How To Fix iPhone Not Connecting To Mac Via Bluetooth

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iPhone and MacBooks are the perfect pair, but some users have trouble connecting their iPhone to a Mac via Bluetooth. This article will find out why you are having problems and how to fix the connection problems.

The iPhone and MacBook must be on the same internet connection as Apple does not allow direct Bluetooth tethering between the iPhone and Mac. Keep your Mac and iPhone close together and improve your internet connection to pair. Also, You might have a faulty Bluetooth connection.

Keep reading to know what you can do to fix Bluetooth connection issues with your iPhone and MacBook and why you have problems connecting and how to sync your iPhone to MacBook without using a USB.

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Why Is My iPhone Not Pairing With My Mac?

When using a USB connection, the problem can occur from the ports or the USB cable. Consider using a replacement cable or troubleshooting the MacBooks USB drivers. If the Bluetooth pairing fails, you could have inputted the incorrect pairing info, or your phone is overloaded with Bluetooth devices.

If you wonder how the Bluetooth settings may affect the pairing of iPhone and Mac, please read the following points.

Your iPhone And MacBook Are Not Close Enough.

With Bluetooth pairing, the closer the devices are apart, the better. If your phone and computer happen to be farther away from each other, Bluetooth pairing will not work well, especially if there are obstructions like walls between the devices.

The ideal Bluetooth range should be within touching distance even though Bluetooth creators claim that the connection can extend to 10 meters. For more info about Bluetooth proximity, click here.

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You Have A Bad Internet Connection

You might MacBook, or iPhone might have a damaged wireless connection. You should check whether your internet or network drivers are working correctly to enable a Bluetooth connection. You may perform a network diagnosis on your Mac.

You Could Have Connected To Bluetooth Incorrectly 

Please recheck your Bluetooth pairing because you may have done it wrong. Maybe you did not input the correct pairing details; a faulty connection may occur if your phone is connected to many Bluetooth devices like AirPods or speakers.

So try disconnecting other devices and only have the iPhone connected to the MacBook. Please check the above video that will show you how to fix BlueTooth connecting issues.

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How Do I Pair My iPhone And MacBook?

  1. Activate the Bluetooth icon on your iPhone by opening the Settings app and click ‘general settings’ to find Bluetooth
  2. On your, Mac click the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar in the top right corner, or you can find Bluetooth from ‘system preferences.’
  3. Open the Bluetooth icon on MacBook and see if your iPhone is showing, then request a connection.
  4. Your iPhone will get a connection request to enable the pairing to enter the authorization code to successfully connect your iPhone with your Mac.

Once the Bluetooth pairing is complete, you can answer calls on your Mac and mirror your iPhones screen to your Mac to do everything you can do on your iPhone but with a bigger screen!

If you’re still finding it challenging to pair with Bluetooth, here’s how to use a USB cable to pair the iPhone with a MacBook and to see if you can use any old USB charger to charge your MacBook safely. See our article.

How To Pair MacBook With iPhone With USB Cable

  1. On the ‘general’ setting from your, iPhone click on ‘personal hotspot.’
  2. Connect a USB C cable from your MacBook to your iPhone 
  3. Ensure the Mac detects the USB cable if it doesn’t connect, unplug the cable and connect it again. 
  4. Once the MacBook connects to the cable, the device will connect using the hotspot.

If your Mac USB ports are not working, you can fix them by resetting the system management controller (SMC). An SMC helps to troubleshoot a wide range of hardware and software issues.

If the pairing fails, you could also use iTunes, which would synchronize your computer system to detect the USB connection. If you want to know much about iTunes, you can learn its synchronizing function in the next section.

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How Do I Sync My iPhone To My MacBook without USB?

  1. Connect your MacBook and iPhone by either Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth hotspot
  2. Click sync for a manual setup.
  3. Open iTunes on your Mac, then click the iPhone icon on the top right corner of the screen and press the apply button, which syncs your MacBook with the iPhone
  4. After go to your iPhone’s settings and go to ‘general settings’ then open ‘iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and click on ‘sync now,’ this will sync all your iPhone data to your MacBook.

Once you pair your Mac and iPhone with Bluetooth or a USB cable, you can share files or data with them. If you want to know the best USB cable for pairing, you can check Apple’s guidance here. For Bluetooth connections, the Bluetooth may refuse to work well unless you use Airdrop.

Airdrop allows you to share or receive files from a wireless network. Airdrop can open a data connection like WIFI, hotspot, or Bluetooth automatically. You can also enable this connection manually before using Airdrop. If you are using an android to windows link, the following are the alternatives to Airdrops.

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