Are Walmart Apple Products Real?

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So, you are thinking of buying Apple products from Walmart! But wait, is it a good decision? Are the Apple products available in Walmart real? Continue reading because that’s what I will share with you in this article after completing research. So let’s get started!

Disclaimer: This article intends not to show Walmart in a bad light but to share the real facts and experiences of the users, which I found while researching. Please use your own decision while purchasing any product.

Are Walmart Apple Products Real?

Walmart is an official authorized Apple reseller, although Apple products available at very low prices are likely not real. Although Walmart does sell real Apple products, there is a consensus of distrust among users who had bad experiences purchasing Walmart Apple products.

Walmart is an authorized reseller. Any refurbished item from Apple should be marked as such (on the website).

Here are some of the users’ experiences regarding the Walmart Apple AirPods, which I found while researching

One user highlighted that the Apple AirPods were ordered and received. But as soon as it was half-opened, it was clear that something was wrong with the product. The packaging of the AirPods was nice and looked official. But as soon as the user opened the box, it was disappointing as the AirPods were dirty and seemed to be already used.

Another user commented that the apple AirPods were purchased, and it was working well, but just after one month, the case became slow to charge. Everything else was okay, and just the AirPods were taking a very long time to charge.

Then the other user shares his experience and also advises everyone to double-check the product properly once received. For example, when the apple AirPods were opened, they were dirty and had scratches.

Also, another user comments that the product was received and opened, the case was scratched, and only one AirPod pair was working. Finally, the user highlights that they have received a used pair of AirPods.

Another user commented that the product was damaged. It seemed like it was already opened and taped shut.

Some users said that the AirPods from Walmart didn’t even last for over a month

While the other said that the AirPods looked legit and sounded good, but the connection was flaky, and the charging case lid was floppy, so the user suspects that they are not genuine Apple products. 

Another user said that the charger didn’t work. It didn’t charge more than 5% then died quickly. The user also highlights that the AirPods are training unused for weeks, and it is very disappointing.

A user said that it was not the latest model AirPods that they received. The user said it was said to be the newest model, but they got the first generation.

Another user also shares the disappointment by saying that the Apple AirPods were working for one week, and then one stopped working. The user highlights that her daughter even went to the Walmart store for an exchange, but they charged her the full price plus the tax for replacement.

Also, a user said that these lasted about four months. One ear doesn’t work while the other ear works for about 30 minutes.

In short, after reading all the customer experiences, one thing seems to be clear that most of them who had bad experiences with air pods from Walmart either received damaged or used-kind of products.

While in the case of others, the product worked well for a few days/months, but then either the piece stopped working, or issues with charging were occurring.

While researching, I also found an interesting Reddit post where a person advised not to purchase Apple Airpods from The person was claiming that they were the customer support representative for Walmart.

At least if you buy from the Apple Store, you know the product is legit. I purchased my M1 MacBook Air from Costco, and despite the product being genuine, the battery life is WAY worse than it should be, and it isn’t even a year old.

The person further highlights that they warned everyone not to buy Apple products from because they were sold by third-party marketplace sellers, showcasing that companies being ‘authorised Apple sellers’ means little in practice.

The person says they have received many calls per day from customers who have waited weeks for their Airpods and never received them.

To see if you should purchase your genuine Apple products from the Apple Store or on, please read my detailed guide.

Does Walmart Sell Real iPads?

Walmart does sell genuine iPads, but the general experience of Walmart online customers don’t find it’s a trustworthy place to buy Apple Products. Many users have a bad experience purchasing Walmart Apple products. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase iPads from Walmart.

There are fewer chances of receiving a genuine iPad from Walmart. I will always recommend you go to the certified Apple store to buy the Apple products if you are concerned about receiving the erect and authentic Apple products.

A quick search into Walmart’s Store sees the 2021 12.9 inch M1 iPad pro to be $999 on a Black Friday deal with decent reviews. The issue is, why not pay the extra $99($1099) to buy the same product from Apple, so you KNOW it’s legitimate?

However, still, if you want to buy from Walmart or if you have no other choice, then here are some of the tips that you might find useful:

  • Make sure that the seller you are purchasing from the Apple product is TRUSTED or not.
  • Give special attention while reading the product description and check all the details carefully.
  • Pay attention to terrible reviews of Apple products on Walmart or other online stores.
  • Pay extra attention to finding words such as Refurbished or Used because you would most likely want a new Apple product instead of a used one.

By the way, are you using your Apple iPhone for quite some time and thinking whether or not it needs to be replaced. Then I highly encourage you to 

Are AirPods From Walmart Fake?

Walmart does sell genuine Apple AirPods online, and in-store but Walmart does sell cheaper 3rd party versions of the AirPods between $16-$30. Even seemingly official AirPods for $199+ on Walmart can be fake and are known to have charging, sound, and connection issues.

Even if the AirPods look legitimate and cost similar to real AirPods from Apple, they could be bought by someone who re-wrapped them after swapping them for fakes. It likely happened to a Reddit user in this thread. Take a look at a photo of the fake AirPods below.

It gets worse! According to WRCBtv,

U.S. customs agents in Cincinnati, Ohio, says they recovered fake Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro earlier this month that, if real, would be worth $1.3 million. In the 2021 fiscal year, U.S. Customs has confiscated some 360,000 pairs of earbuds that were coming across the borders from China.


So these all make buying AirPods from Walmart a very susceptible and risky move. But, at last, who would like to get the AirPods at an amazingly low price but start facing connectivity, charging, etc. issues, later on, right?

The best option is to buy from the certified Apple Store. So from now on, all Apple Products I will purchase will be from the Apple Store or the store or sites like eBay.

You might not be getting the Apple products at lower prices, but the extra cost you pay is worth knowing the Apple product is genuine and comes with one year guaranteed Apple Care. To learn more about how Apple warranties work, please read my detailed guide.

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