Is Retina Display Worth It? My Honest Opinion

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The monitor/computer’s display is one underrated upgrade you can get for your laptop/computer. The new retina display is a better screen for some devices that provides a great visual experience in Apple’s case.

Every MacBook from 2015 or later has a retina display, and it is worth the price. The goal of retina display is to make the text and images displayed crisp, so the pixels are not visible to the naked eye or at viewing distance. As a result, it rivals the smooth curves and sharpness of printed text and the immediacy of photographic prints.

I will clearly explain more information about Retina displays in detail to decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

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Why Retina Displays Are Worth It

The length of pixels is measured along with the size of the display. Over the years, monitors and displays had evolved when the first Video Graphics Array or VGA (640×480) resolution was born. It has (1280×720) Standard High Definition or HD as the following resolution, then (1920×1080) Full Definition or Full HD, and the most recent (3840×2160) 4k Resolution as displays.

It’s a very high-quality and high-resolution screen display. Any display that packs 300 pixels per inch is classified as a retina display. It’s because the human eye cannot observe each pixel individually after 300 pixels.

That way, the displays and monitors of our MacBooks give a clear and sharp display providing the user a smoother and better experience with their everyday work. The comparison is better when shown in increased/higher pixel density.

Characteristics of Good Monitors/Displays

To know how Retina Display works, we need to know the essential parts of monitors and displays in general. Since we’re talking about Apple’s retina display, it emphasizes quality over performance since they prioritize clearer imagery over lesser input delay.

It would be best to consider many things when choosing a display/monitor. Here are the three basic things to look out for:

  1. Refresh Rate – Refresh rates on monitors determine how many frames are shown on your monitor. For example, the standard 60hz monitors will show 60 frames a second on your monitor. However, other monitors display frames that the eye can see. For example, some monitors have 75hz, 120hz, 144hz, 240hz, and the newer 360hz monitors. The differences will be noticeable, especially if you’re coming from 60hz looking to upgrade to a 240hz monitor. You’ll have a smoother experience with everyday tasks on your computer or watch videos on your monitor a lot smoother.
  2. Pixel Density – Retina display is well-known for having more pixel density than its previous versions of screens. Since more pixels are on your screen, images will be more precise—the more pixels, the better, for clarity and crisp imagery.
  3. Screen’s Resolution – The monitor’s/screen’s resolution is heavily reliant on the size of your screen. The larger the screen, the more pixels needed to fill the space. Moreover, you need to know how to protect your screen at all times. Try checking my article to know if a Screen Protector Affects Retina Display to tell if a screen protector will degrade your display’s quality or affect the display itself.

What Are the Advantages of Retina Display?

There are a lot of advantages that come with Retina Display. For example, a better viewing experience, sharper imagery, and better saturation can make browsing the web watching television shows and series a lot better.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the different advantages Retina Display can give you, the user, if you’re planning to upgrade your device sooner or later, but questioning if the extra money for Retina Display is the bang for the buck.

Advantages Of Using Retina DisplayDescription
Better For GamingIf you’re a gamer, then the Retina Display feature will make you appreciate your game even more since it will provide you with some in-game advantages since sharper imagery is better than blurred lines and streaks. It will make you enjoy a game even more and improve your overall experience.

Take note that there are also different factors affecting PC monitor responsiveness, so if you’re planning to game on your MacBook, then there’s only a slight gaming advantage that’s mostly client-sided, since Retina Displays only improve the quality and image sharpening, not the other factors like input lag, refresh rates, etc.
More Enjoyable Viewing Experience and Higher ResolutionWant to watch your favorite TV show at night on your screen? You can achieve an even better experience if you have Retina Display since it makes everything more vibrant.
Decreases Eye StrainBlurred images, lines, and shapes can cause a lot of eye strain. If your device has Retina Display, it will drop significantly. If you stare at the screen every day, then the Retina Display may be noticeable since it makes images and videos being displayed extraordinarily crisp and clean. 
Boosted Saturation and Increased SharpnessWith Retina Display, you will have a denser PPI (Pixels Per Inch), which means more pixels per every inch of the screen. As a result, it makes all the images and videos appear clear and sharp to the user. Confused if Retina displays are 4K? See my dedicated article here to know for sure.

Confused if Retina displays are 4K? See my dedicated article here to know for sure.

Is MacBook Pro Retina Worth The Money?

MacBook Pros with Pro retina display provides a better user experience over long periods, especially if you use your MacBook for design work. With a pro retina display, it gives lesser strain to your eyes and makes images look sharper compared to standard displays.

MacBook Pro Retina is a great addition to the MacBooks since it provides a better user experience which is more noticeable when using it for a long time. In addition, it delivers sharper imagery thus, making it easier on the eyes of the user.

The conclusion will come down to how you use your Mac, for high screen time purposes like taking notes daily, editing videos/photos, and for work-from-home setups (that typically requires you to stare at the screen for a long time), then the Pro Retina feature will insignificantly help you through your workload.

Overall, I highly recommend you get the retina display and get the extra-crisp, sharp, and clear images. It’s helpful for people that need to stare at a screen for long periods as this relieves eye strain. Sure, it will cost a bit more than those without the retina display, but I assure you that it’s worth every penny.

To reduce computer eye strain, you must invest in a quality pair of blue-light glasses. I bought this pair on Amazon and wear them whenever I use a screen. Since then, I get no headaches and have slept easily. Take a look for yourself.

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