Why Does a Green Light Flash on My Fitbit? How to Fix It

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Have you noticed a green light flashing on the back of your Fitbit? This phenomenon may seem odd, especially when you are not wearing your Fitbit and the green light keeps flashing. It is true in the case of all fitness trackers. But why does the green light flash on your Fitbit anyway?

The green lights on Fitbit are the heart rate sensor lights used to determine your heart rate if you have the HR settings “on.” These lights flash when the tracker tries to read your heart rate. When you’re not wearing your Fitbit, it tries to get a heart rate, so the green lights flash.

The latest Fitbit models come with heart rate sensors to get a nearly-accurate reading of your heart rate. These sensors use green LEDs to read your heart rate. If you have set the HR setting on your Fitbit set to “On,” these green lights will always remain on to get a reading.

But when you are not wearing your Fitbit, you will notice that the green LED flashes constantly until you wear your device. The green light flashes on your Fitbit because it continually tries to get a reading.

If you do not find the green light on your Fitbit annoying and wish that you should turn it off, read on to find out how to stop the green light from flashing on your Fitbit. 

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How Do I Stop the Green Light Flashing on My Fitbit?

To stop the green light on your Fitbit Ionic, Charge, Inspire, or Luxe from flashing, follow these steps:

  1. In the Fitbit app dashboard, go to “Account.”
  2. Tap on your device image.
  3. Go to Heart Rate and set it “Off.”

Unfortunately, you can’t stop the green light flashing in Fitbit Versa or Sense.

Most Fitbit models have a heart rate (HR) tracker that reads your heart rate by beaming green LED lights into your skin. Unfortunately, many people find these green lights annoying or even worry that these LEDs may burn their skin. While that’s not the issue, as these low-power LEDs are safe, you may still want to turn them off or stop them from flashing.

So if you are looking for a way to stop the green light from flashing, you can go to “Account” in your Fitbit app’s Dashboard, tap on your device icon, and set the Heart Rate tracker off. It will also preserve the battery life of your Fitbit.

However, this is only possible in the Fitbit Ionic, Charge, Inspire, and Luxe models. You cannot prevent the green light flashing in Versa or Sense as they continue to flash even if your Fitbit is not in use. 

But if you want to track your heart rate, you will have to keep the heart rate tracking on all the time on your Fitbit. 

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What Does It Mean When Fitbit Flashes?

Your Fitbit’s green light flashes when the heart rate tracker is trying to get a reading. If you are not wearing your Fitbit and the heart rate tracker cannot get a reading, it will continue flashing until you turn it off.

The green LEDs on your Fitbit are a part of the heart rate tracking sensor. These lights are beamed into your skin to get a heart rate reading. However, when they cannot get a reading, they start flashing.

Your Fitbit will continue flashing until it comes in contact with your skin or you turn off the heart rate tracker. You can do so by going to your Fitbit app > Account > Fitbit device image > Heart Rate and turning it “Off.” 

Your Fitbit’s heart rate tracker will stop working, and the lights will also stop flashing. It cannot track your heart rate until you turn it back on. Once you turn it on, the green lights will also remain on all the time and only flash when they are not in contact with your skin.

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