Can iPhone And Android Users Tell If You Read A Text?

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It’s frustrating to text someone and wait with the uncertainty of whether or not the receiver has read the message, right? It becomes more confusing when an iPhone users texts an Android phone and vice-versa. Can both texters tell when texts are read? I was pretty curious about this topic, just like you are right now.

After doing my research, I am very excited to share everything I learned in this article. So make sure you read it to the end.

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Can iPhone Users See When You Read a Text From Android?

iMessage only works with iPhones. When an iPhone user sends a text to an Android user, it is sent like a regular SMS, and no one can know whether or not the receiver has read the text. However, if the text is sent through third-party apps like WhatsApp, one can know whether or not the receiver has read the text.

You need first to understand how iMessage works on an iPhone. I recommend you to watch the above video to know more about how to use iMessages:

As you already know, Apple keeps its products unique and within Apple’s ecosystem.

iMessage works only when you and your receiver are IOS users. So, for example, if the receiver is an Android user and you are an iPhone user, you are sending your text as an SMS through your iPhone.

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How can you know whether you have sent your message to an iPhone or an Android user? Well, it is by seeing the color of the message.

Sender:Receiver:Message Type:Color:

If it’s blue, then it means you have sent it to an iPhone user. Whereas, if it’s green, it is sent to an Android user just like an SMS.

Can Someone With an iPhone Tell if You Read a Text?

An iPhone cannot tell if an android user has read an SMS text. But if an iPhone user sends a text message to another iPhone user, the sender can tell if the receiver has read the text, only if the read receipts option is turned on in their iPhone. However, if the read receipts option is disabled, the sender can’t know whether or not the receiver has read the text. 

As the name of the option “Read Receipts” suggests, it allows the sender to know when the recipient has read their texts. 

How To Turn on iPhone Read Receipts:

  1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Messages.
  3. Then turn on the Read Receipts.

After doing this setting in your iPhone, next time, whenever you read someone’s (iPhone user’s) message, they will see the word Read under the message along with the time read.

It’s a great feature. You now no longer have to wait and keep thinking whether your friend has read the message you sent on their iPhone.

However, do note that if the read receipts option is disabled, you can’t know about it. So then, you need to make sure that that feature is enabled on their iPhone.

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Can iPhone Users See When Android Users Are Typing?

iPhone users can’t see when android users are typing if they are sending text messages through iMessage, which only works on iPhone. However, if third-party apps like WhatsApp are used, the iPhone user can see when the android users are typing.

One of the most remarkable features of iMessage is that it lets you know whether the person you are messaging is typing. Three dots appear when someone is typing, and it disappears when someone stops typing.

But this feature only works when on both ends there are iPhone users. However, if you have used third-party apps like WhatsApp, you can know whether or not someone is typing irrespective of the type of phone they are using.

For example, in WhatsApp, whenever a user types, “Typing…” is shown in their top status bar under the user’s name.

Now, you may be wondering why the iPhone and Android users can’t see each other typing or reading receipts? Well, it is because they both use systems that don’t go well with each other.

Android uses the RCS system called Rich Communication Services, whereas iPhone uses iMessage.

Google encourages the use of RCS, which is designed to replace the standard SMS. However, according to, Apple hasn’t yet implemented any support for RCS. The incompatibility between these systems causes Apple and Android users not to see whether the sender is typing or not.

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