Can A MacBook Get Blacklisted? What Your Options Are

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If you are the sad owner of a stolen MacBook, I feel you.

You may be trying to figure out your next step to get your MacBook back or at least blacklist it so that it gets flagged any time someone tries to use it. But is it even possible for a MacBook to get blacklisted?

According to Apple, it is impossible to blacklist a MacBook as you can only block cellular devices. Apple only tracks the devices that have been stolen or reported to be lost , tut they can’t blacklist their serial numbers.

Apple cannot even blacklist the serial number of your MacBooks as it is practically impossible. They can only flag it as stolen or lost and track it in their system.

So if your MacBook is stolen and the person who has it tries to contact Apple, they would be able to see it’s stolen or lost status. Unfortunately, no international database shows stolen MacBooks, so it is impossible to get your MacBook blacklisted.

For more information, on if you can blacklist a MacBook or what thieves do with stolen MacBooks keep reading.

Can Apple Blacklist a MacBook?

Apple says that there is no way they can block a MacBook. Blacklisting is only possible with cellular devices. And since MacBooks do not run on a cellular network, there is no way Apple or any law enforcement agency can block a Mac.

A stolen MacBook is a huge loss. However, there is no way you can track a stolen MacBook as there is no international database for Macs. You can only ask Apple to blacklist a stolen iPhone as they do it through its serial number. 

You may be wondering what you should do if your Mac is stolen or lost and you can’t get it blocked. Try the following methods to check where your Mac could be:

  • If you had set up Find My for your Mac, go to the Find My app on another device, navigate to the Devices tab, and select your Mac to check its location. You can play a sound on it if your Mac is nearby.
  • Tap on “Activate” under “Mark As Lost” in Find My and click on Lock on You can also choose to display a message with your contact number on your Mac’s lock screen if someone gets a hold of it.
  • Report your stolen or lost Mac to your local law enforcement authorities and give them your Mac’s serial number. 
  • If there is no way to recover your Mac, you can erase it remotely from to ensure that all your information and files are wiped off the Mac. However, this means that you won’t be able to use Find My to track your Mac now.

For more clarity, contact Apple Support

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Can You Blacklist a MacBook Pro?

No, you cannot. It is impossible to block a MacBook Pro as it is not a cellular device. Only cellular devices, such as your iPhone, can be blocked. Therefore, Apple can neither blocklist nor stop your MacBook Pro.

You can only give your serial number to Apple and notify them about your MacBook being missing or stolen. However, you cannot get it blocked. There is a chance that Apple keeps the serial numbers of stolen devices in a list.

However, it does not block MacBooks. So your best bet is to block your MacBook Pro using Find My on another Apple device and file a complaint at your nearest law enforcement station. Then, if it has been too long and you fear that your MacBook Pro is now irrecoverable, you can remove it from iCloud so that your data and files are wiped from the MacBook.

Can Apple Brick a Stolen MacBook?

Apple offers the option to track and block your stolen MacBook. If your MacBook has been stolen, go to Find My on another Apple device and use Activation Lock to secure your MacBook. Unfortunately, you will have to do this yourself as Apple does not block a MacBook without a court order.

Apple offers various features that allow you to block and track your stolen MacBook. Find My is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your stolen MacBook. 

  1. Use a computer to go to
  2. Click on All Devices.
  3. Remotely lock your MacBook by using a passcode so that no unauthorized user can access it. To do so, select Lock-on

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What Do Thieves Do With Stolen MacBooks?

If your MacBook gets stolen, the thieves will try to resell it as a “used MacBook” on websites like eBay. They may also try to use it if they have your Apple ID credentials and can log in. Otherwise, they will try to break it up and sell its parts online or to third-party repair shops.

The first thing that thieves do when they steal your laptops is to get rid of them as soon as possible, especially in the case of MacBooks, as they can be easily tracked with Find My. So the thieves will sell it out to someone on the street at an unbelievably lower price or post it on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

If they have your Apple credentials, they may even keep your MacBook for themselves and use your data to ask for ransom or sell it to anyone interested online. Some thieves even dismantle your MacBook to sell its parts to third-party repair shops. 

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