Do Macbooks Scratch Easily? (My Experience)

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MacBooks are the most powerful yet stylish laptops on the market of course you don’t want the beautiful Aluminium case of your market to get scratched.

I’ve owned dozens of MacBooks and I travel with my MacBook so I know a thing or two about if they scratch easily.

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Do MacBooks Scratch Easily?

As a general rule MacBooks are well built out of aluminum they do not scratch easily. Although you should use laptop skin to protect your MacBook from dirt bumps and scratches.

See the photo of the bottom of the M1 MacBook Air below notice the scratches on the middle the top of the laptop is still scratch-free I do NOT take the best care of my MacBook I travel with it across countries in my backpacks laptop sleeve without a sleeve.

A laptop sleeve would be ideal to protect a MacBook but remember only the base of my MacBook got scratched which typically isn’t protected by a sleeve. To learn more about MacBook sleeves and if you should purchase one see my article.

Don’t just take my word for it, a question on these forums asked the question if the space grey MBP scratched easily.

And various users commented their thoughts. As per one of them, it doesn’t seem to scratch that easily. However, the scratches are seen more visibly because of the color contrast between the outer and bare aluminum.

Another user says that since it is anodized, it will not. But they also highlight the point that the scratches will still be noticeable.

The user says they would not get a skin except the bottom unless they plan to resell it. As per the user, the skin doesn’t look good and so why waste a nice design of an expensive and good-looking laptop.

Another user recommends using a skin if a user is concerned about the scratches. The user says that they also got a coat for their silver 2017 MacBook. 

The user says that their silver 2009 MacBook Pro looks almost new, even without any skin. However, they say that taking a closer look reveals scratches, but they are hard to notice otherwise.

The user says that some of those scratches on a space grey would look much more obvious.

One user says that they have had it for over one year. So far, it is good. They travel with it daily I’ve had my MacBook for 17 months and can say the say.

As per another user, only the edge of the computer is likely to show most damages. The user says that other than that, any smooth surface has been scratch-free for them.

The sides of the MacBook usually receive the worst knocks typically this is true but as I look at the sides of my MacBook I see no evidence of damage.

While another user points that their 13-inch space grey MBP has scratched out very easily across the lid likely due to backpacks’ zip where they stored the MacBook. Be VERY careful to close the MacBook before you travel with it.

In a discussion, the question was about whether or not the MacBook Pro scratches easily. And the users shared their thoughts.

One of the users says that they just sold their pristine-looking 2006 Mac Pro (no scratches, dents, or anything) for getting a new one. The user also highlights that the buyer was pretty pleased with it.

Another user says that they don’t have any scratches yet on their MacBook Pro 11. But they say that once the user dropped the cell phone on it, it was in a closed condition. 

There are two dents under the glowing apple where one corner of the phone hit, then the other. The user also highlights that they didn’t think that it would dent so easily.

While one user highlights that it is made of some anodized aluminum, the user says they don’t know much about the aluminum grade used, but the user declares that it’s a pretty solid chassis.

Why Do MacBooks Scratch Easily?

MacBooks’ aluminum body does not scratch easily. Although they still can suffer from bumps & scratches especially during travel if not properly protected. A protective skin or a case is a great way to stop a MacBook from scratching.

How about using a case for your MacBook that should protect it right? of using cases for MacBook but are worried whether or not it will cause overheating, I recommend you check out this post where I talk about it in detail.

Do MacBook Cases Scratch?

Although the hard MacBook cases don’t scratch the MacBook themselves, any dirt or debris can get trapped inside the case and cause scratches over time. Also, some cases can cause overheating by sealing off the vent. So it is recommended to use a case for MacBook only after proper knowledge of its features.

See the best MacBook cases available on Amazon by clicking here.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using MacBook cases. So you can look at them to decide whether or not you should use them.

Advantages of MacBook Cases

  • It protects your MacBook from any impact like accidental falls or getting it bumped against an object.
  • It allows you to add a new style to your MacBook. Some MacBook cases can look quite stylish.

Disadvantages of MacBook Cases

  • Sometimes the cases can be too hard to put on or to remove away. So it becomes important to select the right MacBook case because if it fits too tightly, it can damage your MacBook.
  • It can overheat your MacBook because some patients can seal off the vents.
  • With repeated use, they can scratch, scrap, and dent the enclosure.
  • Some cases can’t hold up to the daily usage and may not last long.

Why Does My Mac Screen Have Scratches?

MacBooks screens are made of glass with a thin sprayed-on anti-glare coating the space between the keyboard and MacBook screen is very small any dirt or items dropped in between the screen and keyboard will cause damage. Using a dirty cloth can flake the anti-glare coating causes what looks like scratches.

It is good to clean your MacBook but make sure that you don’t do it with rough cloth material as it can also be a reason why your Macbook screen gets scratched. So instead, use any soft microfibre cloth that is not likely to cause scratches.

Get a micro cloth for a bargain from Amazon here your MacBook will thank you.

Why Do MacBook Screens Scratch Easily?

MacBook screens are made of glass coated by a thin sprayed-on anti-glare coating so their scratch resistance level is comparable to glass. In everyday use, they will be okay. However, if proper care is not taken and rubbed against a sharp or rough object the screen will scratch easily.

If anything gets trapped between the screen when the MacBook is in a closed condition, then also it can cause damage to your MacBook screen think a coin or a sim card.

There’s no clear comment from Apple about the scratch resistance of the MacBook screen. Instead, as per, it is suggested to remove a keyboard cover, palm rest cover, or a camera cover if we are using it while closing the laptop as it can cause damage to the screen.

I’ve been using a very thin keyboard cover and close the laptop without a damage so it depends on the product

I also have an article on whether or not MacBook keyboard covers are bad. So I recommend you to check it out if you want to know more about it.

How to Stop Your MacBook From Scratching?

To stop the MacBook from scratching, the user must clean the keyboard surface, the screen, and the complete MacBook properly so that no dust particles remain in between when the MacBook is closed and thus prevent damage to the screen. Also, if needed, then you can use various cases, skins, and screen protectors.

For cleaning, you can use any soft brush to clear away the dust. Or you can use any soft fabric cloth but make sure that it is very light; otherwise, cleaning can also cause scratches. So please beware of that.

Now let’s discuss the type of cases you can use to stop your MacBook from Scratching.


Just for getting protection against scratches, skins are one of the best choices. They are affordable and give your MacBook good protection against scratches.

Skins are also popular among users as it can be customized extensively. You can easily find skins for your MacBook because there are a lot of them available.

Hard Shell Covers

Hard shell covers are made from polycarbonate material, and they can protect your MacBook from a wide range of damages.

Whether it is a dent, scratch, or scuff, your hard shell cover can help protect your MacBook from those damages to a large extent.

Thins Sleeves

If you are looking for something to protect your MacBook but are not interested in adding little to no extra bulk, the thin sleeves can be your best choice.

Considering transport, they are very good, and when you use them along with the skins, it will enable you to give maximum protection to your MacBook and help you make sure that your device never gets scratches.

Screen Protectors

MacBooks generally have glass screens. And although they are of good quality, ultimately, it is glass, and it can likely get scratches if not used with proper care.

If you are concerned that your MacBook screen might get scratches, you can use a screen protector.

However, if you are not sure whether or not you should get a screen protector? Then feel free to check out my complete article about does your MacBook needs a screen protector or not.

Now, we have discussed how to protect MacBook from scratches. But what happens if you already notice some scratches. So let’s talk about how to remove and fix scratches on MacBook.

How to Fix MacBook Scratches?

Important note: Although I have thoroughly researched, I have shared the methods to fix MacBook Scratches with you. However, please use it with complete caution as it may or may not work for everyone.

How to Fix MacBook Body Scratches:

  1. Gather a microfibre towel toothpaste and water
  2. Soak a microfibre towel in water
  3. Apply a little toothpaste to the MacBook scratch
  4. Using the microfibre towel run the scratches in a circular motion.

1. Arrange microfiber cloth, toothpaste tube, and water.

First, you need to arrange the necessary items to clean the scratch from your MacBook pro body surface. The essential item includes a microfiber cloth, a toothpaste tube, and some water.

2. Soak the microfiber cloth in water.

So the next step is to soak the microfiber cloth in water. Next, make sure that the water, as well as the fabric, is clean. Lastly, you won’t like to have any more scratches while fixing the scratches, Right?

3. Apply little toothpaste to the scratched area.

Now, you have to apply a small amount of toothpaste to the MacBook body surface scratches you want to fix.

4. Rub it in circles on the scratched area.

In this step, you have to take that microfiber cloth soaked in water in the previous step and rub in circles on the scratch where you have applied the toothpaste.

Also, try not to rub too much. Who knows, the paint might also come out a bit in some cases. So only pet in the area of scratches in circles by applying gentle pressure.

How to Fix MacBook Screen Scratches:

  1. Gather tooth paste, a soft toothbrush and a microfibre cloth
  2. Apply the toothpaste on the MacBook cracked screen
  3. Use the microfibre cloth to polish the screen scratches

1. Arrange toothpaste, a soft toothbrush, and a soft cloth.

First, you have to gather and arrange the required materials like toothpaste and a soft cloth. Then you need first to clean your screen with a soft cloth so that if there’s any dirt, it can be cleaned away.

2. Apply the toothpaste and spread it out.

You are supposed to apply toothpaste on the screen in the next step, especially where you notice screen scratches.

After that, you need to spread it out a bit so on the screen surface scratched area. 

3. Use the soft cloth to polish out the screen scratches.

After that, you need to use a soft cloth to polish away the scratches from the screen. It can take a few minutes to do all this stuff, but it can help you fix the scratches on your MacBook screen.

On a final note, please remember that it is impossible to keep your MacBook completely scratch-free. Either the body or the glass screen can get scratches. You can use protective covers, cases, or skins. But using points also have their advantage and disadvantage.

So lastly, it depends on you how you can take care of your MacBook and whether you not you need any protective covers for it.

Now, if you are worried about whether or not you should replace your MacBook screen, then I highly recommend you to have a look at my article about is it worth replacing a MacBook Pro screen or not.

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