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What happens if you plug two chargers into MacBook Pro? Does It Charge Faster?

MacBooks have multiple USB slots, meaning you have the option to plug in more than one power outlet. But does this mean your device will charge twice as fast? Or, could the large amount of power cause damage to your device?

Read on to find out what happens if you plug two chargers into a MacBook Pro.

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Can You Charge a MacBook With Both Ports?

Although MacBooks can have chargers plugged into more than one port, the system will still only use one charger. The MacBook will use the power from a charger with the highest wattage, rather than using both of them.

It makes sense that Mac would charge quicker with two chargers, but this is incorrect, the MacBook will charge with the highest wattage.

For example, if you have a 100W charger like this one from Amazon connected to your MacBook, your MacBook will charge from that charger rather than this 75W charger, regardless of which charger you connected first.

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For more information on how to correctly charge your MacBook, take a look at my ultimate charging guide

However, sometimes you are in a rush and need your MacBook fully charged; when it comes to charging your MacBook quickly, there are a few settings you can adjust to make your Mac charge quicker

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • Lower the brightness of your MacBook screen.
  • Only open the applications you are planning to use.
  • Click on the battery icon to put the device in battery saver mode.
  • Turn off location services.