Is It Worth It Replacing A MacBook Pro Battery? (Repair Costs)

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Have you been thinking about whether or not you need to replace your MacBook Pro battery? Just like all batteries, your MacBook Pro battery has a limited amount of charge cycles before its performance gets worse. Since I know you don’t want to make a regrettable decision, especially when you’re about to spend a lot of cash, I will tell you whether it’s worthwhile buying a new battery. 

According to Apple, you should replace your battery if you are experiencing issues, but if your Mac is still working fine and doesn’t have any problems there is no need to replace the battery. Replacing your battery depends on how often you use it and its condition.

I would replace my Mac’s battery once after three years of use. However, since replacing a battery can cost a lot of money, I don’t think it is worth doing it on a MacBook if it’s already showing problems.

At the end of this article, you’ll determine whether you should replace your MacBook Pro battery and how much it could cost to do so.

Should I Replace My MacBook Pro Battery?

If it has underlying issues, replacement is the only solution. When it comes to an Apple MacBook, battery life is essential, but if this gets worse over time, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. 

If you’ve been using your MacBook Pro for several months or years, your battery is probably depleting and needs more time to charge. But how will you know it’s time to replace the battery with a new one?

You can start by checking your Mac’s battery with the inbuilt tool’s help, and it’s pretty easy.

How To Check MacBooks Battery Health

  1. Hold down the ‘Alt’ button and click the battery icon in your status bar (top right corner)
  2. You will see the battery health: It will be: Normal, replace soon, replace now, or service battery

A “normal” or “replace soon” status shouldn’t ring any alarm bells. However, if the icon shows “replace now,” you should replace it. 

If you see a ‘service battery’ message, this means that you need to take your MacBook to a service center and have an immediate battery replacement.

To see how much Apple charges for repairs with different price tiers and what you should expect to pay, check out my article.

Moreover, take a look at your MacBook Pros battery cycle counts, which are different from other MacBooks. Like the recently launched Mac Air with Retina display, the latest MacBook Pro with Touch IDs and Touch Bar 1000 battery cycles is the highest number. So, check how many cycles your battery has gone through.

To see how to check your MacBooks battery cycles and if using a dead battery harms your Mac see my article.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace the Battery In A MacBook Pro?

If you have AppleCare+ your MacBook Pro battery is covered, the following prices are for out- of warranty service but Apple might need to test your product to determine the final service fee.

MacBook ProOut of Warranty
16-inch MacBook Pro$ 199
15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display$ 199
13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display$ 199
15-inch MacBook Pro$ 129
13-inch MacBook Pro$ 129
MacBook AirOut of Warranty
13-inch MacBook Air$ 129
11-inch MacBook Air$ 129
MacBookOut of Warranty
12-inch MacBook$ 199

These prices are straight from Apple’s website, for ways to maximize your battery’s performance check out Apple’s official guide.

Check out what I recommend you should do to fix your MacBooks battery

How To Fix A Macbook Pro Battery (2 Ways)

1.C heck Your Warranty With Apple

The battery replacement price of your MacBook Pro may differ a little bit depending on where you bought it, the model you have, and whether it is under warranty. While replacing a battery is not as cheap as other common electrical devices, it is less pricey than buying a new computer altogether.

Before you decide to get your new battery directly from Apple, you must first check the warranty. Although you might not be under warranty if your old battery is running out, it is still worth checking. You might be surprised that you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing the battery.

With respect to Apple’s battery services, you might spend between $129 and $199, depending on your model.

I once replaced my 13-inch MacBook Pro that was out of warranty for $129. If you’ve got a 15-inch MacBook Pro, you will have to pay $129. However, other models like 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina display and 16-inch MacBook Pro are a bit pricier with a cost of $199.

Should you get your MacBook replaced at an Apple store or online? Is there even a difference? Learn the truth in my article.

Consider Repairing It Yourself

Since Apple might seem quite expensive, you can opt for cheaper options, After all, repairing yourself is not all that difficult. It will take you approximately 1 hour if you check how it’s done on the internet.

Nevertheless, you might want to be extra cautious when replacing your MacBook Pro battery yourself. I would advise you to take all the time you need and avoid striping any of the screws holding your computer in place. You can get the screwdrivers you need from Amazon here.

 If you cannot afford Apple deals and would like to go for a cheaper option, Amazon is a great place to start. You can find a replacement battery by simply searching for one for your MacBook Pro. Since the results come in a bunch, select a battery that favors your needs. I can assure you that Amazon has several batteries with varying prices.

Also, you can try iFixit, which offers various MacBook Pro batteries along with a complete replacement kit to ensure that you have the correct instructions and tools. With this option, prices range from $59 to $149, but it all depends on your model.

Another site you might consider checking is LaptopBatteryExpress. It is a discount battery website with all types of MacBook Pro batteries. So, instead of buying directly via Apple at a higher price, just press the Apple MacBook batteries button on their page to see all sorts of batteries they have. Depending on your Mac model, prices range between $69 and $129.

Piece of advice though; once you get the battery replaced, keep an eye on your laptop and see how it works, if it doesn’t work well you can get another battery. Is your MacBook keyboard dirty? I KNOW mine is!

To know the best keyboard covers to help protect and keep your Mac clean see my article.

Should You Replace Your MacBook Batteries?

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