Complete Guide To iPad Charging & How Long The Battery Lasts

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All Apple products are made of high-tech lithium-ion batteries. Based on the battery percentage, this article will explain how long it takes to charge an iPad and how long your iPad is expected to last.

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How Long Does an iPad Take to Charge to 1 Percent?

An iPad will take around four hours to charge from 1% to 100% charge when using a wall charger. The fastest and most efficient way is to charge the iPad with a 10W or 12W or USB power adapter. An iPad will slowly charge when connected to a computer with a USB port or an iPhone power adapter.

In theory, charging your iPad when it is turned off is much more efficient than keeping your iPad turned on because when it’s turned on, the screen display and background applications will drastically slow down your iPad’s charging speed.

iPads come with high-capacity batteries that typically last four to five years (if taken care of correctly) before requiring a replacement. However, the wear and tear are certainly unavoidable. As a result, you need to be more cautious about what to do and what not to do with your iPad to make sure it lasts longer.

You can check out my article, Is It Worth Replacing an iPad Battery? (Repair Costs) to check and see if replacing your battery is the way to go and see how much it costs if you opt to replace your iPad battery.

How Long Does 1 Percent Battery Last on an iPad?

Around 5-10 minutes, depending on what apps, features, notifications, level of brightness, and services are turned on. Of course, it depends on how you’re using your iPad when having only one percent battery.

Many factors affect how fast a battery gets drained. For example, how old is your iPad? What are apps running? Have you optimized your iPad for maximum battery life? These are some of the questions I will help you answer in this section.

Factors That Affect How Fast a Battery Gets Drained

Brightness LevelAlthough this won’t affect how fast a battery gets drained that much, it is still a factor. Setting your battery on high levels can drain the battery quicker since the screen display requires more power to match the brightness level currently set on your iPad.
Background AppsThe background apps currently functioning while your iPad is on significantly affect how fast a battery gets drained. If you open a lot of applications and have failed to exit them properly, it’s going to drain your battery significantly.
Notifications AllowedTypical iPad users have many apps installed on their iPads, resulting in many unnecessary messages. It can be notifications from a shopping app giving you coupons or social media apps updating you every time you gain followers. It can be a significant factor in how fast your battery is drained.
The Intensity of Applications Being UsedDifferent applications have different power needs. An example of this is the camera app. The camera app doesn’t require too much processor power, making it a low-intensity application (if you’re only taking pictures and photos).   Compare that to playing mobile games. Mobile games require more processing power since they require faster memory speeds, requiring more power, thus draining the battery quickly.
Battery’s Quality and AgeThe battery’s quality and age are also relevant in determining how fast your battery gets drained. You usually need to replace your iPad’s battery after 2-4 years of use since, at that point, the iPad’s battery won’t hold its maximum capacity. That’s why I highly recommend you replace your iPad battery to be still able to access your iPad’s functionality by currently replacing your battery after it hasn’t maintained its original capacity.

The table above shows that these factors significantly affect how fast an iPad’s battery is drained. Of course, you also have to consider these things if you own an iPad and want to extend its battery life as much as possible.

One percent can be a lot of time for an iPad to stay on. If you need the iPad to stay on a little longer, I suggest you check out the factors and see if your iPad meets the description, and opt to replace the battery. Regardless, once you reach one percent, you should be charging your iPad so that it wouldn’t suddenly shut off.

How Long Does It Take an iPad to Charge to 10 Percent?

It takes 15-20 minutes to charge the iPad to 10 percent. It may even be quicker if you charge your iPad while it is turned off since there are fewer apps and things that will generally require power from the iPad while charging.

Since you’re asking about the time it takes for an iPad to charge up to 10 percent, you should know that the speed on how fast your iPad charges mainly depends on whether it’s currently using power. So, how much energy is it using? What can I do to increase the charging speed? These are some of the questions I’m going to help you answer.

How much power is your iPad using?

Are you currently watching Netflix shows while it’s charging? Or are you playing games while it’s charging? These are just simple examples of things your iPad can do to consume power while charging. To speed up the charging process, you need to minimize the energy consumed while charging. That’s why keeping your iPad off will speed up charging.

Wonder if you can safely leave your iPad charging overnight? Discover the truth in my helpful article.

How Long Does 50 Percent Battery Last on an iPad?

It should last for 7-8 hours if it’s on standby and 3-4 hours if it’s being used (or less if it’s consuming a lot of power while doing a task). So depending on how you’re using your iPad, the battery can last a long time.

According to QA-FAQ, having your iPad on standby means that your iPad will last longer. Having 50% is a lot of power left for your iPad, and the time it takes to consume all that power is relative to the processes and tasks your iPad is doing. The higher the intensity and the more jobs you do, the faster you drain your iPad’s battery.

How Fast Should My iPad Charge?

A completely drained iPad should take 4-5 hours to charge fully. The higher the 2.1/2.4/4 amp charger, the quicker the iPad can charge. iPads that take longer to charge should have the battery replaced.

Your iPad should be charging for at least 4-5 hours if it’s charging correctly.

Try turning off your iPad to see if it charges faster. If you just bought your iPad, I recommend reading my article on the Complete Guide to Maximizing iPad Battery Health to get the most out of your iPad’s battery health.

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