The Complete Guide To How Much A PS5 Weighs (Real Photos)

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I spent over $1000 for my PS5 why back in February 2021, and upon opening it I was AMAZED how huge the console is!

I had the Xbox Series S at launch day, and it’s incredible how much more bulky the PS5 is. I knew your curious about how much the PS5 weighs, so I got my bathroom scales out to give you the real answer.

Tired of not having a PS5? Get yourself one for a bargain on eBay, now they are not much higher than retail price.

How Much Does the PS5 Weigh?

The PS5 disc version weighs exactly 9.8 lbs(4.44kg), the original digital version weighs 8.6 lbs(3.9kg). However a new slimmer digital version weighs 7.9 lbs(3.6kg)

The PS5 is so HUGE it is difficult to fit on my bathroom scales, Kitchen scales? Forget about it!

My PS5 has coil wine, which is as power passes through your PS5 GPU, the coil vibrates creating an audible buzzing sound, this was VERY bad for me, whilst playing Elden Ring I honestly couldn’t hear the game audio so I sold my copy.

I would recommend buying an Xbox Series S instead of a PS5, due to how huge the console is and coil wine, you can get an Xbox Series S for a great price on eBay.

You can see the official PS5 manual from Japan, showing the digital version weighs 0.7lbs(300 grams) lighter than the original version.

How Much Does a PS5 Weigh with box?

The original PS5 disc edition weighs 13lbs(5.8kg) with the box, the controller, HDMI cable and power cable packaged inside.

When you originally buy your PS5 it will weigh more around t 14.7lbs(6.7kg), my measurement was after I remove the packaging, and the leaflets.

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