Can You Use an Apple Watch With an iPhone 6?

The Apple Watch is a wearable device enabling you to text, make phone calls, create memos, track your activity, and send emails straight from your wrist.

Today after so many hardware and software updates, can you still use an Apple Watch with an iPhone 6?

Apple Watches Series 2 or earlier can work with an iPhone 6, but to use an Apple Watch Series 3 or a later Apple Watch you need to pair your Apple Watch with an iPhone 6S or later with iOS 15 or later

Apple Watches are designed to work with current iPhone software, for example the current Watch OSOpens in a new tab. requires iPhone 6S or later with iOS15Opens in a new tab..

If you have an iPhone 6S you will be fine, sadly an iPhone 6 just won’t cut it.

Luckily for you iPhone 13 is a fantastic affordable phone, if you buy it you will be covered for software updates for at least 5 years, pick one up for a BARGAIN on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

What Apple WatchOS Is Compatible With iPhone 6?

All the Apple WatchOS versions up to WatchOS 5 function well with the iPhone 6. But if your Apple Watch operates on WatchOS 6 or later, it will refuse to pair with your iPhone. You cannot pair Apple Watches 3 and up with iPhone 6.

Apple did receive some strong backlash for not being clear about the compatibility between their watches and iPhones. As a result, many customers who had already purchased newer Apple Watch versions had to have them replaced because the latest WatchOS are not compatible with older iOS versions.

Check out this article to determine which Apple Watch is compatible with which iPhoneOpens in a new tab..

So, if you are still using an iPhone 6 without any plans of upgrading any time soon, you will need to buy an Apple Watch with operating systems of up to WatchOS 6.

If you wonder whether iPhones are worth it, check out our guide discussing why iPhones are the number one choiceOpens in a new tab. among all smartphones.

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