iPhone What Cables You Can And Cannot Use To Charge

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Every Apple device comes with its cable and power adapter. Although most Apple devices use the same cables, their power adapters may vary, leaving users in a dilemma of whether or not they can use the same charger for their iPhones and iPads. 

This article will answer every question you might have on what chargers you can use to charge your iPhone.

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Can You Use The Same Charger For iPhone And iPad?

iPhones and iPads share the same USB cables but their power adapters come in different sizes because of their wattage ratings. However, you can use the same power adapter for both iPhone and iPad, especially if you want fast charging. Apple approves of using the same chargers across different iOS devices.

Many iOS users wonder whether they can use the same charger for multiple iOS devices (such as iPhone and iPad). Carrying multiple charges for both devices is inconvenient, especially for someone who travels a lot. 

Although iPhone and iPad use the same USB cable, their power adapters differ in terms of wattage. iPad adapters have a higher-wattage adapter than iPhone’s. So the question is, is it safe to use higher-wattage adapters on both devices? 

It is safe to fast-charge your iPhone using a higher-wattage adapter. Apple approves of using official Apple chargers that use lightning cables across all iOS devices because today’s smartphones and tablets come with built-in systems that only draw the required amount of power from the adapters – enough to quickly charge the devices without damaging them.

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Is It Bad To Charge iPhone With iPad Charger?

You can use Apple 10W, 12W USB power chargers to charge your iPad,iPhone, Ipad, Apple Watch, and other Apple accessories like AirPods and the Siri remote. According to the Apple product page for the 12-W USB Power Adapter, you can use the charger to charge any iPhone model from iPhone 5 to later.

If you check Apple’s product page for the 12-watt USB power adapter, you will find a compatibility chart that lists down all the iOS devices that are compatible with the 12-watt charger. According to this chart, the said power adapter is compatible with all iPhone models from iPhone 5 till the latest.

If you have a 30-watt power adapter, Apple’s product page for the 30-watt USB power adapter says that you can charge your iPhone 8 and every other newer model with the 30-watt power adapter.

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It is completely safe to charge your iPhone with an iPad charger, provided that you adhere to the compatibility requirements for the said power adapter.

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Does An iPad Charger Charge An iPhone Faster?

For iPhones 6 and above you can charge your iPhone faster with an iPad charger of 18W 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, or 96W USB-C power adapters, your iPhone will fast-charge and its lithium-ion batteries will stop charging when full. Apple officially supports using the same lightning cable across multiple Apple devices.

Apple has allowed iPhone 6 and later models to be compatible with an iPad charger. While these older models can be charged with an iPad charger, they cannot be fast-charged. These earlier models can draw charges of up to 5W only. 

Apple only allowed fast charging for iPhone 8 and later models that can draw up to 12W of charge. Fast charging can recharge your iPhones up to 50% in just 30 minutes. But fast charging only works with a USB-C to lightning cable and any power adapters with the wattage of 18W, 20W,2 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, or 96W. You can check the wattage of your power adapter on the bottom or top of it.

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Is The Charging Cable For iPhone And iPad The Same?

The charging cable for iPad and iPhones are the same, iPhones, iPads, and iPods use the same USB-C to Lightning cables for charging. These cables can be used with Apple 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, or 96W USB-C power adapters.

iPads, iPods, and iPhones share the same USB-C to Lightning cables for charging. Therefore, you can use the same cable with any compatible power adapter to charge your iPhone and iPad. No matter the wattage rating on your power adapter, use the lightning cable for your iPhone and iPad with a compatible power adapter, and you are good to go.

This makes it easy for iOS users who usually travel. They can carry only one cable for both their iPhones and iPads. No need to carry two separate lightning cables.

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Are All iPhone USB Cables The Same?

All Apple-certified MFI certified USB cords are universal they work for all Apple devices despite differences. Although only buy iPhone USB cables from Apple or a reputable third-party vendor, a random USB cable from the shop will not have the same quality, charging speed & build quality.

All of these cables have a USB connector at one end and a lightning connector at the other. However, there is a huge difference between Apple’s proprietary lightning cable and the cheap cables you would find at a gas station or a drugstore. These cheap iPhone cables are poorly built and have a prolonged charging speed. Using an authentic Apple charging cable would save you 300 hours of charging time than a cheap Apple charging cable.

In order to buy an authentic Apple USB-C lightning cable, you can use Apple’s MFI tool to buy an MFI certified cable. The MFI program on Apple.com lists down the vendors and the products to ensure that you buy certified products. So you can check the vendor using Apple’s MFI tool before buying an Apple USB-C lightning cable.

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