Is Mac Difficult To Use?

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I switched from windows laptops to a 2015 13-inch MacBook several years ago and could NEVER go back to Windows. I love everything about my MacBook but one of the best features is how easy the Mac is to use, it is far more intuitive than using Windows and everything is where you think it would be.

Macs are not difficult to use at all keep reading in this article to understand why.

A Mac might seem hard to use but they are easy once you get used to the software. Macs have helpful resources that guide a user using their systems. Mac have easy-to-use navigation keys, and drivers automatically get downloaded, unlike Windows. Macs free applications are powerful yet easy to use.

I remember when I connected a printer to my MacBook and everything just worked the first time, there’s no need to download annoying drivers like you need to with Windows laptops that slow down your workflow.

In this article, I will explain easy Mac OS is to understand and the reasons why I think the operating system is way better than Windows. Ready to learn how good Apple computers really are? Keep reading to find out.

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Is It Hard To Get Used To A Mac?

Moving from Windows to Mac OS will take around 2 days to 1 week to get used to. Macs are ready to be used out of the box with easy navigation that allow you to create multiple desktops that can be moved around with simple easy to learn gestures. Macs are installed with simple yet powerful programs.

With a Windows laptop you can’t even view a powerpoint without downloading software. With MacBooks you can edit and create videos, edit photos and even create music and much much more without downloading ANY programs!

I will take you through some of the fantastic features that Mac offers that Windows cannot compete with.

8 Reasons Why MacBook Is Easy To Use

1. Mac OS Is A Fantastic User Interface

Mac OS desktop manger known as mission control allows you to see what you have open and to create multiple desktops and move around all of them with a simple swipe gesture with the trackpad. Want to watch a YouTube video and write a Blog post at the same time? All this and more is possible.

Apples trackpad is a BILLION times better than any Windows laptop I’ve ever tried it’s so good you don’t even need a mouse. You will find it fun experiencing the different gestures you can do to enhance your productivity, see the above video for the different gestures possible with a Mac.

2.Siri Artificial Intelligence

If you ever want someone to solve quick maths questions on the fly, Apples voice command Siri very effective is answering even complicated questions. This helps you if you need to calculate something on the fly or want to know what is the capital of a country.

Siri also can redirect you to pages you were lost or remind you of system notifications. Windows paperclip guy is no one in comparison.

3.Mac Os Has Powerful Pre-Installed Applications

Whether you want to write, create music or edit photos or videos these needs are all met by Apples powerful pre-installed applications :iMovie, GarageBand, iWork and Photos. All of them have easy to use interfaces, and with iWork you can use apples equivalent to PowerPoint.KeyNote and Apples word document Notes and Apples spreadsheet.

With Windows you need to pay for even the most basic of programs, Apple products might be expensive but all these powerful pre-installed applications are well worth it. Unlike with Windows you don’t get any annoying ads within the operating system and they don’t beg you to use their terrible search engine(sorry bing!)

4.Apple Spotlight Helps You Find Whatever You Need

If you can’t remember where a program is just like the search box in windows Apples finder allows you to find whatever you need. It’s always available from your Apple dock or you can do CMD+spacebar at all times to search through your entire system.

Spotlight is life saver, it’s saved me countless hours trying to find videos or photos or programs I thought I lost.

5.Apples Dock Is A BIG Timesaver

Imagine having all your recent files, favourite programs constantly available to you at the bottom of your screen?

This is Apples dock feature, it helps you multitask with your work flow as all programs you need are available whenever you need them no matter what program you are using. To see more info about the dock check out this article.

Want to add a new applications or remove it from the Doc? Luckily for you and me it’s so simple, simply drag an applications icon from applications and drag it to the dock to move it to the doc. If you want to get rid of an icon you simply click and drag the icon from the dock to the trash. Sounds easy right? That’s because it is.

6. You Can Install Windows On Mac!

If you really need certain windows applications, you can use the preinstalled application Bootcamp to seamlessly change from Mac OS to Windows.

To do this you must have windows installed on a flash drive, it will then open Windows to a window on Mac where you can choose the size you want. This is one of the only ways to play games on a MacBook as unfortunately most games are built to run on Windows not Mac OS. To see if Macs are good for gaming check out my article.

For more information on booting windows in Apple, click here.

7.Everything Works Out Of The Box

Have you ever received a PDF or file you needed to edit on Windows, and on opening the file you were told you need to download a specific program? I hated this when using Windows but thankfully I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Using the powerful preview application, not only can you view PDFs you can trim and cut photos and fill out and sign forms and then save the edited file ready to be sent. With Windows you need to buy a specific PDF program and go through the pain of waiting for it to download. With Apple everything just works like it should.

8. Apple Has A Powerful EcoSystem.

Apples ecosystem with watches, phones laptops and desktops all work perfectly together, with data transfer working seamlessly with iCloud. iMessage you to send links and chat throughout every Apple device and FaceTime offers the BEST video chat quality I’ve used across any program and/or device.

All first party accessories like AirPods and the Magic Mouse work perfectly throughout all Apple devices and you can even even authenticate your login with a Apple Watch! Who has time for passwords?

Sending big files across non-compatible devices like through an Android phone to a MacBook can be awkward but with Apple you have AirDrop that allows easy access of big files through all Apple devices without using a pesky external hard drive or a email.

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