Can You Repaint Your MacBook?

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If you are an artistic person who loves personalizing everything you own, you may also be looking for ways to personalize your MacBook. One way to do so is by repainting it. You may have seen ta TikToks of people repainting their Macs, but is it possible.

You can repaint your MacBook by priming its surface before applying new paint. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paint markers to paint your MacBook. Finally, if you don’t want to ruin its original appearance and still want to paint it, you can instead paint the MacBook’s case.

Read on to find out how to repaint your MacBook safely.

How to Repaint Your MacBook?

Here’s how to repaint your MacBook:

  1. Cover any ports or vents with tape.
  2. Clean the surface of your MacBook with a damp cloth.
  3. Dry the surface of your MacBook. 
  4. Apply a primer to your MacBook so that the paint sticks to it.
  5. Start applying the paint in multiple layers. 
  6. Let it dry for a day.

MacBooks are beautiful computers. However, since they are so common, many people personalize their MacBooks with stickers, doodles, and paints. So if you are an artist who would love to unleash their artistic side and paint their MacBooks, it is a pretty intricate process.

Before you repaint your MacBook, you should know that doing so would void any Apple warranty you have. So if your contract has already expired, you should not have anything to worry about.

Repainting a MacBook also hurts its resale value. But if you plan on keeping your MacBook with you throughout its life, you can go ahead and repaint it without any problem. But do note that you won’t be able to use it until you have finished repainting it.

  • To repaint your MacBook, the first step is to cover all the ports, vents, and openings with a painter’s tape. 
  • You should also sand down the surface of your MacBook if it has any scratches or dents. Please read my article to learn how to fix a chipped MacBook.
  • Once sanded, clean the surface with a soapy damp cloth and then dry it using a tower. 
  • Once dried, apply a primer to your MacBook so that the paint sticks to its surface. 
  • Now start applying the paint in thin layers. The best type of paint for this purpose is acrylic paint, as it is non-toxic. Make sure to let a layer dry before you apply the next one. Add multiple layers until you get the look that you want. 
  • Leave your MacBook to dry for at least 24 hours. 
  • Once it is completely dry, apply a sealant to seal the paint to your MacBook. 

Even though it is a lengthy process, it is worth it. Just make sure to use the right materials. The result would be a beautiful MacBook with a completely personalized appearance.

How about making your MacBook look your own without the possible dangers of repainting your MacBook? Putting skin on your Mac is a great idea; my MacBook Air is yellow, making my iPhone case. See my review on the number 1 skin company, D-brand skins, here.

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