Do AirPods Leak Sound? How to Silence Them

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Apple first offered its background noise canceling feature with the iPhone 4. Now, the AirPods can also filter background noise on a certain level. It may not be as effective as other noise-canceling devices, but it can reduce noise, so you sound like you’re indoors, even if you’re on a busy street. If your AirPods leak sound, let me give you some tips on silencing them.

AirPods may leak sound if they don’t fit the ear correctly, or AirPods are dirty, requiring higher volume to compensate for the lower volume caused by dirt which causes the sound to leak. Cleaning the AirPods or using silicon earbuds or ear hooks can fix these issues.

There are many other reasons why your AirPods are leaking sound or making some strange sounds when using them. Don’t worry because I will explain this clearly and make sure that you will learn something from this article, so feel free to continue reading.

Do AirPods Really Leak Sound?

Yes, AirPods can leak sound if they don’t fit users’ ears. Sometimes, you may hear some buzzing noises from your AirPods. If your new pods sound weird, it may be due to dirty speakers. Other reasons for AirPods that leave sound include Bluetooth interference or too high volume.

AirPods are paired to your iPhone or other iOS devices when you wear them in your ears, and then you’ll hear the one-note tone. The sound is then routed to your AirPods automatically. So if you’re listening to an audiobook or a playlist, it will stop playing when you remove your AirPods from your ears.

If you hear some background chattering, it could be that there’s so much noise from the background that the noise-canceling feature cannot eliminate. However, there are vents in the pods to ensure you don’t feel any pressure when the noise-canceling mode is on.

Moreover, the vents also help reduce wind noise when you’re on the phone. When it comes to sound quality, the improved bass performance of AirPods Pro is highly noticeable. The ear pods come with perfectly shaped ear tips to fit your ears better.

With the regular AirPods, you need to increase the volume to drown out the noise in your background. The Pros, however, offer a better noise-canceling feature as they can filter out all surrounding noises without cranking up your volume.

Some Tech reviewers said the AirPods 3 leak sound I found unless your listening in an extremely quiet environment like a library sound leaking will not be an issue.

In my experience, AirPods are best when you’re driving or doing activities wherein you still need awareness of what’s going on. You must still hear the external noise from your background to avoid any untoward incident.

Can Other People Hear My AirPods?

Other people can hear your AirPods when the volume is high. Apple-designed the AirPods to leak exterior sound so that you’ll be able to hear the noise around you. If the music you’re listening to also leaks out, other people near you will also be able to hear the sound.

You tend to turn up your volume when you hear background noise to block it out. And then the person sitting next to you also hears your music. It could be dangerous and may lead to hearing impairment.

AirPods and other audio devices, including headphones and earbuds, also leak some sound from the earphones. Another reason is that AirPods are made of plastic which is not a good material for completely deafening.

Ideally, metal or aluminum headphones with more structural enclosures and rubber ear tips help reduce sound leaks. However, it’s almost impossible to design headphones that won’t leak any sound regardless of the volume.

If you don’t want other people to hear your AirPods, the best solution is to lower the volume or don’t sit too close to anyone. I also recommend wearing headphones that can cover the entire ear so that the transverse waves won’t reflect off your ears.

You can change your volume to 30% so that the sound will not blast off your ears. In addition, keeping the volume while using your AirPods helps maintain a good sense of hearing later in life. Some people use ear-forming hearing aids to block out the noise from the environment.

Another issue with using wireless headphones is that other people can hear your AirPods by connecting to them. So someone else can use your AirPods, although they need to pair with your device successfully.

Once paired, your AirPods become that person’s AirPods, and it will show in your device list. You can reset your AirPods to remove the previous settings and only pair your pods with your iPad or iPhone.

If you’re looking for some information on how to charge your new AirPods case, I wrote a Complete Guide to Charge the AirPods Case to help you get started.

How Do I Stop My AirPods From Leaking Sounds?

  1. AirPods not fitting the ear correctly causes the sound to leak. Use Foam Earbuds or silicone ear hooks to hold the AirPod.
  2. Clean your AirPods. Over time dirt will build up, causing you to increase the volume to hear the AirPods.
  3. Reset your AirPods.
  4. Don’t have high volume in noisy environments.

Apple devices’ custom active noise-canceling technology has two outward-facing and inward-facing microphones. The inward-facing microphone listens for noise and cancels them before they get through your ears. On the other hand, the outward-facing microphone detects external noise and generates anti-noise undulation to cancel them.

With the H1 chip technology, Apple earphones can effectively reduce noise while continuously adjusting noise reduction at 200 times per second. However, it’s still impossible to find headphones that can completely cancel surrounding noises.

The following are some helpful tips to stop your AirPods from leaking sounds:

  • Use earbuds or silicon ear hooks to make your AirPods fit snugly.
  • Clean your pods to remove dirt buildup.
  • Use foam earbuds as an alternative to silicon ear hooks.
  • Replace faulty AirPods.

You can buy ear hooks for a bargain on Amazon to stop your AirPods leaking sound.

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I’m currently using AirPods Pro, and the noise cancellation upgrade from the PowerBeats Pro is truly remarkable. From noise isolation to noise cancellation, Apple has changed the game for wireless earphone users.

Moreover, the transparency mode allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while using your AirPods in busy areas like the airport, mall, or nearby restaurants. Here are two steps to switch to the transparency mode from the active noise cancellation mode.

  1. Squeeze and hold or long-press the touch button on the earphone’s stem to switch on the transparency mode.
  2. Switch it on directly on your iPad or iPhone’s control center.

Apple AirPods provide a great level of noise reduction that pleases current users. Whether you’re working from the office or your home, these innovative pods are very handy if you need some quiet time to concentrate on your work.

The main purpose is to help you focus on your tasks even when working from a crowded cafe, a noisy home, or a busy office. Background noise can disrupt your concentration and productivity; therefore, AirPods are a good investment to make.

For everything about AirPods, you can read my helpful AirPods guide here.

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