Are MacBook Pros Waterproof? Apple Says

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Sometimes accidents happen, especially when it comes to water and electronics. For example, have you accidentally spilled something on your MacBook Pro, and you’re wondering if you’ve messed up your laptop by mistake? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Learn all about MacBook Pros being waterproof and their water resistance here.

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Are MacBook Pros Waterproof?

No, MacBook Pros are not waterproof. Although Apple has improved its water resistance for their iPhones, MacBook Pros are neither water-resistant nor waterproof. It is because MacBook Pros, like most laptops, have a lot of open crevices where water can easily enter. So if you accidentally spill water or drinks onto your MacBook, you might have accidentally messed up the internal hardware.

There are a lot of components in a MacBook that an iPhone doesn’t have. These include a physical keyboard, a CPU, cooling fans, and a lot of different hardware. Also, unlike a MacBook, iPhones have fewer openings where liquids can enter. It lessens the chance of water damage, which makes iPhones more water-resistant.

This article of mine dives deep into an iPhone’s water resistance. So if you have an iPhone, you should check that out to learn more about an iPhone’s water resistance capabilities.

MacBooks have much more gaps, like the spaces between keys on your keyboard and the vents where the cooling fans discharge air. Because of these openings, there’s a bigger chance of destroying your internal hardware with accidental drops of soda on your keyboard. 

Unfortunately, liquid damage is not covered by Apple’s 1 Year Limited Warranty nor its AppleCare plan. It means that you might have to spend much more money on repairing your MacBook Pro. 

Wondering about Apple warranties and what you need to claim them? You can visit my article here.

If you’ve accidentally damaged your MacBook with water, you can repair your MacBook by booking an appointment at an Apple Repair Center. If you’re planning to visit an Apple Repair Center, I recommend reading all about walk-ins in this article I wrote.

Because Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover liquid damage, the repair costs will depend on the severity of the damage. Apple will attempt to repair your MacBook Pro unless there’s catastrophic damage done to it. In that case, you might have no choice but to buy a new one. 

How Water-Resistant is the MacBook Pro?

A MacBook Pro has low to non-existent water resistance. Unlike iPhones which have features for water resistance for the iPhone 7 and later, Apple hasn’t implemented water resistance into its MacBook Pro. MacBooks have a lot of components that iPhones don’t have, which makes them prone to water damage seeping through the spaces in the MacBook casing.

The keyboard on a MacBook has a lot of open spacings, where water can enter your internal hardware if you manage to splash it while it remains open. Water can also enter the MacBook’s motherboard through the cooling fan vents if you drop any liquid sideways. Finally, if the spill is large enough, water can also seep through the panels on the bottom of your MacBook. These things make a MacBook Pro’s water resistance very weak.

Many hazards pop up with a water-damaged MacBook, such as electrocution and a chance of fire. If you have a MacBook with water damage, you should remember the following reminders:

You should:

  1. Immediately plug off your MacBook from its power source.
  2. Try removing your MacBook’s battery to prevent any more damage.
  3. Lay down your MacBook upside down on paper towels to get out as much water as you can.
  4. Remember what liquid you’ve spilled on your MacBook. The repair centers need to know this so that they know how to tackle your water-damaged laptop.
  5. If the spill is excessive, immediately bring your laptop to an Apple Repair Center.

You shouldn’t try to turn on your MacBook. You might be doing more damage by doing so yourself. Trying to shake off the liquid will also do more harm than good, so you’re better off resting your MacBook upside down on paper towels. It would help if you didn’t place your MacBook in rice, either. The small rice grains might lodge themselves deep into your laptop, and you might have another problem on your hands.

Do you want to dive even deeper into a MacBook’s water resistance? I’ve written an article that talks all about MacBooks and water here.

Can I Take My MacBook in the Shower?

No, you shouldn’t take your MacBook into your shower. MacBooks are neither waterproof nor water-resistant. By bringing your MacBook along with you to a highly liquid environment, you are increasing the likelihood of your MacBook getting water damage.

Apple’s support page on water damage of iPhones 7 and later indicates that you shouldn’t expose your iPhone to highly pressurized environments like showers. Take into mind that iPhones have water-resistant features, while MacBooks don’t. It means that you should be exceptionally careful of water damage with your MacBook Pro. You have a higher chance of damaging your MacBook with water damage instead of your iPhone.

Small spills, such as a few drops of liquid might not be enough to destroy your MacBook. Depending on where the drop has fallen, you might be able to clean it up without damaging anything. You should try the following steps to clean your MacBook:

  1. First, shut down your MacBook Pro and make sure it isn’t connected to its power source.
  2. Apple suggests that you use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the exterior of your MacBook Pro. Clean as much liquid as you can.
  3. Don’t wipe your MacBook excessively. You might unintentionally scratch your laptop.

You can also find out more about scratches on your MacBook and how to fix them by reading this article of mine.

But if you’ve spilled even more water onto your laptop, you might have to visit an Apple Repair Center. Take note that Apple’s warranty or AppleCare doesn’t cover liquid damage. Because of this, you might have to pay more to fix your laptop. It is a big reason why you shouldn’t take your MacBook with you to your shower.

Is Apple’s extended warranty, AppleCare, confusing to you? Then I suggest that you read all about AppleCare in my article.

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