The Complete Guide To MacBook Stickers

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MacBooks are expensive machines made out of an aluminum shell. Many people like to make their MacBook their own by putting stickers onto the cover.

Can stickers damage your MacBook? This article will answer all MacBook-related sticker questions you might have.

Is It Bad to Put Stickers on Your MacBook?

As a general rule putting stickers on a MacBook does not damage the computer. Still, you might have trouble removing the adhesive from the MacBooks aluminum shell, reducing its trade-in or resale value.

I wouldn’t recommend putting stickers on a MacBook. However, if you want to sell it, look at the above YouTube video.

The above MacBook user has permanent glue marks on their laptop from stickers. Luckily, the combination of laptop heat and UV light from the sun imprinted the glue marks on the computer.

However, in this, Reddit thread one user said that using Goo Gone, an adhesive remover you can buy from Amazon, was all you needed to make it look like the MacBook never had stickers.

The longer you have the stickers on or the hotter environment you live in increases the risk of the glue marks being permanent.

You have to ask yourself, is personalizing your MacBook worth the risk of permanent glue marks? For me, it isn’t worth it. I love the way my M1 MacBook Air looks. I don’t think it’s worth reducing the resale value by applying stickers to it, but it might be different for you.

One option is putting the stickers on a MacBook case or shell so they won’t be on the MacBooks aluminum shell, but putting your MacBook in a case runs its risks or damage. To learn more about if cases damage the MacBook, you can read my detailed article.

Does Putting Stickers on the MacBook Void Warranty?

Putting stickers on a MacBook does not void the warranty if it doesn’t affect the functionality of the hardware, such as putting stickers over speakers or air vents.

Generally, all hardware warranties only apply to changes that affect the hardware. If you open up your MacBook, this will void the warranty. The Apple engineers will be able to tell you your MacBook was opened up and tampered with.

It protects Apple from dealing with customers who accidentally damage their MacBook when trying to fix it and want Apple to solve this damage. Putting stickers on your MacBook does not affect the computer’s hardware. It is only cosmetic.

What stickers will do is change the trade-in price Apple will give you for a new MacBook if you want an M1 MacBook Air and you provide a 2015 MacBook to trade-in, you will get far less money if it’s full of stickers similarly if you sell your old MacBook on eBay you will get less money.

Whenever you sell or trade in a MacBook with stickers, make sure you use a glue remover like Goo Gone from Amazon to carefully remove any traces of glue the stickers might have left so a new buyer or Apple couldn’t tell your MacBook has stickers on it.

Please read my in-depth iPhone trade-in guide if you want to trade in your iPhone and want more information.

Do Stickers Peel off MacBook?

For best results removing stickers from a MacBook, heat the stickers with a hairdryer, then slowly peel off the stickers. After, dab adhesive solvent like WD 40 or Goo Gone to a micro-fiber cloth and wipe down the surface of the MacBook, then use a credit card or a flat plastic tool to remove the remainder of the stickers.

If you quickly peel off a MacBook sticker, trust me, this will leave a lot of glue residue sticking to your MacBook that is tough to remove. I’ve had this happen to me many times when I try to remove stickers from electronics.

Heating the glue with a hairdryer or an electronic heat gun that you can get on Amazon weakens the bond allowing easy removal. After, use a handy can of WD40 or, better yet, Gone Goo which is designed to remove glue and wipe down the surface of the MacBook and let it sit for around 10 minutes.

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It makes it super easier to remove the rest of the stickers with a flat plastic tool like a credit card, making your MacBook look like it never had stickers in the first place.

Should I Put Stickers on My MacBook Case?

Most cases are made of plastic or metal, so the glue from the stickers will not damage the surface of the case. Putting stickers on a MacBook case is a way to personalize your MacBook without the risk of glue damaging the MacBook outer aluminum case.

If you want to put stickers on your MacBook, then putting stickers on a MacBook case is a way to further personalize your MacBook without the risk of leaving permanent glue marks on your MacBook.

I don’t like stickers on my MacBook as I love the minimalist look of the beautiful aluminum case; however, it’s up to you.

Did you know putting a case on your MacBook is potentially bad for your computer? Learn the potential risks of a MacBook case and how to prevent your MacBook from overheating in my article.

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