Do iPads Stop Charging When Full? (Apple Says)

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iPads users usually leave their devices to charge overnight, which means they are plugged in despite reaching 100%. But what happens when your iPads are plugged in even when they are charged fully?

Read on to find out if iPads stop charging when they are full.

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Do iPads Stop Charging When Full?

iPads do stop charging when they are fully charged, meaning that even if your iPad is plugged into the power source at 100% battery, they will not charge. So it is completely safe to leave your iPads plugged in even when they have been charged to the fullest.

Many people worry about leaving their iPads to charge overnight as they could heat up. But according to Apple, it is completely normal for your iOS devices to get slightly warmer when they are charging. So if you feel like your iPad is getting warmer when it is plugged into a power source, you don’t have anything to worry about.

It means that you can safely leave your iPads to charge overnight. Furthermore, it won’t harm your iPad because it automatically stops charging when they are full. The charging slows down when your device is charged 80% and stops altogether when it reaches 100%.

So if you have your iPad plugged in despite reaching 100% battery, you don’t have to worry about anything because it will automatically stop drawing power from the charger. So your battery won’t be damaged or hurt.

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Does My iPad Stop Charging at 100?

Yes yor iPad will automatically stop charging at 100%, and you don’t have to turn off the charger because iOS devices automatically stop drawing power from the charger once they reach 100% battery. So you can leave them plugged in without worrying about your battery getting damaged.

When you go to the internet, you will find many myths related to charging your iPads and how they may overheat if you leave them plugged in overnight. However, the truth is far from it. All the latest iPads come with lithium technology batteries that automatically stop drawing in power from the charger.

However, you should charge your iPads carefully not to damage the battery health. Follow these tips to ensure that you are setting your iPads most effectively:

  • Please don’t wait for your battery to drain before charging it. Charge your iPads whenever their battery is low, and remove the charger whenever you want. You don’t necessarily have to wait for them to reach 100% before you can remove the charger.
  • Please do not turn off your iPads when charging them.
  • There is no harm in leaving your iPads plugged in to charge overnight as they will automatically stop charging when they reach 100%. You cannot possibly overcharge them.
  • Use the optimized charging option to charge your iPads overnight. Your devices leave your normal usage patterns and stop charging when they reach 80%. They will resume charging to achieve 100% just in time to meet your daily usage pattern.

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So it’s completely safe to leave your iPads to charge overnight. If you have the optimized charging option enabled, they will stop charging at 80% to resume charging in time to get to 100%. 

However, if you have the optimized charging option disabled, they will stop charging at 100%, and your iPads will automatically stop drawing in power from the charger. How convenient, right? This way, your batteries won’t get damaged, and your battery health will stay good in the longer run. Here’s how you can check the battery health on your iPad.

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