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How To Turn Off Auto Straighten iPhone? (How To Guide)

When you edit your photos on your iPhone, you may have noticed that your iPhone auto-straightens your photos as soon as you hit the edit button.

It’s Apple trying to make it easier to edit photos, but if you don’t want your iPhone to auto straighten, this guide will help you to turn off auto straighten on your iPhone.

  1. Tap on the reset option at the top center of the crop window.
  2. Your iPhone will stop auto straightening.

If you are cropping a photo on your iPhone and it automatically straightens the image, you may want to undo it. To do so, click on the “Reset” option at the top center of the crop window, which will undo the straightening effect. The photo will restore to its original position.

The auto-straightening effect on your iPhone is helpful. But if you don’t want your photos straightened, you can always undo them. Unfortunately, you will need to do so every time you edit a picture because there’s no option to disable auto straightening on the iPhone.

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