The Complete Guide To Dbrand Skins (is it a good company?)

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Based in Toronto, dbrand is one of the world’s leading skin manufacturers that produces a variety of different skins for phones, game consoles, laptops, headphones, and other devices.

This article will take a deeper look at dbrand and explain more about the company.

Are Dbrand Skins Worth It for MacBook?

Proudly displaying my Macs D-brand skin

D-brand is the best MacBook skin you can buy. You can custom build your own skin from 11 different materials in up to 28 different colors. Made in premium 3M vinyl, the skins are custom fit for your MacBooks and can be easily installed.

I was hesitant to buy a laptop skin for my fantastic M1 MacBook Air but I’m very happy with how it turned out. The level of customisation that dbrand offers is unrivalled. You can genuinely make your MacBook feel unique with a dbrand skin.

When buying your skin, dbrand even shows how your MacBook will look, with a beautiful editor that displays the final look as you click on different materials.

The setup process was very simple for my top skin. You get the skin in a plastic sheet (below) with a link to a handy tutorial video that walks you through the process.

I got my mom to do it and she managed it in around 5 minutes without the need of using a hairdryer or reapplying.

The quality is amazing. It honestly doesn’t look like a skin. In fact, it looks like the MacBook’s lid was custom built in the same colour as the skin!

Is dbrand Skin Waterproof?

According to dbrand, their skins are tested and guaranteed to be 100% waterproof, just like your waterproof devices. The adhesive on these skins is super strong and won’t come off no matter how many times you submerge it into the water. So they are 100% waterproof.

I emailed the dbrand team to ask if their skins are waterproof and as per their reply, their skins are guaranteed and tested to be 100% waterproof like the devices they are designed for. They come with a super strong adhesive which is impossible to peel by water.

The company also confirmed that their skins are waterproof in a tweet where a user asked them about the waterproofness of their skins.

dbrand’s Tweet about their waterproofness

dbrand skins are made from vinyl stickers and not paper stickers. They come with unbelievably strong adhesive that is impossible to get out. Applying these stickers to your phone or any other device would not make a difference to its waterproofness. The skin is just as waterproof as the phone so it won’t change anything.

I have been using my Samsung phone with a dbrand skin in the pool for weeks now and there are no signs of peeling. The skin is stuck to the phone without any signs of its adhesive getting weak. So I can say without any doubts that dbrand skins are 100% waterproof.

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Do dbrand Skins Add Grip?

Dbrand skins do add texture, depending on the type of skin you get. The best types of dbrand skins for grip are the Black Dragon skin, the Carbon fiber skin, and all the leather skins. 

The texture of every dbrand skin varies, depending on its material. While some dbrand skins are slippery, others add grip to your devices. It really depends on the material of the skin.

The dbrand skins that add the most grip to your devices are the Black Dragon skins, carbon fiber skins, and leather skins. 

The dbrand Grip is also a customizable edition of the skins that adds an extremely grippy feel for your iPhones. It offers protection and adds grip, preventing any accidental falls and drops. Although a little costlier than other models, the dbrand Grip is the ideal textured skin for the protection of your devices.

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Is dbrand Really Run By Robots?

According to dbrand Twitter and their team, the company is run by robots. However, it is just a marketing gimmick. Dbrand is actually owned by Adam Ijaz. The company is known for joking around in their ads and marketing campaigns, which explains their claim of being a robot-run company.

Of course, dbrand is not run by robots. The company is owned and run by actual human beings. While their products may be produced by robot machines, dbrand is certainly not owned or run by robots. 

The marketing team behind dbrand are known to show humor in their campaigns. You will find them joking around about their products and company, which is why their Twitter says that they are run by a robot.

AI is not as advanced today to be able to take over human management. So the company’s claim that they are run by robots is just a marketing joke.

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