

Generally, stripped screws are difficult to remove because the plus shape on the screw head has become round. However, a rotary tool can help remove stripped screws on Mac by making a tiny opening to take it out with a flathead screwdriver.

In addition to using a flathead screwdriver, I will also teach you how to remove pentalobe screws from MacBook Pro, stripped screws from other laptops, a tiny screw from MacBook Air without using a screwdriver, and how to open a stuck screw on a Mac so keep reading to get the best tips.

How Do I Remove a Stripped Pentalobe Screw MacBook Pro

There are many techniques to remove a stripped pentalobe screw from MacBook, such as a rotary tool, different screwdrivers, screw extracting pliers, rubber bands, and super glue. Use an appropriate screwdriver or a flathead screwdriver that matches the head size of the screw and take it out.

If the screwdriver does not catch the stripped pentalobe screw, stop it at once. Otherwise, you will cause further stripping to the screw. You can use other techniques to remove the screw from your MacBook Pro. Try the following steps:

  1. Use a rubber band for extra grip. Stretch the band over the screw
  2. Get a screwdriver that matches the size of the screw head. Turn the stripped screw with the rubber band on top.

To make it easier, I’ve compiled an Amazon list containing everything you might need to remove the screw from your MacBook.

If the rubber band didn’t help get the screw out of the device, give the screw-extracting pliers a try:

  1. Check the screw head to see if it’s accessible, then try to get a good grip.
  2. Give the screw pliers a turn while ensuring the stripped screw also turns with it.
  3. When you feel the screw has loosened, use a screwdriver to take the screw out.

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How Do You Get a Stripped Screw Out of a Laptop

To get a stripped screw out of a laptop, you can apply some superglue onto the screw head. Set the screwdriver into the top of the screw and let it dry. With a strong grip and downward pressure, turn the driver to remove and get the screw out.

Once you have successfully removed the screw from the laptop using superglue, clean the debris of hardened glue from your device and the driver. However, if this is not successful, don’t fret because it’s not the end of the world. Using a rotary tool might be all you need.

Before anything else, I want you to know that this technique should only be your last resort if the superglue, rubber band, screw pliers, and screwdrivers don’t work.

Put the cutting disk onto the rotary tool, and make sure it is secured before cutting anything to avoid injuries such as serious cuts. Also, wear a good quality pair of protective goggles as there will be flying debris while using the rotary tool.

Here are the steps when using a rotary tool to remove a stripped screw from a laptop:

  1. Make a small cut or slit in the screw head to allow the use of a flathead driver.
  2. Use a low power setting, ideally 2 out of 6, to avoid further damage to the screw or the device.
  3. Make the cut or slit deep enough so the flathead screwdriver can easily fit. However, make it thin enough at the same time to give the driver a good grip.
  4. Finally, use the driver to get the stripped screw from the laptop.

Cut it larger with the rotary tool if the screwdriver can’t fit into the slit. Make small cuts until you get the right size for the screw and the driver. Remember that it’s easy to make a mistake here, so be careful while cutting.

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How Do You Remove Screw From a MacBook Air Without a Screwdriver

To remove the screw from a MacBook without a screwdriver, you can use a razor blade, nail file, or any sharp object that can fit into the screw. First, use a magnifying glass to see the stripped screw and turn the tip several times. Next, grab the screw head with your nails and turn it until the screw detaches.

If you have a stack of cutter blades, get one and scratch the tip against the floor until it has the right size that matches the screw. Then, insert it into the screw head and twist it carefully to remove the screw. I have also tried the bobby pin. Finally, remove the black rubber on the tip so that it will fit the screw and take it out.

How Do You Open a Stuck Screw on a MacBook

Before opening a stuck screw on a MacBook Pro, cover the ports and vents using tape. Shut down your Mac and remove any peripherals and the power connection. Wear protective gloves whenever you’re working with any device. Use a screwdriver or any pointed object to unscrew the bit.

Always prepare your MacBook before removing any screws on the bottom panel. Choosing the right tool is also crucial because the screws are not sturdy enough to resist the pressure of screwdrivers and other similar tools. You can safely use Dremel with a cutting disk to make the screw head easier to extract.

If you cut the bottom panel, you can get a new one; it’s not that expensive, or you can replace it in a local Apple store. Tap the disk to the stuck screw until you can remove it. Be extra careful when tapping it, as it may damage the case due to extreme forces and vibrations.

Use a screwdriver of the same size as the screw head to “unstuck” it from the MacBook. However, I would suggest using a driver slightly larger than the screw to avoid damaging the screw even more. Also, protect yourself from the aluminum dust you might inhale while doing the process.

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