Do Fitbits Break? My Experience

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Are you worried that a Fitbit might break easily and fear that it’s not worth the money? Or are you looking for online reviews to find out how a Fitbit is in terms of durability? I’ll help you find your answers in this article.

It is common for Fitbits to break within 12-18 months of use. Fitbits are designed to be durable but they will break if not looked after properly. Fitbit usually will replace the first two broken Fitbits for free, but after they will only offer a 20% discount code.

Paying $150 for a Fitbit, only to have it break within 12-18 months is not good enough from Fitbit, you can see many users on Fitbits forum complain about Fitbits durability.

Want to learn more about Fitbits? Make sure you read the entire article because I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how you can extend your Fitbit’s lifespan and a list of things you need to avoid if you own a Fitbit.

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Do Fitbits Break Easily?

Just like any other device, Fitbits can easily break when not taken care of properly. Since Fitbits are tracking devices, they are a bit more durable compared to other brands of smartwatches. However, they can get damaged due to poor maintenance and uncleanliness.

Although Fitbits do break, there are many things you can do to avoid damaging your Fitbit. According to Fitbit’s official team, you must do the following to maintain your tracker and prolong its life:

  • Do not attempt to replace the battery, open the enclosure, or disassemble your Fitbit. Doing so will void the warranty and can damage your device.
  • Do not use your Fitbit if the display is cracked.
  • Substances in a Fitbit and its battery may harm the environment or cause injury if handled or disposed of improperly.
  • Do not expose your Fitbit to extremely high or low temperatures. For instance, avoid using your Fitbit in a sauna or a steam room. Please read my article to find out the right temperature you should be operating your Fitbit under.

The Fitbit team directly advises these tips on their website. Follow these to avoid damaging the internal and external sensors of your Fitbit.

If your Fitbit is broken, read my article to find out the best course of action to fix your broken Fitbit.

Why Has My Fitbit Stopped Working?

A broken Fitbit may have issues with syncing, time and clock, notifications, charging, tap recognition, update, alarm, band, ECG, or other issues. Restarting your Fitbit is the most common fix to most of the problems listed above.

What do you do when your Fitbit tracker stops working? It happens more often than you think, especially if you wear a Fitbit regularly and are exposed to a harsh environment and strong activities. If you own a Fitbit, below are the most common problems you may encounter and their solutions.

1. Syncing Issues

Fitbit trackers sync with Android devices via Bluetooth, which can be unreliable. Since a disrupted Bluetooth connection between your phone and Fitbit can cause some issues, here are some remedies you can follow to solve that:

  • Restarting your phone is the simplest solution as it solves Fitbit’s app-related bugs and syncing issues.
  • Uninstalling/updating the Fitbit app can also be a great fix.
  • Turn your Bluetooth off and then turn it on again.
  • Forgetting the Fitbit device in your previously connected Bluetooth device may also help. Just long-press the Fitbit device and click on Forget Device. Then, restart the Bluetooth on your phone and reconnect to your Fitbit.

2. Time and Clock Issues

Fitbit is a smartwatch that monitors and tracks your data with fancy sensory technology. If your Fitbit displays incorrect time:

  • Go to Fitbit’s App Settings > toggle off the Automatic Time Zone > Select Time Zone and select the correct zone. Finally, sync your Fitbit, and your tracker should display the right time.
  • To switch between 12- or 24-hour time, you’ll need to open the Fitbit dashboard on your web browser and tap on the Gear Icon > Settings > Personal Info. After that, tap on the Clock Display Time under the Advanced Settings option, then click on Submit to the Preferred Format.

3. Notification Issues

A common issue with Fitbits is that it doesn’t show Android notifications. To fix that:

  • Restart your Fitness tracker and your Bluetooth settings.
  • Check and turn on notifications for the Fitbit app by going to Settings > Apps > Notifications Setting > Allow or On.

4. Charging Issues

Nobody wants to wake up with a dead Fitbit. Charging issues can be unfortunate and are mostly caused by faulty cables or dirty charging ports.

  • Try switching cables and charging ports when charging your Fitbit.
  • Make sure the charging pins are properly lined up with Fitbit’s docks, as it won’t charge if they aren’t lined upright.

5. Quick View and Tap Recognition

Quick view and tap recognition are some great features of Fitbit. In addition, you have to raise your wrist to awaken the screen display. However, the display doesn’t turn on at all sometimes. To fix that:

  • Fitbit needs to know which wrist you’re wearing the device on. Open the Fitbit App > Click on your Profile Photo > Select your Tracker > Toggle Quick View On.
  • Select the right wrist you’re wearing the tracker on the same screen.

6. Update Issues

Update issues typically happen with the Fitbit app. Without the latest updates, you cannot use the latest features your Fitbit tracker can offer.

  • Try removing your Fitbit tracker from your app. Set it up again by clicking on Account > Set Up a Device. Once it’s reconnected, click on Update.

7. Alarm Issues

Fitbits can wake you up in the morning with silent alarms. But if this option isn’t working, you’ll need to check your Fitbit tracker’s vibration motor with the fixes below.

  • Make sure that you have a silent alarm set on your Fitbit device. Open the Fitbit app, choose account photo, select your Fitbit device, then select a silent alarm.

8. Band Issues

Fitbit bands aren’t easy to replace. So my best advice when you’re faced with band issues is to contact Fitbit’s support team to help you with your current warranties and possible band replacements.

To know more about how to replace a Fitbit band, please read my helpful article.

9. ECG Issues

You cannot fix ECG issues easily. Instead, report your issue to the support team to get a replacement. It may most likely be a manufacturing issue.

10. Screen Issues

Most users face various screen issues in their Fitbits, including colored lines appearing on the display or screen cracks. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than contact their support team for a replacement.

If you cannot get into the Fitbit app, read my article to find out what to do.

Are Fitbits Guaranteed for Life?

Fitbit products come with a 1-year warranty period where they guarantee their products will be free from any defects in the materials and quality (under normal use). Reach out to customer support for any queries on replacement.

According to Fitbit’s limited warranty, Fitbit-branded devices and accessories include complex integrated components. Repair, such as cracked screens or faulty batteries, may not be possible outside of the Fitbit factory conditions and repair facilities. In addition, the spare parts may not be available in your region.

You’ll most likely get a replacement of your Fitbit device instead of getting the same one repaired by the company. If your Fitbit is faulty, you can even request a refund by clicking here.

As seen in this thread and many similar threads, Fitbit will replace your first broken Fitbit, but after that they likely will only offer a 20% coupon.

This is not good, considering how often Fitbits break, so be prepared then if your first Fitbit breaks you might have to pay for a third one, after the second one is replaced.

Also, it can take around a month for Fitbit to replace your broken device, so you won’t have a smartwatch for that time.,

Wondering how long a Fitbit typically lasts? Please read my article to find out your Fitbit’s average life expectancy

Do Fitbit Batteries Need Replacing?

Most Fitbits come with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that you can replace. Unless you own a Fitbit Versa, you can easily replace the battery if needed. However, since they are rechargeable, you won’t need to replace them frequently as they only get damaged if they are misused.

Fitbits come with lithium-polymer batteries and are replaceable under certain conditions. However, the Fitbit Versa is an exception, and you may need to buy a new one if the battery is dead or broken. Contact the Fitbit Support team if you need your Fitbit battery replaced.

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