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Verizon & iPhones: The Complete Guide

If you previously had a Verizon iPhone and want to switch to AT& T or Sprint, or if you want to use an AT& T iPhone with Verizon, this guide is for you. This article will discover if you can use a particular network’s iPhone on another network without any problems. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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Can A Verizon iPhone Be Used On AT&T

If you have a newer GSM-compatible iPhone you will have no issues switching to AT&T after it’s unlocked. Newer iPhones are universivally comptible with CDMA & GSM networks. But older iPhones like the iPhone 6s or earlier may not be compatible with AT&T

You can check if your iPhone is compatible with AT&T or not by performing an IMEI check. Just dial *#06# on your iPhone to get your IMEI. Once you know your IMEI, go to the carrier website to check your iPhone’s compatibility. 

In addition to being compatible, your iPhone should also be unlocked from your carrier network. Unlocking your iPhone means you can use it on another network with a compatible SIM card. Verizon iPhones are unlocked for free if you meet a criteria. Verizon automatically unlocks your iPhone after being 60 days in service of you follow this criteria:

  • You bought your iPhone originally from Verizon. 
  • Your Verizon account has remained in good standing for at least 60 days.
  • Your iPhone is not involved in any fraudulent activity, is not reported lost, or stolen.

The best way to know that your iPhone is unlocked is if it shows “Cellular Data Options” or “Data Networks” in the form of categories. Another way to ensure that your iPhone is unlocked is by using a compatible non-Verizon SIM  card. Put the card in and make a phone call or send a text to see if it’s working properly. If it’s not working, it means that your iPhone is locked and you will need to contact Verizon’s customer service for help.

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Can You Use An AT&T iPhone With Verizon

If you have a recent iPhone (2015 and later), your unlocked iPhone can work with most carriers. However, AT&T iPhones come with a GSM chip, which is not supported by Verizon because Verizon supports CDMA. Therefore, your AT&T iPhone would not work on Verizon because it doesn’t come with a CDMA chip.

The Verizon iPhones have CDMA and GSM chips and therefore can be ported to any other network as long as they are unlocked. However, the AT&T iPhones only have a GSM chip, which means that your AT&T iPhone will not work with Verizon since that version does not come with CDMA chips. 

But you can easily take an AT&T iPhone to Verizon without any problems. Therefore, only buy an AT&T iPhone if you plan on sticking to that carrier. 

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Can You Use A Verizon iPhone With Sprint?

Any iPhone model from iPhone 5s and later will work on Sprint. Just make sure you have paid off your Verizon bills and your iPhone is unlocked from their network carrier. Call your Verizon customer service and inquire if your iPhone is unlocked.

Unlike AT&T, Verizon iPhones have both CDMA and GSM chips, which means that they can be switched to any other carrier as long as your iPhone is unlocked from the network carrier. 

So if you are planning on switching from Verizon to Sprint on your Verizon iPhone, just make sure your iPhone is unlocked and contact Sprint support for more info on how to switch to their network.

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